Forged Lives




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The hours turned into days, days into weeks and the weeks became a month. Giles held three meetings in that time, announcing the reopening of the Complex under new management. The new management offered the club a free night of gaming over the Thanksgiving weekend. Giles took reservations; the first three he took were from the Triad.

On the Friday evening following Thanksgiving, Sarah was dressed for the evening of LARPing. Ryan and Anne picked her up on their way to the Complex. Karen had whispered a hope to Sarah that her 'friend' might be there. Sarah saw Giles waiting outside the complex for them. She waved happily at him. "Look, there's Giles now."

Anne and Sarah greeted the Archer with a friendly hug. Ryan slapped his arm to the other man's. They were standing there speaking as a roaring motor cycle came speeding up the lot. One of the other girls from the club said. "Will you look at that hunk?"

The rider of the cycle was in tight black leather. He pulled the screaming bike to a halt, removed his helmet and shook his wild hair loose. Mismatched eyes scanned the crowd. Spotting Sarah he leapt from the bike, and moved like a cat toward her. "Hello, Baby."

"Hello yourself, Fancy pants." She held a hand out to him. "I'm surprised you're here. I would have thought this too tame for you now that Robin is out of the way." She teased.

Jareth pulled her into his arms for a friendly hug. "I would have said the same of you."

Giles cleared his throat. "Sire, nice to have you join us."

"Jareth." Ryan offered him his arm.

Jareth smiled with teeth gleaming. "I'm glad you're all here. Your King has a quest for you."

Giles and Ryan snapped into character. "Aye, Sire?" they said in unison.

Jareth slid his hand to Sarah's waist, clearly not intending to let go of her. "We've a problem back in the Kingdom, and I could use my Paladin, my Archer and my Scribe's aid."

"What am I? Chopped liver?" Sarah quipped.

"You're the floor show." The King teased back, then looked at his aides. "So care to go a questing?" He held out his left fist in front of them. Sarah placed hers on first, then Anne, then Ryan and lastly Giles. "Good, let's go….oh and by the by, Ryan…you can ride a dragon…can't you?"

As they vanished, a young male voice yelped out. "A What?"

An older voice said quietly. "The world is doomed, utterly doomed."

Two girls giggled.


Chapter 1.

Jareth opened his arms wide and said, "Welcome to Lybrinthia, and the Goblin City, its capital."

It was not the first time Sarah had seen the Underground Kingdom. Nor she was sure would it be her last. She looked around, "The Goblin City." She turned to look at the impressive Castle.

Anne looked at all the strangely formed buildings. "Goblin City?" shaking her head, she held up a hand, "No, don't explain. Just tell me one thing. Why are there so many rocks all over the place."

Jareth crossed his arms. "That would be Sarah's doing." He did not even try to hide the sarcasm.

Anne looked at her friend. "Oh, really?"

Sarah was giggling, "I'm not the one who called out armed guards."

"You were trying to take the baby!" The smile was almost wicked.

"And I did, if you recall." Sarah pointed out.

Jareth laughed, "Yes, you did. And turned my world upside down in the process."

He turned to Ryan, "And I've the battle scars to prove it."

Giles shook his head. "Ahmeh… the quest?"

Mismatched eyes looked at the man with amusement. "Giles, you really gotta learn to lighten up." Jareth waved for them to follow and he led them all up the front steps of the castle. He pushed the double doors and they parted, opening for the group to enter. "Come on in, it's not much but it's home."

Ryan looked around and gasped. "Not much?"

Jareth did not bother looking back, but kept walking. "You should see my Father's palace! Makes this look like a summer house." He was practically prancing up the stairs. "First stop on our tour is my throne room, you all need to be aquatinted with it. Sarah has already seen it, although I don't suppose you had time to take a good look around. Now did you, baby?"

"Don't call me baby, and no I did not." Sarah answered.

Jareth led them into the great circular chamber that was the throne room of the Goblin King. "Home sweet home." He said proudly. "Excuse the mess my last housekeeper recently quit."

Anne looked at the mess and before she could stop herself asked. "How recently?"

"A century or two, why?" Jareth looked around. "Is it bad?"

Sarah and Anne both were looking around at the collective mess, and the bodies of sleeping and drunken Goblins. "It looks like a frat party." Anne said at last.

