Chapter 34.

Anne had walked Sarah back to her rooms, and had sat on her bed while the other cried herself out. Meep sniffed and lay on the end of the bed rolled up in a ball. The nightingale perched on the headboard, no moving or singing. When Sarah exhausted herself and went to sleep, Anne stayed.

Night fell and the songs of lament were still sounding. Tári sent Lady Anne down to diner with her Paladin and the others who had gathered in the dining hall. She brought a bowl of broth and forced Sarah to take nourishment. She did not make the girl speak, understanding there were no words. Meep lay motionless on the bed, staring. Sarah crawled down to where the Pixie lay and gathered him close.

The rest of the inhabitants of the castle had gone to their beds. Sarah left Meep, who finally was asleep, lay on her bed. She wandered out to the balcony, and looked up at the starry sky. She went to her knees. "God, what ever you are…thank you for letting Quinn get there in time…thank you for saving Jareth." She swallowed, then whispered. "Thank you Quinn."


The druid walked among the lamenting beings at the Scrying Pool. Xia, who looked shattered. Cairbre who was writing down all that Solea had seen. Solea was retelling the tale.

Morea was curled up by the pool's edge, her foliage not looked more like winter. Caladon spoke to her. "Dryad, come with me."

The woman rose and walked as one in a dream.

"All that has taken place was written." He said to her. "Go now, you are excused."

Morea nodded. "I understand."

The Druid held out his hand. "There is no one person to blame, Dryad. Do not shoulder more than is yours."

The Dryad pulled herself together. "Goodbye, Druid."

One by one, the ones who had come to watch departed. The Druid looked at the Asian Fae Queen. "Lady Xia…."

She held up her hand, "I know…it does not lessen the pain. We understand there was only to be one…never two…but there were two for so long…"

Caladon placed his hands over hers. "Be at peace, the gift you sent the Lady Sarah remains with her."

"No…" Xia sighed. "The gift remains in Labyrinthia…Lady Sarah…does not…not yet." Xia motioned her consort to her side. "We take our leave…you have your Bard. We are not needed…not now…"

The Druid watched as they all left, soon it was just the Bard and his Sprite and the old Druid. Just as it was meant to be.


Sarah rose before the sun, showered and dressed. Passing the King's door she knew he was still deep in sleep and would be for some time. He had looked like death when she had held him. It was not something she wanted to see again.

Sarah joined the others in the State Dining hall. She took her seat looking at the empty seats to either side of her. Oberon entered and took the seat belonging to Jareth; his wife took the seat that should have been Quinn's. The High King held out a hand to the girl. Anne and Ryan both kept silent watch.

"I shall stay on until the King is up to his duties." Oberon announced.

"How long does the healer think that will be?" Giles asked quietly.

"A few days, perhaps." Oberon stated. "The healer said my son…"He paused; his voice broke on the word. "Healer says he will sleep at least two days."

"And on the third day he rose." Mused Sarah.

"Jareth is not a god, child." Oberon's voice to Sarah was gentler than to any other.

"No," she agreed. "He's not."


Oberon sat upon the throne, listening to the supplication of a subject. His wife sat in a smaller throne that had been placed beside the great throne of the King. The High Queen noticed the girl wandering in. She pointed to her and the High King paused in his judgement. All the subjects bowed to Sarah as she came in.

"I'm sorry…I didn't know you were still in here." She said.

"Come in child." Oberon directed. "Come sit with us."

Sarah moved to the stairs and sat where Jareth often had her sit. She listened to Oberon meet justice out. When the last subject had been dealt with, she looked up at the High King. "I see where Jareth gets it from. That sense of …the patron…"

Oberon nodded. "It's inbreed."

Sarah pursed her mouth. "What's going to happen…Elise."

Oberon reached down to stroke Sarah's hair. "She has been sent to a place where she can do no harm."

"I hope you have good guards on her!" Sarah sighed. "I can't understand her…venom toward Jareth or Quinn."

The High King looked to his wife. The High Queen shrugged. "It's a matter of not understanding that the High King is…the High King. She never understood why she was passed over for a kingdom."

"Long before the boys…were born…I knew Elise was not able to command a Kingdom. I have other daughters who do just fine…not Elise." He shuddered. "Her son is not much better…I understand you've met the grandson."

"My condolences." Sarah said to Oberon. "You're gene pool needs cleaning."

The High Queen snickered. "I like this one! She has spunk!"

"Hush you." Oberon said playfully to his wife. "Yes, Sarah…from time to time…we need fresh blood."

Tatiana called out. "Healer, come join us. I'm sure the Lady Sarah would like an update on the King."

The healer entered and bowed to all, then turned to the Lady Sarah. "He sleeps, and is gaining strength. He will make a complete recovery. He was fortunate not to be stabbed by the spikes."

"And the…." Sarah hated the word. "The merge?"

"We must wait to see what is there." The healer bowed and departed.

