February 16: the (wo)man who walks like a beast
mononoke hime, san/ashitaka

This is just my OTP.

footprints or...

Her movements were lithe, quick, flowing from one extension of muscle to the pull of another. He noticed her heels barely ever touched the ground. They ghosted over it, and she made no noise when traveling quickly.

'Oh' he thought, seeing the wolf behind her. 'Oh' he thought, seeing one behind her eyes.

footsteps or...

It felt as if the entire forest had cried out to her of his arrival. When happening upon him, her heels met the ground and she stilled. Not for out of fear or surprise but out of defiance of his presence.

Even the lowliest beast in the forest could not outrival the savagery of his kind, and she, as a daughter of the gods, was not afraid of evil.