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- - - - Time change
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Can This Get Any Worse?

"Mmm, warm… so very warm.' Sasuke's mind, body and soul were surrounded by the pleasant heat of his covers.

The thick navy blue curtains did their job of keeping most of the morning sun out, leaving a comfortable dimmed room for Sasuke to wake up to.

'I'm so comfortable… I don't want to get up.'

The night before was very stressful. After bringing the blond home and being convinced that he was his dog, Sasuke was completely drained of his energy. So he just gave Naruto a cover and told him to sleep on the couch.

And it didn't help that Naruto kept sneaking into his room! Yes, Sasuke would let the dog… er, use-to-be-dog, sleep in his room. And sometimes when it was really cold, he'd even let the retriever sleep in bed with him.

But it was different now. Naruto was different.

Sasuke deeply sighed through his mouth, blowing his bangs out of his face. 'I'll think about it later. Naruto should be waking up soon, I need to get some rest while I can.'

The raven rolled over, completely ready to doze off again when, "AHHH!!"

He caught sight of his unknown bedmate, ('He's suppose to be on the fucking couch!'), who was lying ever so close to him.

Strangely enough, the yell -Sasuke refused to admit that he screamed- didn't wake Naruto up.

'What am I going to do with him?' he ran his fingers through his hair as he sat up. Well, Sasuke could go back to sleep… but it felt weird sharing a bed with someone else.

It didn't bother him when Naruto was a dog… but now-

Sasuke still couldn't believe that this man was his retriever. Everything about this seemed so surreal, its was kinda…weird.

Then again, if Sasuke really believed that guy was his dog, then Sasuke shouldn't be acting different towards Naruto.

But… that wasn't the case. Looking at Naruto, Sasuke felt a strange fluttering feeling in the pit of his stomach. It made the Uchiha want to squirm.

Naruto's bangs were a tad bit long, covering his eyes in a yellow veil. Sasuke didn't like that, it made him feel like the blond was hiding from him.

Which was strange… I mean, Naruto's hair was just in his face. Its not like it was intentional.

Sasuke reached forward and moved the bangs out of his dog's… er, the human's face. Naruto's face was handsome, to say the least. From Naruto's defined jaw, to the weird whisker marks on his cheeks; all of those factors went perfectly together.

Especially Naruto's blue irises. Those eyes that stood out the most, glittering and shimmering with every emotion. Even when Naruto was a dog, this one aspect didn't change. And having seen them last night, Sasuke -dare he say it- loved those eyes the most.

Sasuke moved his hand away as Naruto started to shift . "Mmm." Naruto slowly woke, his eyes were blurred with fatigue. Blue eyes caught Sasuke's in its swirling vortex.

Naruto smiled tiredly, while rubbing his eye. "Ohayo, bastard."

Sasuke, having forgotten his earlier anger about Naruto being in his bed, gave a small smile, "Ohayo, Naruto."

Sasuke was more prepared, when Naruto sat up and licked him, on the corner of his mouth. The warm muscle oddly poked past his lips a little, completely startling the raven.

It seemed that there was no way to slow down his heart beat, or stop the small blush forming on his cheeks. 'Calm down Sasuke. Naruto didn't mean to do that. Naruto is just doing what a dog would normally do.' Sasuke frowned, coming up with a revelation, 'Naruto is still my dog.'

Naruto knew that if he still had his tail, it would be wagging. He was really hoping that his bastard wouldn't be mad at him for sneaking into his bed again.

Honestly. Naruto didn't see the harm in it. Sharing a bed with his bastard was very comforting and definitely warmer than the couch.

The blond yawned, "M' sleepy." Naruto laid back down, snuggling into the fluffy pillow.

"Are you hungry, Naruto?" Sasuke stood, "You didn't eat anything last night."

Naruto nodded, still smiling tiredly, his eyes glimmering with happiness.

"I'm going to make you something to eat. Don't go back to sleep."

Naruto was still smiling, except this time, his eyes were closed.

In the kitchen, Sasuke was in a dilemma. "Should I get him eggs and bacon? No, that much grease is bad for a dog… dammit! Naruto isn't a dog anymore!"

Sasuke never felt so confused in his life. Then it hit him. 'That's it!'

Few minutes later…


Sasuke sighed, closing his eyes as he bit into his toast.

"Mmm" Smack. Smack. Sluuuurp.

Sasuke's brow twitched.