Sarah looked up at the High King. "Ok, pops! Explain…"

"Pops?" He mused. "Pops…" Wise eyes looked down at the concerned young woman. "Merging…" He began to explain the ins and outs to her.

Sarah listened and digested. "So because they were apart for so long there's two people in that one body?"

"More or less." Oberon sighed.

"Oy mama!" Sarah moaned.

"My thoughts precisely." The High Queen nodded.

"So who is the dominant personality?" Sarah asked.

Oberon sighed. "That is anyone's guess."

Sarah stood up. Her face went scarlet. "Oh God."

The High King watched as the girl escaped to the garden. "Now what was that about?"

Leaning over the High Queen informed the High King of the demands made by Quinn to rescue Jareth. Oberon snickered, then chuckled, then laughed.

"It's not that funny!" Tatiana admonished.


Two days later, Jareth was speaking to Giles alone in the war room. He was finalizing the travel plans for the Champions to return home. "I trust you to do this Giles, to protect my Mystic as you travel."

Giles bowed. "I shall see them back to the coordinates, Sire. Then go to my apartment and arrange for my return here to the Kingdom."

"The portal shall be in place by the time you arrive there. I've told you how to open it. Have the Goblins clear the place wipe it clean. I shall await your return." Jareth was more somber than he had been before the merge. He seemed older somehow.

"Sire…is there anything I can…do?" Giles asked.

Jareth looked up, "No thank you, Giles." He leaned back in the high backed chair. "Send Anne and Ryan in and close the door."

The meeting with the Paladin and his lady had been behind closed doors. Not even Giles was privy to the discussion. When it was over, Anne came out with tears in her eyes. Ryan was somber and quiet.

Sarah tapped at the door, and looked in. "May I enter, Sire?"

Jareth looked up, "Of course, Sarah." He waved her in. "You'll be leaving for home in a just a little bit."

"I was wondering…What happens to Tarsi now?" She took a seat at the war table and looked at the man.

"It reverts to a province of the Kingdom, as it was before my father gave it to Quinn." Jareth said. "I should like to make Giles the governor… but alas…"

"You can't." Sarah stated. "The Lord of Tarsi must be a Fae…to stand in for the King if he can not answer a summons. Yes, I know…Quinn told me."

Jareth felt the slow smile come to his lips. 'She heard me.' The voice said in his head. "It's nice that you heard."

"Yes, well." She shrugged. "What about Klaws? He'd make a good Governor."

"A very good suggestion, Sarah." He wrote it down, then he stood up. "I want to thank you again for all you did for the Kingdom."

Sarah stood. "You're welcome." She smiled, and waited.

"I guess it's about time, Giles will be waiting…and we can't keep the portal open." Jareth moved to wave her to the door.

"That's it? She asked her eyes narrowing.

"Should there be more?" Jareth asked.

"You mentioned something about wanting to have a talk." Sarah gave him the opening.

"It will keep until our next meeting I think." Jareth said looking as if he had a million thoughts flooding his mind.

Sarah took a step toward him. "Oh really?"

Jareth backed up. "Yes…you've been though so much…and…"

"Oh I see…" She took another step. "So you're just going to let me go home…is that it?"

"Yes…" his voice was tentative and he backed up a bit farther.

"How generous." She mocked, as she backed him against a wall. Gripping his shirt, she growled. "Guess it's up to me to take this bull by the horns." She pulled him down and kissed him with all the force she could.

Jareth gasped and felt her take control. He moaned and a voice screamed, 'move over! Let me though.' Jareth was panting when she released him.

Sarah licked her lips. "Consider yourself marked!" she calmly turned and sashayed out of the office. She gave Giles the signal to open the portal and send Anne and Ryan though.

Jareth staggered to the door, "Sarah!" She turned just before stepping in to the portal. "Which one of us did you kiss?"

Sarah smiled. "You're smart boys…you figure it out." She saluted and jumped into the portal.

Giles stepped though and it was gone.

'It was me.' Quinn said huskily.

"In your dreams!" Jareth closed his eyes. He was marked; he could feel her although she was now in her own world.


Solea looked at the fountain in the garden. "I guess it's time for me to go."

Cairbre slid arms around her, pulling her back into his embrace. "Leave me never, sweet lady. Come and be my bond mate."

Tears of joy spilled, "I thought you'd never ask."


Sarah sat on her bed a week later, writing in her journal as she babysat Toby. Meep sat on the end of her bed. He rarely left her side. "Sarah…can I ask you something?"

Sarah lay across the bed and looked at her personal Pixie. "Shoot."

Meep looked at the room and at the blond haired little boy asleep with his head in Meep's lap. "Which one did you kiss?"

Sarah touched the little face. "Think about it, who do you think I kissed?"

Meep did the math then giggled. "You killed to Fae with one Kiss!"

Sarah put Toby in the crib now in her room. She turned off the light and whispered. "Good night Meep."

"Good night Sarah."