My dearest diary, this will be the first and last entry I make. For love should never be forgot. Thou it hurts me much to tell you of the only true love that I have found and then lost.

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Donna Amalia, daughter for Don Diego. My father is brother to the King of Spain, but he wanted to live simple life on countryside. We live near the village Motril; our villa over looks the Mediterranean Sea. It certainly is a beautiful site.

Now where should my story begin? At my birth? Or should it begin when I met the love of my life? It wasn't long ago when I first met him. I was in my sixteenth year when I found myself walking along the shore lost in my thoughts. It was the only time I found peace, it was hard to otherwise in a household of nine. That's when I found him lying lifeless on the beach. I remember as I ran towards him my world went silent and all I could hear was the beating of my heart. I scoop him in my arm and checked if he was still breathing.

Within moments he opened his eyes and stared in my own. I remember those deep brown eyes, just like a glass window into a broken soul. That was it I was drawn into him. That was the beginning of our short summer together.

Every moment I could spare I was in his arms and her held me tight. We would sit on the beach and gaze up at the stars talking about our lives and our dreams. He wasn't a big dream, he was just glad he was alive.

After a month my father found out about this new boy in my life, at first he furious. Then after one to many lectures about virtue, he grew to respect the boy. My love also grew to love my family.

Every moment he could he would profess his love to me and I would love him back. In secret, one late summer night, I freely offered up my virtue as we made love all night long.

This became a habit, everyday we would spend time at the house with my family doing chorus here and there and at night we would sneak off and my love to each other.

The summer came to a close when my father approached my lover and pressed him about marriages, without my consent.

The very next day I woke up and he was nowhere to be found. I find out after, we made love long then we ever did before was my farewell present. And it wasn't until after I found out my father had spoken to him about taking me as his wife. I never did forgive my father for chasing him away.

It has been a year since my lover left my side and I find myself engaged to a the Crown Prince of France, since my uncle did not have any daughters and my sisters were already spoken for. Tomorrow first thing in the morning I will be sent from to my family in order to keep the peace between France and Spain, never to be happy again. Never again will I see the man I love and loath, Jack Sparrow.