My Happily Ever After

Pairing: CloudxReno, some RenoxCloud

Rating: M for lemon, swearing, gore, and intense situation. BEWARE: this is an mpreg.

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII

Chapter One: Initium

I don't understand. I mean, Cloud is like, y'know, the sworn enemies of the Turk. But it was that day when Hojo was gonna fuck up the crater with the Junon laser cannon, that something messed up happened. Cloud refused to fight us, and I let him get Hojo.

Everything started that day. I couldn't get him out of my damn mind, but, of course, I tried to deny it. After all, he was way out of my league and in so many ways. I couldn't think of a reason for him to even give me, his enemy, a second look. There was only one moment when their eyes had contact and who was I to deny those beautiful blues. He looked so weary yet determined and I felt something tighten in my chest. I couldn't fight him when he looked at me like that, and so I stepped back and let him past.

After the Meteor incident, I kept in touch with Cloud and the rest of the gang, but Rufus and us Turk were still a little sore about Cloud having mercy on us. It's not like I wanted to lust after Cloud, but when has my body ever listened? I couldn't tell you.

Then Sephiroth came back. Like, shit, can't he stay dead? Actually seeing Cloud again caused my flame of desire to ignite, and finally, on the New Year's after Sephiroth's second defeat, I couldn't deny my desire any more and I was kind of pleased when I found out that neither could he.

Behind Tifa's bar, me an' Cloud shared the New Year's kiss and the next morning found us exhausted in one another's arms under the covers at a cheap hotel. For the next year, Cloud fucked me anytime I came over and I fucked him any time he came over. Damn, I don't think we're in a relationship or anything, but looking back on the last year, I can honestly say that I've been happy.

"Mmm, whatcha thinking, Reno?" Cloud asked as he nuzzled at my side.

I took a slow drag from my cigarette and ran my fingers through his soft, sweat-soaked hair. I kept my eyes on the t.v. as the countdown to the new year began.


"I was just thinkin' that this is our one-year anniversary, of sorts."


Cloud's clear blue eyes looked up into mine, but I continued to stare at the television.

"This year's gone by fast hasn't it?" he whispered.

I took another slow drag.



Cloud sat up and wrapped an arm around my waist. With hi other hand he pulled a bag from the floor and set it on my lap.


I looked down.

"For me?"


"For us."

I opened the bag and I saw two ear piercing guns and a black velvet box. I opened the box and there were to fucking gorgeous ruby earrings. My mouth dropped and Cloud just smiled.


He took the earrings and set one in each piercing gun.

"I know that this may be a little cheesy, but I hope you like it."

I took one of the guns and smiled like a girl reeiving candy on Valentine's Day.

"Thanks kitten."


Cloud placed the gun just past the curve of my left ear and I placed the gun on the same spot on his right ear.


"Love ya," I whispered.





Click! We pulled the trigger at the same time and then dropped the piercing guns for a hot, passionate kiss.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" blared the t.v., and the thunder of fireworks resonated through my little apartment. Cloud pulled away from the kiss briefly.

"Happy New Year, babe."

"Yeah, you too," I replied. "Now shall we celebrate with a good hard fuck?"

"You know it."

Spending the first morning of the New Year making mad love to your lover is, like, the greatest thing ever. Feeling his body up against your own, tasting his flesh, screaming his name, what could possibly be better than that? Especially when it was Cloud Strife in your arms, when it was his flesh shoving into your body, and his lips pressing against your own. Boy was I fucking lucky.

At six in the morning I was awaken abruptly by a tickling sensation in the back of my head. Something just didn't seem right. Opening my eyes slowly, my ears focused on any and every sound in the apartment. The flutter of a dish towel put to dry in the kitchen caught my attention. I had put that towel by the front door which could only mean that someone was in the house. The soft sound of a step on my cheap carpet confirmed it. Almost immediately after, I could feel someone was standing at the doorway to my bedroom staring at my nude back.

I looked up at Cloud who had his arms wrapped around me, and I could tell he was awake. He squeezed me briefly letting me know that he also knew about the intruder. Pressing my fingers against his back, softly, I prayed that he would be able to read my damn mind.

Before that fucker knew what was happening, Cloud had thrown me effortlessly into our would-be attacker while he reached for his Apocalypse. In the air I was able to contemplate in surprised that the attacker was wearing Rhino full-body armor. That stuff could probably protect you from a Mako cannon blast, but it weighed like a friggin' ton. To tell ya the truth, I probably hurt myself worse tackling him that I hurt him.

