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"Dogs talking"

"People talking"

Dogs thinking

'People thinking'

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Just Another Day, Gone Bad

The bright yellow sun peeked through the dark blue curtain of the room, and landed on a golden retriever's snout. The Naruto whined lightly at the disturbance of its peaceful sleep, and rolled over to escape. He only succeeded in bumping into his master's bed side table, knocking the alarm clock off of it, and have it land on his unsuspecting head; resulting in a small yelp.

The dog's deep blue eyes, peeked open.

Looks like its time to wake my bastard up. Naruto thought as he stretched and yawned. Then glancing up and placing his forearms on the bed, Naruto then looked to see where his master was laying.

Under navy blue colored covers, rested Uchiha Sasuke. The brunette was 19 years old, and was a college student by day and worked at night.

Taking note of his master's position on the bed, the dog proceeded to jump high up in the air and land right on Sasuke chest.

The man instantly woke up with an audible "oof" and Naruto started to lick his master ferociously. Sasuke pushed the retriever back and sighed, "I'm up, I'm up."

"That's what I thought" Naruto barked and walked toward the kitchen with the man not too far behind.

They both fell into routine.

Naruto sat in front of his food bowl, while Sasuke boiled a pot of water for ramen. When he had first gotten the dog, he refused to eat anything else except it. At first, he worried that Naruto wasn't getting the nutrients he needed, but every time they went to the vet, he was told Naruto was completely healthy. They had even asked him what he fed Naruto, saying that his coat was very soft and shiny. Sasuke had stuttered and quickly changed the subject afterwards.

When the water boiled, Sasuke place the "hunk of plastic" into the pot, put two slices of bread into the toaster, and left the kitchen.

The dog huffed slightly and wondered why it took water so long to boil, when Sasuke walked back into the kitchen dressed in his jogging suit. After he prepared the retriever's ramen, he put jelly on his toast and sat down at the table and nibbled at it.

It was quiet.

Sasuke looked over at the animal gobbling down it food. 'He's getting chubby again… I'm going to have to cut down his food and take him jogging with me everyday.' he smiled slightly.

"Oi, Naruto."

The dog's ears perked up, "What?! Can't you see that I was eating?" Naruto barked.

Sasuke's smile turned into a smirked as leaned forward so he was eye to eye with the dog. "You've been putting on some weight," pinched the side of the dogs face. "I think me and you," he was pointing at Naruto, "are going to have to run everyday" he ended with an evil chuckle.

Now Naruto wasn't the smartest crayon on the box, but he knew what was good and what was bad by his bastard's facial expressions. This one was bad. Naruto tried to understand what he was saying, with the hand gestures and what not… but couldn't get all of it.

Now he was left there, waiting for the unknown to happen. Naruto hated not knowing, so he settled for whimpering and tucking his ears back.

Sasuke smiled and leaned back against the chair. He liked communicating with his dog. Everyday that he did it, it seemed Naruto was getting better at understanding what he was saying. This was good.

After the two were finished eating, Sasuke tugged Naruto by his collar, attached his leash to it and walked out the front door.

"It's chilly this morning." Sasuke breathed, and pat Naruto on the head. The dog, in turn, wagged in appreciation.

And the two set off, first at a brisk power walk, then a jog and finally a full run.

This isn't so bad, Naruto thought as he ran to keep in step with Sasuke. The retriever would go jogging with his 'bastard' two or three times out of this week, to either just to keep himself in shape or to get some fresh air. I wonder what the bastard was sayi-

Naruto stopped instantly, and nearly made Sasuke trip in the process. "What the hell? Why did you stop?! C'mon!" Sasuke tugged the leash, but his did not want to move. The young man growled lightly, but stopped when he saw Naruto sniff the air.

"Oh god.." Sasuke's eyes widened, "Don't tell me its-"



"Dammit! I forgot today was Thursday!" 'She always goes jogging on Thursday!'

"Aw crap its Lee!"

There. Running towards them was Haruno Sakura with her hairy, ink, black dog named Lee.

You see, Sasuke and Naruto didn't like Sakura and Lee, very much. Why…?

One: Sakura sprayed lots of perfume on and loved to smother Sasuke. Thus, Sasuke smelt horribly and Naruto (in order to save his nose) would stay away from Sasuke as long as possible until he took a shower.

Two: Lee wagged his tail all the time and liked to rub up against Naruto (in a show of affection)… shedding his black fur ALL over Naruto. The retriever would then looked like a half-breed, with a hair problem. Naruto didn't want to be lumped up in the same hair category as Lee, so he also would try to avoid the dog. Sasuke would have to deal with the chunks of black fur ALL over his apartment.