Jareth looked around; he had never noticed any problem before. "I guess we should hire a new housekeeping crew, I just never worried about it." He pointed to the draped throne in a prominent location in the room. "That's the seat of power for the Kingdom."

Giles was too busy looking at the construction of the room. "Did you build this place?"

"No the original builders built this castle over a thousand years ago. I've only been King for a little over five hundred or so years." Jareth said. "The older Goblin race was a bit more, let us say, industrious an the present race. You can still find a remnant or two. The castle was designed by the First Goblin King."

"It's magnificent, and so odd in its function." Giles said enamored with the structure.

"I'll see to it you get a copy of the original blue prints and the additions as well." Jareth promised. "We'll meet with the Goblins in here each day." He pointed to the stairs; "Next stop on the tour is a favorite of Sarah's, the Escher room." He moved toward the staircase off to one side in the circular room. "Everybody stay together, and don't go in just stand in the door. We will use the room later. I Just want you all to see it." Jareth moved to the side and let the four mortals stand in the archway. Sarah moved out of the archway to stand beside the king. "See, back together as if nothing happened." He whispered to Sarah.

"Like a jigsaw puzzle?"

He nodded. "Yet another of the Labyrinth's riddles and surprises, Sarah." He reached out and touched her face with a crooked finger. "Like you and I." He looked over at the three marveling at the room. "This way please." He motioned to the opposite corridor. "This leads to the King's wing of the palace and it is here you will be staying. My war room is there, and the library is just beyond it, it even has a connecting door." Jareth sounded like a kid, proudly showing off his fort. "We've a dining room, kitchens and scullery, and formal parlor on this level. Above," He pointed up. "Are the bed chambers." He looked around. "Any questions so far?"

"What is the quest?" Giles was becoming nervous.

"I'm getting there." Jareth promised. "Anne, would you care to inspect the library and scribes office?"

Anne nodded enthusiastically. "Oh you bettcha!"

Jareth opened the door of the palace library. "I'm afraid it's not very well organized anymore. I'll have a staff at your disposal for that."

Anne's mouth had dropped and was gapping open. The room was two stories high. Shelves and ladders abounding, heavy carved wooden table and ornate chairs littered the room. At the end of the room was a two story stained glass window that allowed enormous amounts of light to gaily dance in the room. The Scribes office was in an alcove, it looked as if it needed a good cleaning and a good sorting. "Wow." She looked around. "Will I be able to read all of these? I can read English, Latin and Faescript. What of the others?"

Jareth scratched his nose. "I upgraded your reading skills when we arrived. You can now read, and write all the languages that are represented here. It pays to have a scribe who has such skills."

"Thank you, Sire." Anne bowed toward him.

"War Room," Jareth pointed to an ornately carved door at the end of the room. "Notice, battle scenes… The First Goblin King liked to advertise his conquests." He placed a hand on the panels. "Here you see some of the first battles to secure the Kingdom. It was a wilderness when the Goblins settled here."

"Settled here, Sire?" Anne asked.

"Most of the Goblin races came from the realm of man." Jareth said softly. "In a time when magic was free in your world. As the age of man dawned, the magical races looked elsewhere to live. Here, in the Underground, there are five Kingdoms. But was are not the only Magical Realms, just the ones best known to your race."

He opened the door and they entered a room with maps and scrolls spread on a large table. "This is the War Room where battles were planed." Jareth moved toward the center of the room. "It is here you and I shall do most of our work, men."

"Do you have an army, Sire?" Giles asked, with a dark feeling that he knew the answer.

"Not the one I am going to need." Jareth admitted. "I've been too busy having fun. The Kingdom has never been desirable to any other Kingdom before."

Ryan held up a hand, "Look, Giles and I are good, but you can't plan a battle with just two men."

"That is why it will be up to you two to train my new army." Jareth said with a coaxing grin.

Sarah was looking about, impressed by the room and its contents. "And what about me?"

Jareth smiled, "I told you, you're the floor show." He teased, then said. "Your tower awaits you, my lady." He led her to yet another carved door. This one had suns, moons, and stars on its panels. He opened the door and held up his hand. "I'm afraid only Sarah and I can enter here." He addressed the others. "Look around and get a feel while I show Sarah her tower."