Thankfully, I managed to take the attacker to the ground, but he kneed me in the side easily breaking a few ribs. I scooted away from him before he cold get up and that was plenty of time for Cloud to pick up where I left off. He furiously attacked that sorry ass until the man was begging him to stop. The Rhino armor had a large crack in the front amidst many gashes and scratches. I grabbed my nightstick and shoved it against the guy's crotch. He was gonna give me some answers.

"Listen up, yo. You either let us know what we fucking want to know, or you can kiss your balls good-bye."

Cloud looked at me disapprovingly, but hey, I had the rep for being a kneecap breaker for a reason.

"Please," the guy gasped, "don't hurt me—ugh."

Before I could do anything, the guy began convulsing and blood began to spill from his helmet.

"Shit! Reno, what did you do!"

Cloud shoved me away from the guy and after a moment ripped the helmet off. Like it was fucking aluminum or something.

The guy was bleeding from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Although his body was still convulsing, he was dead.

"What the fuck, Reno!"

"I didn't do anything, yo! See?"

I threw my nightstick, which was still turned off, at him. He glanced at my nightstick before glancing back at the corpse.

"Then what the hell happened?"

I got up gingerly while examining the bruising skin on my side.

"I dunno. Whatever, just dump the body will ya?"

Cloud looked up at me disgustedly. I just shrugged.

"I hate cleaning up," was all I said.

I went to the kitchen and after rummaging through some crap for a minute, I found what I needed to make coffee. While the coffee was brewing, I walked past Cloud, who was still examining the body, and headed straight for the shower.

"It is too fucking early in the morning for this," I mumbled to myself.

After a quick cold shower I decided that I needed a few more hours of sleep before I did anything else. Besides it took at least an hour for my crappy coffee machine to heat the coffee to a drinkable temperature. I crawled into my bed nude and noticed that Cloud was gone, the body was gone, and the mess was cleaned. Laying on my uninjured side, I ran my finger over my new earring wondering if Cloud was coming back today.

A few weeks later…

"So your boy-toy hasn't been coming back, hmm?" Rude asked over the rim of his beer-filled glass.

"No," I whined, "I mean, what the fuck, yo? We were havin' a great start to the new year, then that bastard showed up an' ruined everything."

I had already told Rude about the attack and since Rude already knew about me and Cloud I could bitch about everything to him.

"Why don't you go visit him?"

I finished my can of cheap beer and shook my head.

"I don't wanna go begging him to come back."

Rude cracked his neck but he remained silent. He could tell that I missed Cloud. He was just waiting for me to admit it. I tried to hold out for as long as I could and my eyes rested on the television across the room. There was some news about a bunch of people who had gone missing after looking under some old Shinra building. Great, Rufus was going to be dealing with more shit than he needed to. Looking back, Rude was still sitting there staring at me and I rolled my eyes.

"All right, all right, I'll go see him," I grumbled.

I hit my head against the bar table and let out a heavy sigh.

"Rude, I think I'm in fucking love. But I can't stand that mental bastard."

He just snickered. That damn bastard could still look all cool and hide emotions while I was an utter mess.

"Leave it to you, Reno, to add a profanity in the same sentence as 'love'."

"Fuck off."

"Well, we're still on lunch break, so go get him, tiger."

I flipped Rude off, but I still got up and headed toward 7th Heaven. I needed to see Cloud.

As I approached 7th Heaven, I saw Denzel and Marlene playing with some other orphans in the front.

"Tifa!" called Marlene with a giggle. "A Turkey's here!"

"What the fuck, yo? A turkey?"

Tifa walked out of the bar with a purse over her shoulder and a small frown on her face.

"Don't curse in front of the children, Reno."

"She called me a fuc-, a turkey!"

A grin spread across her face.

"That's the kids' nickname for you Turk. Cute isn't it?"

"Hmph, cute my ass," I grumbled, but a grin spread across my face.

"What brings you here, Reno? It's only lunch time, so you can't be here for a drink."

"For your information, some bars are open during the lunch hour, but that's not why I'm here. Is Strife here? I got a delivery for him. Oh, and I wouldn't mind a drink either."

She shook her head.

"Cloud's cleaning up the bar, but I warn you, he's being kind of moody. He's been depressed for a few weeks, so try not to aggravate him."

I just shrugged.

"I'll be careful."

I walked into the bar casually. Go figure that he would be depressed; he couldn't survive a few weeks without hot sweaty mansex. I found myself wondering if anti-depressant pills or bi-polar pills would help his mood swings. The truth was that he was a lot more fun when he wasn't depressed.

When I walked into the bar, I saw him cleaning tables and had to grin. Cloud made cleaning sexy, now if only he were wearing a French maid outfit…

"Haven't heard from you in a while, kitten," I drawled.

Cloud froze and let out a heavy sigh.