Three: …well, all the above had a negative affect on Naruto, so he decided (Something he thought he heard his bastard say) to kill one bird with two stones. Keep the pink thing away from bastard, and she will be Lee away. Everyone would be happy… well, except Sakura and Lee but that didn't matter.

Ok.. Keep pinkie away.

"BARK! BARK! BARK BARK BARK!!" Naruto bared his teeth at the woman. I don't want her near my bastard!

Sasuke pulled on the leash, 'Naruto, you couldn't have picked a better time to start barking!'

Sakura, through all this, came up short and her eye brow furrowed in confusion. "Sasuke-kun, what's wrong with your dog?"

"Uh… he's been kinda irritable lately, sorry." He tugged the leash some more to keep the retriever away.

"Naruto-kun? Is it true?" Lee sniff slightly as if he was hurt. His eyes shun as tears brimmed in the corner of his eyes.

Naruto quickly told a lie, "Uh, yeah…my bastard woke me up really early this morning. Earlier than usual. I just want to get home and sleep again…" he felt bad for fibbing, but he couldn't put up with the smells and fur any longer.

The dog in turn cocked his head to the side, "But Naruto-kun, I thought you woke you master up? Isn't that what you told me?"

Fuck… Naruto cursed in his head. "Uh, yeah I did tell you that… its just.. He woke me up this time… I don't know why… he just did." Naruto fibbed again.

The overly hairy dog seemed to buy it, "I understand, sometimes my lotus flower wakes up extremely early too. I understand your pain! But its what we dogs must go through for the ones we love!" Lee put his paw over his chest and stuck his nose in the air as a make shift ocean wave, splashed in the background.

This dog is so weeeeeeird…Naruto looked up at his bastard and saw that he was trying to find a way to get away, nicely. You idiot, just walk away…matter a fact, I'll do it for you! Naruto pulled at the leash harshly away from Sakura, practically dragging Sasuke with him.


"Huh? Oh! BYE SASUKE-KUN! I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!" Sakura yelled also.

Sasuke waved off handedly, and tried to slow his dog down. He did eventually when they turned the corner.

The boy immediately knelt down, eye level with the retriever, "Naruto, I don't know what had gotten into you back there, but I'm glad." He smile and scratched the dog behind his ears. "I can't stand Haruno, she's too clingy and she smells like she to a swim in ammonia." He chuckled and kissed the dog on his snout.

Naruto knew Sasuke was happy with him, because of his show of affection. He didn't do this often, and neither did Naruto, but they both enjoy and loved one another.

"But its what we dogs must go through for the ones we love!" Lee's words rung in his head. He was right. He would go to great lengths to keep his bastard happy, even though he got on his nerves sometimes. But hey, best friends pissed each other off more than regular friends did.

Naruto's tongue lolled out and swiped Sasuke once on the cheek. Sasuke's one eye closed and laughed lightly.

It was these special moments that the two were glad they found each other. Most of the time, they just kept one another company and that was it. They took one day at a time, and let things flow easily around them. But that was ok, as long as they had each other, everything was fine.

Naruto saved Sasuke from loneliness and Sasuke had saved Naruto from being put down at the shelter. They were both grateful and showed it in very weird ways.

Sasuke pat Naruto one last time, and stood up again. "Lets go Naruto, looks like we won't be able to run as much as I planned, so we'll just run all the way home." Sasuke looked down, "Do you understand?"

"For once, yeah I do, bastard!" Naruto barked.

"Good." Sasuke smiled again, and started running and Naruto matched it all the way home.

- - - -

Naruto laid on the floor in front of the door. He knew his bastard was going away soon, to where he didn't know. He was away for a long time, and while he was absent, bastard would take him to see another guy, and his dog named Gaara. He and Gaara never had any problems, what so ever. In a way, they were the same.

His owner had saved him from the shelter, too. Before then, he'd lived a lonely life on the streets, just like Naruto. Until, he was caught by people with nets and was thrown into a wired cage and then that when he met his owner. White eyes… I think that's what he calls him.

As much as Naruto liked Gaara, he didn't really like to see Sasuke leave. Once, Sasuke didn't come get him until it was really late. The moon was nearly half way across the sky, when Sasuke had came. Naruto had thought Sasuke had forgotten about him, it hurt just thinking about it.

Sasuke walked into the living room, bathed and dressed in clean clothes, to see his golden retriever, sitting in front of the door, practically brooding. 'What's wrong with him?'

Sasuke worried, knelt down and pat Naruto on the head. "Hey, whats wrong?"