On the other side of the door was a large circular room with a massive spiral staircase snaking up the wall. Sarah looked at the stairs and groaned. Jareth took her hand. "We'll use the lift, it will be easier on you. Oh I could just snap my fingers and transport us, but you need to know how to use the lift when I'm not with you." He led the way to a wall. "Watch, this is very important for you to know." He placed a hand on a stone with a Fleur de Lys pattern cut into it. The stone pressed in and triggered a spring. The hidden panel door sprung open. "Think you can do that?" He closed the panel and motioned her to try. She placed her hand on the stone, as she had seen him done and pressed. The panel popped open. "Good, go in." He pulled the panel shut and showed her the levers "This one releases the panel from in here." He motioned to the windows that allowed light in the shaft that went straight up. "From the outside of the Castle they look decorative. Few know of this shaft, and we keep it that way. If the Castle were under attack, you'd be able to use the shaft to go from tower to tunnel."

He showed her another lever, "This one takes you up, the one over on the other side operates the counter weight and chain to go down to the tunnels. Right now, we will use the one to go up." He pulled the lever down and up the platform they were standing on rose. When it reached the farthest point the chain would allow, it stopped. Jareth pointed to a lever that matched the one below. "This will open the hidden panel of the tower room. Go ahead, you need to get a feel for it."

Sarah moved forward, and pulled the lever and the door opened as the one they had entered had. "That was easy." She said.

"Gets harder from here on out, baby." He warned.

"Don't call me baby." She complained.

Jareth motioned her to enter the wizard's tower room. Her eyes widened as she looked at the tools of the magical trade displayed neatly. "Why is this room so much more…organized than the others?"

Jareth looked slightly guilty. "Because it's more important than any of the others. Magic has to be organized to work right, my dear Sarah." He moved toward some of the star charts on the one wall. "Magic has rules, you know that."

"You used this room." She said.

"I was the only major magic user in the palace, until now." He looked at her; his eyes were full of mischief. "You and I are the only ones in the entire palace who can enter this room without consequence."

"Consequence?" She knew he was more serious than he had ever been with her.

He nodded. "The entire tower is magically charged. WE, you and I need the energies; it feeds the magic within us. Ryan, Anne and Giles are recipients of magic; they don't use it themselves. The energies here would over power them and render them…" he paused.

"Helpless?" she asked.

"Insane." He finished. "Only you and I can safely work here. It will be our…secret…you must not reveal that or the workings of this room to anyone. Do you understand, my dear?"

Sarah nodded. "Magic carries a heavy price."

"Yes, it does." Mismatched eyes watched her carefully. "The heaviest of prices, it's a responsibility few understand." He moved to a cabinet and opened it. "Here are books and scrolls of Herb lore, and also a volume on gem lore. Read them at your leisured. There's a spell book, and a book of potions." He pointed to table. "Tools, learn their uses. By the way, have you ever used a wand?"

"No." She said quietly.

Jareth snapped his fingers and she looked at him. "Do as I do." He drew a crystal from the air. "Try." He encouraged her.

Sarah raised her hand, a dreamy look came over her, the crystal appeared, but instead of clear, it was slightly green in tint. "I did it." She was amazed. "But it's the wrong color."

"It's not wrong. It's yours." Jareth corrected. "Sarah, there's going to be a great deal I'm going to have to teach you. Crystal work, is just the beginning."

Sarah tossed the crystal in the air as she had seen him do and it vanished. "Piece of cake." She said, sounding as if she actually believed it. Sarah looked at the King, "Thank you for the tower tour."

"Anytime, baby." As she began to protest he placed gloved fingers over her lips and silenced her. "Now, let us see how well you remember how to get back down." He snapped his fingers and vanished.

"That's arrogant!" She looked at the wall, found the carved stone and pressed. Entering the lift room, she pulled the lever and down the platform traveled. Exiting the shaft room, she found Jareth waiting for her sitting on the staircase.

"Not bad." He stood up and offered her his arm. "I say we join the others and I'll explain the situation. For now, keep your new powers under wraps until we have a chance to hone your skills."

Sarah placed her hand on his arm. "Why does that sound dirty?"

Jareth smiled, "Pervert."