Setting: In non-real future episodes of Inuyasha where Rin is a woman.

Genres: Romance

Rating: MA - Sexual Content

Pairings: Sesshomaru x Rin (OLDER RIN) If you do not like this pairing, why are you here? To flame? Well, that just seems odd, and makes you look a bit dumb. Why go inside a SessyxRin fic, read it, and state you do not like the pairing?

Warnings: Indeed, this is a lemon. If you do not know what a lemon is, then allow me to fill you in. SEX. If you do not like it, leave quickly before your virgin eyes wander too far!

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Author's Note: I got a random and yummy idea. A devilishly yummy idea. While enjoying an episode of Inuyasha where Sesshomaru saves Rin, I got the undying urge to create a piece of fanfiction for fluffy-kins. I never really gave Sesshomaru much thought, but after some sick and twisted fantasies, I decided to make my Lemon Chapters. I might have an ongoing list of Lemon Chapters with different couples. But here is the first. Enjoy, relax, and review.

Lemon Chapters

Chapter One: Pick of the Crop


Her body no longer resembled what it had once been when she first laid eyes on her Lord. She no longer fit inside the orange kimono's that she had. She no longer pranced or skipped about. She no longer needed constant protection. She no longer saw her Lord as she once did. Her thoughts were no longer innocent.

"Come along, Rin," Sesshomaru spoke to the girl with a single glance over his shoulder. He, too, noticed the changes in the human girl he kept by his side. Sometimes it surprised him how fast she was growing. It would often slip his mind that she was indeed a mortal. The bounce of her developing chest caught his eye for the first time only months before. He ordered Jaken to take care of the maturing weight of her chest by seeing to it that she had bindings for proper support.

"Yes, my Lord," Rin replied. She turned her attention from the stars in the sky and back to the path in front of her. She pulled Ah Un's reigns to beckon him along.

"Really, Rin," Jaken began in his high pitched tone, "You should not make Lord Sesshomaru even ask!"

"I know," Rin said as she stroked Ah Un's side, "I am sorry."

Sesshomaru's long silver hair blew in the wind, almost poetically. He carried a large white pelt around his shoulders that resembled an elegant boa. The left sleeve on his robes dangled loosely, for his brother had cut his arm clean off in a battle before Rin knew him. His eyes glowed an eerie color of auburn, and he bore two purple markings across both his cheeks. Humans and demons alike would cower at the sight of this demon, but not Rin.

None of this was odd to the human girl, and she did not fear him like others so often did. She admired the demon. She craved his attention. When she was a child, she was happy with the occasional words he spoke, mostly directions or demands. But as she grew, she found herself wanting conversations, wanting to be closer than she had ever got to him. Though when she found herself alone with her Lord, she also found him pushing her away. Never physically nor verbally. She could sense that her presence often bothered the demon, and quickly left him to be alone. Other times when Sesshomaru was at peace and let Rin get close, Jaken would interrupt before the girl's nerves worked up the courage to speak what she desired to say; to do what she desired to carry out.

Sesshomaru was not oblivious to Rin's actions. He noticed the spike in her scent as she entered her human teenage years. He made sure her adolescent needs were taken care of. Needs such as proper bathing, nutrition, and clothing.

Adding materials to her clothing had been more of a chore than the dog demon thought it would be. First she grew too tall for her clothes, so he had a seamstress add more length. Then the kimono was simply too tight, so he had the seamstress alter her clothing again. Not long after that, her height was again another factor, and then width again, and then in her chest area. Eventually, however, her growing spurts slowed and he was able to keep up on what she needed to cover her body.

He had been waiting patiently for the time when the girl would experience her first menstrual cycle. He learned that, unlike the females in his demon race, she would bleed for seven moons once every full one. It was important for him to remember that information, for he wanted to be with the girl the entire time she underwent the reproductive cycle.

Blood-thirsty demons liked to find women during the time of the month in which she bled. Some demons wished to impregnate a human to pass on their young, for other female demons might not find them attractive enough to bare their children. Other demons wanted to snack upon the ripening flesh of the female human. In either case, Sesshomaru was not about to let any demon lay a hand on the girl.

He had never really understood why he protected the human. She was the only human, only person, he really care for. Aside from Jaken, who he did like to keep around for company. At first he felt indebted to the young girl. She had cared for him when he was wounded. So he saved her life. A life for a life, that was fair. And ever since then, he continued to save her life.

Rin also wondered how long Sesshomaru planned to keep her around. She figured the reason he did so already was to repay her for saving his life so many years before. But now that she is growing and could take care of herself, would he want her to leave and join the other humans? She desperately wished against her thoughts. The last thing she wanted to do was leave her Lord's side. She even came to think that she was a demon herself. Not a mere human that Sesshomaru would not want. A demon that he would treasure as his. Her fantasies of the heart clashed with the constant reminders from her head that told her she was not a demon, but a simple human girl.

"Do not dawdle, Rin!" Jaken called to the girl.


Sesshomaru often worried that he would not be around when Rin began her transition from a mortal girl into a mortal woman. Though once her menstrual blood started to flow for the first time, he realized the scent could not be easily missed. With a demon whose nose was as keen as his, it could be caught a small but decent distance away.