Naruto only whimpered. So Sasuke felt the dog over, checking for anything that might be hurting the dog, 'Could he have done something to hurt himself while I was in the shower?' He didn't find anything physically wrong with him.

"Naruto… up." Sasuke commanded and Naruto did do obediently. He stepped back a few steps, and told Naruto to come to him. 'There isn't anything wrong with his walk… what could it be?'

Sasuke sighed, and grabbed the leash and hooked it to Naruto collar. The dog whimpered more. Even more worried, Sasuke felt under the collar and didn't find anything abnormal. What was wrong with his dog?

Sasuke looked at the time, 'I don't have time for this…' he stood up an walked towards the door 'I just hope that he'll be ok when I pick him up.'

Naruto dug his feet into the floor, Just stay here! Why do you have to leave?

Sasuke, now, was even more puzzled. He tugged on the leash, "Whats wrong, Naruto? Why are you acting like this?" Sasuke pulled more harder.

NO! I don't want to do! I want you to stay! Here with me! Is that so hard? Why can't I go with you?!? Naruto refused to budge. He was hell bent on staying were he was.

Sasuke sighed, walked over, and picked the large dog up. Naruto squirmed and wiggled in Sasuke's grip as he opened and walked out the door.

- - - -

"What took you so long Uchiha? Was traffic rough?" Neji inquired as Sasuke walked up to him in front of his house.

Sasuke sighed heavily and scratched his head, "No, I had a hell of a time getting Naruto into the car. He just wouldn't listen to me. He was fine when I went got into the shower, but when I got out, he just kept whimpering." During all this Neji knelt down and pulled the dogs face into his hands.

"I checked his over, but I couldn't find anything… he didn't want to leave the house or get into the car. I'm surprised I didn't have to struggle to get him out." Sasuke spoke.

"He looks sad." Neji's voiced professionally.


"Yeah," Neji smiled lightly, "He probably doesn't want you to leave. Some dogs are like that… Gaara gets the same look in his eyes sometimes, when I'm about to leave somewhere."

Sasuke frowned and pressed his lips into a line, 'Am I not spending enough time with him?'

Neji stood back up, "I'm going to go fun an errand real quick. Just walk him to the back with Gaara and set his leash on the hook."

Sasuke rose an eyebrow, "Then who is going to watc-"

"There dogs, Uchiha. Not children… I'm sure they can handle themselves for twenty minutes. 'Sides, Hiashi is inside, if something happens, he'll check on them." Neji turned around and walked towards his car and pull away.

The brunette looked down at his retriever, "Naruto?" sad blue eyes met guilty black ones, "C'mon, boy. Lets go see what Gaara is doing." Sasuke said, and walked through the house towards the fenced backyard.

There, a red dog with wavy hair, trotted towards them.

"Hey Naruto." Gaara sniffed his nose.

"…Hey Gaara."

Sasuke unhooked his leash, and knelt down in front of him. He took his face in his hands, just like Neji did, and pressed his forehead against his; looking him straight in the eye.

"Please… don't be sad, Naruto. I don't like to see my best friend sad… just stay here and be a good dog, and I'll be back before you know it, ok?" 'I don't have to work today, as soon as I get out of school, I'll take him to the park and bring a Frisbee with me. I'm sure he'll enjoy that.' Sasuke leaned back and stood up. Naruto whimpered louder, trying to tell him not to go but he only got a pat on the head.

"What was that all about?" Gaara asked, when Sasuke left.

"I don't want him to leave…" Naruto sulked as he looked at the door. He tried to understand what Sasuke was saying to him. His ears perked and he turned his head sharply towards Gaara.

"Gaara! You can understand what humans are saying! What did he say?!" Naruto licked Gaara's nose, pleadingly.

"I can understand some of what he was saying… he said something about not being sad, and being back before… something. I couldn't' really tell. He was saying it too fast for me to understand." Gaara rubbed against Naruto as he pondered about the information he was given.

Gaara was slightly smaller than him, but they had the same shape. Naruto thinks that he is a smaller breed of retriever.

Gaara's tail started wagging, "Naruto! Come over here, I want you to see something!" he then ran toward the corner of the yard, between the fence and tree.

Naruto, of course followed. If it was something that made Gaara excited, then it had to be good!

There behind the tree, was a little place that was dug out underneath the fence. There was enough room for them to squeeze through one at a time. Had Gaara been working on this?

"We, can get through here and be free! Lets go, Naruto!" Gaara's tail, if possible, wagged even faster.

Naruto pondered this over, 'We could run around… like before when we didn't have homes…but what if we were caught again? By those people with the net… I would never see my bastard again!'

