February 06: the spell that cannot be broken
howl's moving castle, howl/sophie & micheal

...Oh this? This is just me FAILING at HMCfic. (sigh) In any case, for memlu, the GOD of HMCfic. Here's hopin' she feels better.

A Lesson in Enchantments

"Micheal," Howl said, and the teenager glanced up from the papers and scrolls and books spread around him on the floor, the spot he was demoted to after the wizard had commandeered the work desk. Micheal didn't understand why his master needed the desk, as levitating quills and marbles hardly seemed to qualify as 'work.' But the apprentice also felt that arguing with Howl when he had his mind set was far too much work for what it was worth. So now he sat on the floor, looking candidly up at the wizard, who continued to twirl trinkets about him and add in different things every so often.

"The thought just occured to me," he began, leaning back in his chair. Micheal paled slightly at the words, but did not interrupt. "I've never given you lessons on the two types of spells that can never be broken." Howl paused, and the doodads hovered as if to form a halo. Micheal snorted at that thought, which seemed to bring the wizard back to the world. "Oh? Do you not want the lessons? Very well, it seems my time is not as valuable to you as it is to me, so I wi--"

"No! I want to learn, Howl, I do!" The wizard smirked and waved his hand to silence his apprentice. The objects continued their orbit as if nothing else needed to be said. Micheal mumbled a small apology anyway.

"So, there is the first type. A solemn subject, indeed," he spoke with dramatic foreboding. For emphasis, he would have explained should Micheal have asked why, but Micheal had asked this many times before and knew the reason quite well by now. "Killing spells can never be undone, Micheal. Even magic cannot bring back life, at least not in a way that doesn't leave it tainted." A silence stretched between them, crawled around their bodies and tugged at their hearts; (For emphasis) they didn't try to raise it.

It was then that Sophie cut in between them and began to pluck the items from the air. Howl looked incredulous when she smacked his hand for trying to add more.

"Honestly, Howl. You are very skilled in making me wonder whether I married a man or a child," she chided, gathering his little toys and shoving them into their respective drawers. Howl stared after her as she left to the kitchen.

...after a moment, Micheal glanced over at the wizard. "Master Howl? What's the other type of spell?" The wizard plopped his chin into his hand, still watching his wife in the other room.

"Love," he said, quite miserably.