He ordered Jaken, to the toad demon's dismay, to gather cotton to help take care of the blood flow. Rin cried into his arms, for the sudden leak of blood scared her. He patted her head and assured her that she was going to be just fine. No other words passed between the two until Jaken returned with the white puffs of cotton he was sent to get.

Some demons had dared to get close during that time of the month, even when they sighted her with Sesshomaru. The demons would wait, stalking the outskirts of the forest where the girl played. Before they made their attack, however, the demon Lord would strike them down with his Toukijin. He always made it back to the girl if he left her, right on time it seemed. She still needed his protection in ways, and that is why he thought he kept her around.

Though, he did not see a time in the future that he would be without her.

"Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin's voice pierced the silence of the meadow in which he lurked.

Sesshomaru passed the girl a glance, his golden gaze meeting her brown eyes. He saw that she was nervous and a little frightened, and wondered why she so often portrayed these emotions when she was near him. He could sometimes smell an odd scent, one that he did not expect to come from the girl; one of want, need, desire.

"Are we staying here for the night?" the human girl asked, daring to step closer to her Lord.

The demon Lord rose an eyebrow as he continued to stare into the young woman's eyes. "Are you tired of traveling, Rin?" he asked, his voice soft and toneless.

Rin stood in silence for a few moments, debating over her answer. She was indeed tired, but did not want to have Sesshomaru think of her as a weak link or someone that was holding him back. She let her eyes travel to the floor as a small blush of nervousness spread over her cheeks. "Yes, my Lord."

"Very well then," Sesshomaru said, turning his attention away from the girl and back to observing the star-filled sky.

The girl stared at the demon, not knowing what else she could say. She did not want to leave, but did not know what she could do to keep the company of her Lord without it behind awkward. She wetted her lips and took a step toward the aristocratic demon.

"What is it, Rin?" Sesshomaru asked, his attention still at the dark blue mass above him.

Rin took a seat on the dirty forest's floor next to him. She folded her legs under her and placed her hands on her lap, tapping a finger against a thigh. She earned Sesshomaru's attention, feeling his gaze drop toward her. She stared down at her hands as she fiddled with her kimono. "When shall we return home, my Lord?" she asked to fill the silence.

Sesshomaru continued to let his golden eyes wander over the human girl next to him. "Are you in a hurry, Rin?" he inquired.

"No, Lord Sesshomaru," Rin answered quickly, "Simply curious, my Lord." She looked up to meet his auburn eyes with her brown gaze. Her cheeks brightened at their closeness. As the moments passed, feeling like hours, she allowed herself to close her eyes and lean in for a kiss she hoped would be accepted.

"My Lord!" Jaken interrupted, causing both Rin and Sesshomaru to turn their heads toward the toad demon. "A demon approaches!" he warned.

Sesshomaru stood to his feet and began to walk in the direction that his follower had came from. "Stay with Rin," he ordered before disappearing through the thicket of trees.

"Stay out of harms way Rin," Jaken said, "the demon approaches quickly. What great timing I have!"

Rin's eyes turned from the toad demon and into a glare at the bushes to her side. She scoffed at Jaken's ironic remark, "Yes, fantastic timing, Lord Jaken."

Her heart was still thumping hard against her chest, and her mind began to fantasize the events that might had taken place if she had not been disturbed. It seemed that every time she got the courage to test Sesshomaru's feelings, something would come up. Either a hungry demon, a curious Jaken, or an annoyed Inuyasha. There just had to be something to stop her from placing her lips to her Lords.

She was determined, though. And come sunshine or rain, she was going to show Sesshomaru how she felt. She had chosen him, and would not settle for anyone else.


He found that his heart moved a little faster than normal when he saw Rin lean toward him with slightly puckered lips, and he did not like it. Never had a woman of any race put him in a state of nervousness, even if it was only a hint of it.

The Great Lord Sesshomaru felt only anger or peace of mind. He would not allow himself to have weaknesses of any sort. So he decided he would prepare himself and think long and hard about Rin's actions.

It was obvious she was in a state of arousal when around him. He could smell the juices that began to flow in the heated area between her legs. Sometimes he noticed the slightest bump on her ample chest from erect nipples even in the hottest of days. The meaning of this was simple to him, she wanted to be pleasured. Whenever the demon lord himself needed sexual needs, he called upon a secret society of demon bedmates. Though, the thought of finding Rin a prostitute did not appeal him.

He would not allow any kind of demon to lay a hand on Rin, for their thoughts for a young human girl could never be short of selfish. Human men, as far as he understood, took on lifetime mates. He did not want to trust a weak human to take care of the girl, and he knew he could not stick by her side if she was wed off into a human village.

Sesshomaru tampered with the idea that she perhaps wanted him to be the one to please her. It would not come as a surprise from how she had been acting, but he was not sure if it was appropriate. The young girl did not know what she was getting herself into if she was indeed seeking him for a mate.

For, Lord Sesshomaru would not settle down just yet.

He would simply wait for the girl to make her own decisions. If the time arises where she would give herself to him, he would take it. But he would not make moves on her, he decided. It was best to allow her to come to him when she worked hard enough to be his bedmate.