Gaara calmed down, and practically saw what the retriever was thinking. "Don't worry, Naruto. If we do get caught, they'll take us back here." he then nipped Naruto's collar and the dog tags jingles together. "Do you see these shiny things, my white eyes says that if I get lost, those people will bring me home. The same goes for you, Naruto. So there's nothing to worry about."

'So that's what these are for… neat. I guess I could- wait!'

"Gaara, what about your bastard? Won't he be worried if he comes back he and see that we're gone? Dear, god… he'll tell Sasuke, and then he'll get worried! I can't do that to him!" Naruto argued.

"Calm down, Naruto. We'll only be gone for a while, so we'll be back before white eyes even walks back here." Gaara paused and looked Naruto in the eyes. "Don't you want to be free? Even only for a while? To remember the feeling of not having a leash weighing around your neck? To run as fast as your can, as far as you can without worrying about being pulled back? don't' you want to feel that again, Naruto?"

As Gaara spoke, Naruto felt every part of him become alive with want. The want to stretch your legs as you run, the want to feel the wind glow through your fur. The want of being free. Why was he even questioning it? Why would he even pass up something thing good?

"Gaara… has anyone told you that you have a way with words?"

Gaara's eyes sparkled with excitement and he dove for the hole with Naruto right behind him.

As soon as he was on the other side, Naruto already felt different. A good different.

Gaara, turned around and looked at him… he felt the same thing, so it wasn't his imagination.

And they took off. They ran, fast. So fast, everything seemed to blur around them. Naruto ran faster, wanting more wind running through his fur. Gaara ran along side him, and they both turned sharply as they came out of the ally way. They felt like they were flying, like nothing could catch them! Nothing could hold them down! They were free!

They ran until they were a few blocks away, and stopped. Both panting happily, and seemed to share the same twinkle in his eyes.

After running around some more, the two laid underneath a well shaded tree. Naruto rested his head next to Gaara's. "Gaara, this is definitely the greatest idea you ever had… and you've had some good ones!"

Gaara only laughed lightly and nudge Naruto's head. It felt like they had been away only a short while. But Gaara knew, that with Naruto, time seemed to speed up. They probably needed to get back.

"We need to go back, Naruto… white might be on his way home."

Naruto's head shot up and looked over at him. They had been gone for a while…

Naruto's eyes flickered and he stood up, "Hey…Gaara, how 'bout a race? Lets see who can make it back first."

Gaara stood up too, "You, my friend… are so on!"

They took off again.

Faster, faster, faster, faster!

They were both nose in nose, breathing hard, claws tapped against the ground as their paws met it.

Naruto forced his legs to move in longer strides, and just as fast. He pulled ahead, he was going to win!

Naruto was just about to turn the corner that let to ally that let to the back yard of Gaara's home, when he ran into something. Someone.

It was a solid body, stiff and sturdy that stopped him with an audible, "oof". Gaara stopped before hand, but still ran into Naruto.

Both, looked up to see an man with long white hair, looking down at them. He seemed to be visually examining them… what could he want?

"Gaara… I think we need to get out of here." He whimpered to his red furred friend.

"I think so, too…" Gaara spoke back.

They were about to scurry away, when the man grabbed their collar, and yanked them harshly towards a white van.

"Tsunade-hime! I've found two dogs! Are they good enough?" Then, a woman with a (HUGE) chest, opened the car door and walked towards them.

'This isn't good!' Naruto thought, and quickly bit the man's arm. Hard.

The white haired giant instantly let go, and Naruto ran. Behind him was yelling, and scrambling and a few yelps. At the yelps, Naruto stopped instantly and looked back.

The two strangers were struggling to detain him, but they were slowly doing it. 'No! I'm not leaving Gaara behind!'

Without thinking, Naruto doubled back. Running as fast as he could, he rammed into the woman and knocked her down. The man still had a hold of Gaara around the scuff of his neck, and he sunk his teeth into his flesh.

Gaara, seeing his opportunity, pulled away this time and ran. Naruto let go to do the same, when the lady with a huge chest, practically tackled him! Her full weight was on top him, rendering him unable to move, to run away.

Gaara stopped and turned around, and saw. He saw his red friend was going to turn back and help him too, but Naruto barked. "NO! Gaara run away! Please don't come back! Just keep running!"

His friend eyes, widen "No! I'm not leaving you!"

Naruto felt his collar being pulled off, "I don't' want you getting caught, too! Your bastard needs you!"

"Yours does too!" Naruto saw his collar being tossed to the side, and Gaara ran towards them. He didn't see anything as he was thrown into the back of the van, and the doors were closed, leaving him in the dark.

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