"Yum, yum, yum." Sluuuuuurp! Smack, smack.

The raven frowned.

"-belch-" Naruto wiped his wet mouth on his blue sleeve and dove back for more.

Sasuke gritted his teeth.

Naruto picked up his bowl and brought it to his lips.


Bang! Sasuke brought his fists down on the table.

Naruto jumped spilling the warm contents over his face. Blink, blink.

Sasuke glared and motioned for Naruto to put the bowl down.

Tap. Naruto slowly set the bowl down.

Sasuke stood, grabbed the kitchen towel and walked over to Naruto and began to wipe the blond's face.

"Maybe ramen wasn't the best choice." the raven mumbled. Naruto smiled, despite being smothered by a thick towel.

- - - -

White paws tapped on the hard wood floor heading to the only occupied room in the house.

Only to find that the door was closed. Dammit.

The dog sat there for a while, contemplating whether or not to claw at the door or just bark. After seeing the numerous claw marks and paint chippings on the corner of the door, he decided to just bark. He needed to get his alpha up, anyway.

"I need to go potty!"

ARF! ARF! His loud calls echoed throughout the corridors of the house.


A solid thump.

Shuffling and then the door knob turned.

Inuzuka Kiba rubbed his eyes as he looked down at Akamaru, who pleaded with his eyes to be let outside.

"Potty, got it." Kiba mumbled, knowing exactly what his dog wanted.

It was a gorgeous morning, clear blue skies, the birds were singing, Akamaru panting happily as he lifted his leg.

Kiba yawned and grumbled. A couple walking down the street, smiled and waved at him, for no particular reason. Why was it that people were always happy in the morning? It the worst part of the day!

Kiba scratched his stomach as he stood in the door way. Today, he didn't have to go to school. Thank god!

'Uchiha doesn't have to go either… maybe I'll pay him a visit.'

Kiba nodded. Yeah, that's what he would do today.

Kiba saw Akamaru bark at some cat across the street, but being the good dog that he was, he didn't chase after it.

ARF! ARF, ARF!! "Hey! Hey! YOU! What the hell are you doing in my neighborhood?! I have rights to that trash can, get the fuck away from it!!!"

"C'mon Akamaru! Its time to go back inside!"

"Aw, but I'm not done setting that cat straight!" the dog whimpered.

"Sorry buddy, but I want to go over someones place today. You wanna go?"

"Do you even have to ask?" Akamaru barked, wagging his tail in excitement, letting the cat dig into the trash can.

- - - -

Naruto closed his eyes as warm water was poured over his head.

Click. Something thick and cold was poured on his scalp and large hands rubbed and worked it to a lather. Naruto opened his eyes, looking at the bottle his bastard had set down.

"Keep your eyes closed, Naruto."

The tanned blond made an annoyed whine.

Sasuke rubbed Naruto's scalp, thoroughly cleaning it, all the while blushing.

After breakfast, Sasuke began to notice this horrible stench the blond was emitting. Sasuke knew what he needed to do… it would just be… extremely awkward.

He had decided to get the worst part over with, bathing Naruto's body first.

'He's- Naruto is very… well endowed.' Sasuke shook his mind at the memory. Gods… he had openly ogled his dog! What kind of freak was he?!

Sasuke was especially surprised how soft Naruto's skin was, and exactly how evenhis tan was, throughout his body. Hell, even his -gulps- was tanned.

Naruto shivered as the water from his hair ran down his face, 'Must not shake. Must not sh-shake.'

Sasuke poured water on his head again, finishing getting the water out of the blond's head.

"Ok Naruto," Sasuke swallowed, "Stand up."

The blond did as he was told, a little shakily. 'He's getting better at it, he's not even holding on to anything.'

Naruto moved to step out of the tub, slipped and promptly fell…right on top of Sasuke.

"Shit!" Sasuke cursed, not being able to hold him and Naruto up. The blond was definitely heavier than Sasuke.

The two hit the ground, Sasuke hitting the back of his head, hard, on the ceramic walls.

Naruto sat up hissing, "Bastard, Oh I'm so sorry!"

Sasuke didn't say anything.

The blond saw that Sasuke was foaming slightly at the mouth. "B-bastard? Oi!"


- - - -

Shikamaru laid in his cage how he did the days before.

Today… they had came and taken Gaara, but not without a fight. Though it did delay the inevitable. It had taken the white haired man and the raven to get the dog out of the room.

