A month passed and the young Luke, who was now called Asch, was mostly adjusted to his new name and his new life as an Oracle Knight in training. The days were mostly boring and tedious, with him awakening early to begin training with Master Van, and finishing late in the day.

There were some other boys around his age at the headquarters, but he rarely got a chance to speak with any of them. Master Van kept him busy and even made sure that he rarely got his meals at the same time as the others so that Asch did indeed seldom interact with others, besides himself. The few times he did get to interact with the other boys, they tended to treat him badly, as they all felt he got special treatment for being the "Commandant's favorite".

However, that forced solitude had to end sometime. There was still the other boy who had to be watched over, his trust earned. It was about time to return to Baticul to check up on his progress. So Van ended training early one day and escorted Asch to his office in the headquarters.

Once inside the office, Asch saw another man, a huge giant of a man with light blue hair. The man was definitely much taller than even Van, and to a small boy of ten, was definitely a giant. The man was wearing a black and red uniform, which Asch had learned in the past month was the uniform of those who reported right to the Commandant. They were referred to with almost as much awe as the Commandant himself and called the God-Generals. This giant man must be one of them.

"Asch, there is someone I wish you to meet. This is Largo, the Black Lion. He is one of my direct command. Largo, this is Asch, the boy who I have been training this past month that I told you about."

Asch could only look up at the giant of a man and try not to look scared. Largo came down on one knee, which did little to make him smaller, but it was an attempt to get down more to the level the young boy was at.

"It is an honor to meet you, Asch. Commandant Grants has indeed told me much about you. He says you show much promise." Largo told him.

"I-it is an honor to meet you, Sir Black Lion." Asch stammered, as he was still terrified of this man's size and presence.

Largo chuckled. "You can call me Largo, and you need not be so terrified of me."

"Asch, I am going to have to go away for a time. Largo is going to oversee your training in the meantime. Your training with him will be a bit different than it will be with me, but it is still important training that you will have to go through to advance. Do you understand?" Van informed him.

"Yes, sir." Asch answered.

"Good. Your training with Largo will start tomorrow and go until I return. Now you are dismissed for the night." Van told him

"Yes, sir!" Asch answered and ran out of the room as fast as he could, as the giant man still scared him, but it seemed he was going to have to get used to the man.

"So, Largo, what did you think of young Asch?" Van asked Largo after Asch had left the room.

"An interesting boy, and a rather typical reaction from one as young as him in first meeting me." Largo answered Van. "Why do you ask, Commandant?"

"He is going to be needed in our future plans, so you likely will be working with in the future. That is why he is being trained by the highest ranks, he will eventually be one of the God-Generals also." Van informed Largo.

"I see." Largo said.

"Do not tell him a thing about your past. He grew up in Baticul. He's Duke Fabre's son. You know what I refer to?"

"Understood, Commandant. He will know nothing about my daughter, or my true reason for working with you." Largo answered.

"Good, you are dismissed. I look forward to hearing good reports of his progress when I return from my visit to Baticul." Van told Largo.