Secrets Revealed


Lady Razeli

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Do you have any weed?

Xena woke up early as usual. She rose and looked around. The Perimeter was of course secure, and Gabrielle was still asleep. A cow bell couldn't wake her up. Xena sighed. It had been another boring night. No parties, no men, no alcohol, and no weed. Oh she hated a day without weed. She'd ran out. And her supplier was all the way in Rome. He wouldn't be back until the annual party, and that had already happened this year. She had her own personal supply, which she grew, but that got destroyed earlier this year when an army attacked Amphipolis. She whooped some ass than. She'd have to settle down in Amphipolis for awhile if she even wanted to good kind of weed she'd had before.

"Ares!" Xena called after she'd taken her morning swim and fished. Ares appeared in front of her.

"Do you have any weed?" They asked at the same time.

"Damn!" They exclaimed.

"What happen to your personal supply?" Ares asked.

"Destroyed by one of your damn armies."

"Which one I'll kill them." Ares said.

"Dragan's." said Xena."This is a cryin' out loud damn shame. Hey why don't we go to our supplier."

"That guy is hard to reach even to a god. " said Ares."He's got some powerful magic on his side to keep him hidden for the most part. If the authorities got a hold of him we'd all be screwed. I mean look at us now. We're talking to each other."

"By the gods we are," groaned Xena. That year so many people suffered as their supplier was attacked by the authorities. Destroyed all his supply. And there was only one time a year when the supply could be gotten again to last him at least five years. And now there was a strict one time a year you could find and buy it from him.

"I will not get mad." Xena said to herself. She got mad. She whooped some ass.