"What are you doing here, Reno?"

"I feel the fucking love, bastard."

He pinned me with an icy glare.

"Reno, if you're not here for a valid reason, I'm going to kick your ass out of here."

"Oh, really?"

I sauntered over to Cloud and made him face me. I lazily dragged my tongue across his pouty pink lips, as I rested one hand on the small of his back and the other hand on the back of his neck.

"Don't be depressed, kitten. Let my hot, tight ass make you feel better."

Cloud grunted and I could easily feel his arousal. I smirked as I tossed my bright red pony tail over my shoulder. Cloud loved it when I talked dirty pretty much because he was too embarrassed to do it himself. As the saying goes, I had him wrapped around my cock. Maybe I did revise the saying a little, it still works.

"Why do you make me so hot, babe?" Cloud asked huskily.

It was always a good sign when Cloud's voice became all sexy like that.

"Must be the same reason you make me all horny."

Cloud attacked my lips with need and I vaguely wondered why he didn't come visit me for the past few weeks. But that thought died in my brain as he pressed me against a wall grinding his arousal against my own. I moaned loudly into his mouth while my fingers quickly removed Cloud's shirt. Cloud tugged off my hair tie before ravaging my neck.

About this time I decided that I was gonna have Cloud fuck me right here, and right now. I wrapped my legs around his waist and whispered hotly into his ear.

"C'mon kitten, fuck me like your little bitch."

Cloud grunted in disapproval, but I quickly changed his mind by rubbing up against his painful erection.

"Damn, Reno," he groaned.

Hauling me effortlessly to the table he had just cleaned, he did quick work of removing my pants and gave my dick a rough tug.

"Don't worry, it'll just be a quickie," I reassured him after my soft moan.

"Of course. Tifa went out to buy groceries, but I don't want to take the chance of her walking in."

"We won't last long, don't worry!"

"Did you bring lube?" Cloud asked as I undid his pants.

"Nope." I had a huge grin spread across my face. "No prep today!"

I thought I heard him mumble something along the lines of masochist, but I knew he didn't mind. I actually think that no prep sex is his favorite. Something about having sex without any lubricant or preparation made it feel so much more real, pure raw passion.

Seductively, I leaned back and spread my legs for him. He smiled like a fucking angel and entwined our fingers.

"Fuck me," I whispered.

That was all he needed before he pounded into my ass. I let a scream tear from my throat as the pain seared through my body.

"Sorry, babe," Cloud wheezed, "sorry, but I need you so bad."

I felt some tears spill from my eyes, but I didn't want him to stop. I needed my ass to be pounded.

"Don't stop, don't stop," I chanted. "I'm not a fucking girl!"

I wrapped my free hand around my needy cock and pumped it in time with Cloud's thrusts. Our moment was coming too soon, but that was expected.

"C-cloud, I'm c-coming soon!" I gasped.

His reply was to thrust into me as far as he could and release his hot seed. Seeing the look of ecstasy on Cloud's face was all it took to make me come and come hard. I howled like a bitch in heat and Cloud kissed me passionately to shut me up. As the waves of pleasure washed over us I was happy that he held me close.

Breathless, I sucked on his tongue lovingly and he practically purred as he ran his beautiful fingers through my messy hair. I wished that time would just stop and would let me kiss Cloud like this for eternity. However, did I ever get anything that I wanted?

A loud thud broke the moment; Cloud whipped his head around and I just stared. Two things were very wrong. First, Denzel was standing there with his mouth hangin' open looking like he was in shock. Second, Tifa was standing there (she'd dropped her purse) with her mouth hangin' open looking like she was gonna kick our asses.

"Cloud!" she screeched, before she grabbed Denzel turning him away from us and into her oversized boobs.

Cloud jerked out of me roughly causing fresh blood and semen to seep from my ass. I just winced and prepared to make my escape.

"Get out!" Tifa yelled while tears formed in her eyes.

"Tifa," Cloud whispered dejectedly after successfully stuffing his penis back in his pants.


Ignoring the pain in my ass, I jumped off the table, grabbed my pants, and ran for the back door. I never wanted to be near a pissed off Tifa; she was one of the few people who could probably hand me my ass in a fight and her protecting her child from my perverseness would be like asking her to make a Reno-cabob. Once outside, I put my pants on and made a run for my apartment. I couldn't go to work now, or Rufus would have a reason to think that I did have a period.

Getting to my apartment, I limped up the flight of stairs and cursed as the door refused to budge open. It took a few shoulder shoves before it groan in defeat. One firm kick finally got the damn thing open. Now, I needed a good long bath or I wouldn't be able to walk for a week. Damn Cloud and his monster cock. As soon as I laid into my steamy bathtub I dialed Rude up.