Afterwards, not knowing what to do, the black lab laid there and despite all his laziness, he was starting to get restless.

He found himself sitting up and glancing around the room, pacing in front of the cage door, and he hated to admit it but Shikamaru had started whimpering at one point.

Then, not too long after, Gaara's cries filled the air.

All he could do was sit here.

Many hours later, Shikamaru felt something weird. Every time he heard foot steps getting closer to the door, he would hold his breath. Paranoia maybe? No... that couldn't be it.

Maybe he was hopeful.

Shikamaru found it hard to believe but... he missed his woman. Considerably. Sure her squeaky voice got on his nerves sometimes and she always wanted to play with him... but at least he knew she cared.

Shikamaru really wanted his woman to be the one to walk through that door.

Tap... tap... tap... Tap.

"Footsteps." Shikamaru once again took a deep breath and held it.

The taping sounds slowly got louder and suddenly came to a stop in front of the door. Looks like they finally have some use for me. The door clicked and opened.

It was a man. His eyes looked maliciously narrow, his skin was an unhealthy color of white, and ink black hair completed his sinister appearance.

The Shinigami (Death God), Shikamaru decided to name him, slowly came forward. The dog could clearly see a leash in his hands, Where is he going to take me?

The black lab didn't fight when the man slipped a choker/leash on him and led him out the doorway.

There wasn't much to say about the hallways. The walls were painted white. Plain and simple.

The Shinigami led him to a door and opened it, but didn't step inside. He just took off the leash and nudged the lab inside, before closing the door.

Why did he put me in this room? At first glance Shikamaru only saw an empty bed in the small white room.

But his ears and nose told him something else, someone was in this room, someone who was crying. A human?

Shikamaru's claws tapped in the tiled floor as he looked on the other side of the bed.

There was a human boy in the corner, covers were draped over his frame and in the fetal position. Being man's best friend, Shikamaru's instincts took over; he instantly wanted to ease the boys worries.

The lab wagged his tail and gave a happy whimper, "Hey there, what's wrong?" Shika nudged his wet nose against the boys side, "C'mon, look at me… why are you crying?"

The boy brought his head up, aquamarine eyes stared into black ones.


The black lab gasped as he heard his name. "H-how do you know my name?"

The covers slipped off of the human's head, revealing blood read hair, "Shikamaru… its me, Gaara." Tears slipped out of the red head's eyes.

- - - -

Kiba was in a predicament.

When he had arrived at Sasuke's apartment, the first thing he had heard was screaming coming from inside.

The brunette had quickly kicked the door open -working out three times a week did wonders, the door didn't stand a chance- and quickly found Sasuke.

…unconscious and underneath a -gulp- naked man, on the bathroom floor.

The blond seemed to have been trying to wake the Uchiha up, and from the distressed tone in his voice, had also been the one that had screamed out.

…did he knock Sasuke out? Should… Kiba start beating the blond up?

Akamaru peeked in, "Whoa. What happened here?"

Sasuke chose that time to wake up with a groan.

Sable eyes blinked, seeing the vision of an upside down Kiba standing in the doorway. 'Huh?'

"W-what? Where am I?"

"Bastard! You're awake! Are you ok?!"

'Dear god!' was Sasuke's only thought when he finally figured out what kind of predicament he was in.

Kiba standing in the bathroom doorway.

Naruto, naked and sopping wet, still sitting on top of him.

Akamaru, tail slightly wagging, had his head peeked in.

"This isn't what it looks like."

Kiba rose his brow, "…you sure?"


Naruto, oblivious to his state of nakedness, smiled at the brunette, "Oh, hi! I didn't see you there!"

Kiba ignored the blond, "Look, I was only playing around yesterday when I said you were gay-"

"-I'm not gay!-"

"-and I would still be your friend even if you are-"

"-I'm not!-" Sasuke pushed Naruto off, reaching for a towel.

"-but it would have been nice if you would have told me!" Kiba hollered over Sasuke. "Jesus Marie Christ! Can you imagine how surprised I was when I came in here?! You, under some naked guy, unconscious!"

Sasuke sighed.

"And who the hell is this guy?!" Kiba pointed, his finger only an inch away from the blond's face.

'…I'm going to have a hell of a time explaining this.' the raven rubbed the back of his head, feeling the lump on his head.


- - - -

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