"I need a favor, yo."

"Do you need me to put you back together?"

"Aw, shut it. Actually, I need to take the rest of the day off."

"That rough?"

"You know it. That and we had an audience."


"Denzel and Tifa."

I smiled as I recalled the look on Tifa's face. Now that I'm a safe distance from her, I can laugh about it.

"Don't worry, she chased me out the best possible way."

I could hear Rude shakin' his head.

"Anyways, just tell them I ain't coming in today, o.k.?"

"All right."

"Thanks partner."

I tossed my cell phone onto my dirty clothes and just leaned back in the tub. I lazily grabbed my spongy and began scrubbing at the dried blood and semen on my legs.

'Damn Tifa,' I mentally grumbled.

Me and Cloud were having a moment and she totally ruined it. Come to think of it, I never did ask why that bastard hasn't been visiting. I'll just ask him tomorrow. I couldn't help but giggle to myself. I doubt Tifa will ever let me near her bar ever again so I'll have to call him. I wondered if Tifa finished spanking Cloud yet; I guarantee that somehow this entire incident will end up being my fault. My little kitten was gonna be the fucking innocent one, as usual. Oh well, I could handle that.

Suddenly my mind went on full alert and my body tensed. My instincts were telling me that something was wrong and I always listened to my instincts. I mean, how else did I stay alive for so fucking long? I drained the tub quickly, and once that was done, I turned the shower on and closed the curtain. Next, I snapped the head off my toothbrush and soaked my towel and wrung it out. Once the preparations were complete, I stood behind the door and waited. Thankfully, I wasn't disappointed.

The door opened silently and a man with a Lite Rhino full-body came in. Although Lite Rhino isn't as strong as Rhino, it weighs a whole lot less making it far more effective. I noticed that he had a Wutiese long knife strapped to his calf and was carrying a semi-automatic rifle. This guy was fuckin' serious. Well, soon he would be fuckin' dead.

Using the wet towel like a whip, I wrapped it around the unsuspecting assassin's leg, and with a quick tug and the assassin fell with a cry. I jumped on him and before he could react, and stabbed his jugular with the broken end of the toothbrush. The warm blood sprayed across my nude body as the guy died almost instantly.

A sharp pain ripped through my arm and I looked up to see another guy. His rifle was pointed right at my head. Instincts ran my body and I dived for the door putting an obstacle between me and my assassin. I knew that the door wasn't going to stop the bleeding in my arm. Some toilet paper and athletic tape I had stored in my cabinet took the place of bandage, at least for the moment.

When I heard the door open, I ducked under my sink in the hope that it would give me just a little more time. I heard the guy cursing as the mist fogged his goggles so I took that opportunity. I jumped up and once again used my handy-dandy towel. Quickly wrapping it around his head, I jerked it hard, easily snapping his neck.

I felt a hard blow to the back of my head and my vision began to blur. I slipped on the wet linoleum and fell to another guy's feet. I felt consciousness slipping away and briefly fear flared inside. I could really die. The guy took his Wutiese knife and pressed it against my throat.

"Time to die, faggot," the guy whispered.

Something clicked in my mind. What if they were attacking Cloud right now? Was he o.k.? How did this piece of shit know about us? Rage pumped through my body and I delivered a strong kick to the guy's kidney sending him sprawling. Diving on the floor, I grabbed my jagged toothbrush and shoved it in the fool's calf with as much prejudice as I could. He kicked me in the chin sending me backward a few feet. He went for his gun, which he dropped when I kicked him, and I went for Rude's shaving cream.

The assassin spun around to load me up with bullets but I was ready. I sprayed Rude's Icy Cool shaving cream on his goggles and jumped behind the guy so he didn't get a clean shot. The guy ripped his mask off to see where I was, which was exactly what I wanted. I had his Wuteise knife in hand so when he turned around, one quick stab and it was over. I plunged the knife hilt deep into that mother fucker's eye.

"Die, bitch."

A twist of the blade made sure he was dead. The warm blood sprayed across my face and he went down convulsing violently. With a sneer, I watched his dead body twitch until even all the nerves died. Another few kicks and I felt a little better.

As the adrenaline ebbed away I began to feel the pain. A broken foot, bullet in the shoulder, cracked jaw, sore butt, etc. I limped to my pile of clothes before collapsing. Carefully, grabbing my phone, I speed dialed Rude and prayed he would pick up quickly or I would be unconscious.

"You again? Did you want me to bring you dinner too?"

"One more favor, big guy," I whispered. "Check on Cloud."

Before Rude could reply I hung up and finally succumbed to the call of sleep.