My Happily Ever After: Epilogue

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I hope that you all ate great food and had a fun time. Before you read this, I want to remind you all that I made some changes to all the other chapters. First, I went through and corrected a bunch more grammar and spelling mistakes. Second, I tried to fit the plot more in canon with the Dirge of Cerberus plot line. Thankfully, doing that didn't really change anything that major. Thirdly, I went back and fixed a few mistakes I made with the characters, specifically Rufus and Vincent. I really wanted to keep it the way I had it, but it seemed a little out of character. So, I went back through all their scenes and made them a little more bitchy (lol) and I also tried to add a little of Vincent's issues about caring for Rufus because of the fact that he was still in love with Lucrecia. Once again, nothing major, but it does set an entirely new mood to their conversations. I carried a little of that over here, but since this takes place years later, those two have gotten a little better at liking one another. Also, they are still not an official item, but Vincent will come and visit the kids often while Rufus has the official custody. Also, the triplets ARE toddlers, even if they sometimes don't act like it. XD On another note, it was impossible to write this without making a few other couples, so don't kill me if you aren't a fan of who I hooked up. I tried to take a non-traditional route on that, so enjoy the surprises! Oh, and there is SMUT in the this chapter, a little fanservice for all of you. Finally, there is a nice little teaser at the end of this chapter that takes place several years later. Please enjoy!

"Wahhhh! Mama, Revelation kicked me!"

"He pinched me first!"

"Shut the hell up!" I chided as I focused on getting pajamas on the child in front of me.

Her large blue eyes peeked from the collar as she quietly let me dress her. A large crashing sound came from the back of the room, making my eye twitch in annoyance, but the little girl didn't even flinch.

"Rrawwhhh!" came the battle cry of one of two idiot boys.

"Hold on sweetie," I informed my daughter as I turned to deal with the others.

"It's fucking bedtime, you two!"

I jumped over the bed easily and tackled the two toddlers. They both squealed as they tried to wrestle out of my grip.

"I'm not tired, though," Teioh whined as he put his foot on my chin.

"Me either," Revelation added as he tried tickling my ribs.

Heaving them up effortlessly into the air, I kept their attacks at bay for the moment.

"C'mon yo, this is the fourth lamp you kids have broken. I'm not gonna keep replacin' them, ya know."

Both boys went still and looked down.

"We're sorry," they both replied at the same time.

I sighed and tossed them both on the soft large bed that they shared. They giggled as they bounced back up before settling on the covers.

"Tch, ya think I'm made of money or somthin'," I complained as I went back to Ana who was still standing where she had been left.

My eyes softened as I finished getting her dressed. She hadn't really spoken much, but that was to be expected considering the major mental damage she had. The fact that she could walk a little and stand was a huge improvement and it gave me hope. Ana would never be "normal" but she at least wasn't dead or a human vegetable. Even when it came for my time to die, it was at least fairly simple for her brothers to care for her and who knew? Maybe she would be a little independent in thirty years or so. It was impossible for her to ever be completely free from the confines of her family, but at least she wasn't ever going to be a helpless dying invalid.

Once the small girl was completely dressed in the soft material that she loved so much, I swept her off her feet and carried her to the bed where Revelation and Teioh were wrestling again. She was too scared to sleep by herself and would cry if she wasn't near her troublesome brothers.

"Hey you two, settle down."

Seeing their sister, the two quit beating the snot out of each other and calmed down. Teioh went fishing for Ana's favorite moogle doll and Revelation pulled back the covers so that she could crawl under them. A happy sigh passed my thin lips as I watched to two boys tend to their sister, treating her like the princess that she was. Although I would never tell anyone, I thought that she loved being pampered that way by them. Her blank eyes would light up a little every time one of her brothers treated her with a new toy or played games with her.

Revelation's unreal eyes looked up slowly, his silver bangs slightly obstructing their view.

"Can we have a story tonight?" he asked softly as he got under the covers next to Ana.

"Yeah! A story!" Teioh jumped in looking up with expectant eyes.

Ana just smothered her stitched moogle some more.

"Eh, well, it's kinda late…"

"Awwww!" came the resounding reply.

Scratching the flesh beneath my bright red tattoo, I sighed and sat on the edge of the kids' bed. Sensing their victory, the children leaned back on their pillows and stared intently at me as my brain struggled to come up with a bedtime story for them. I had already told them all the kid-friendly stories about my Turk missions, about Cloud saving the PLANET, about Vincent saving the PLANET, and a bunch of other stuff that never happened.

"Well, uh, once upon a time," I began as usual.

"You always say that," Revelation interjected.

Shaking my head, I marveled at the kid's intelligence and impatience.

"Fine, at a certain point in time many many years ago…"

"That's better."

"Shut up and let me tell the damn story."

The child smiled and snuggled under the blankets as I continued to tell the story.

"At a certain point in time many many years ago, there was a…a man." Nodding to myself, I continued to fabricate a pathetic story. "He was a spoiled rotten brat who was the heir to an entire kingdom, and he was raised receiving everything that he had ever wanted. Diamonds as big as chocobo eggs decorated his gold room and he slept on pillows made of soft moogle skins."

Ana grunted unhappily as she squeezed her stuffed animal and I adjusted my story.

"On pillows of soft processed cotton." Seeing Ana smile in approval, I continued. "So this royal brat went out walking one day and he ended up getting lost in the poor side of town."

"Ooohhh," the two boys added as the sound effects.

"Looking around in fear at the big scruffy men, Ruf-, I mean, the spoiled prince, began to cry like a little girl." The two boys snickered making me smile proudly. "So, as he was crying, a gang leader showed up. He was tall, muscular, and extremely good looking. His hair was like a roaring flame and his dazzling smile could have made a blind man squint."

"Was his head on fire?" Teioh asked a little confused by the simile.

"Uh, sure, yeah."

"Oh, cool."

"Anyway, so he came up to the brat prince and asked him, 'What are you doing on my turf, little boy?' The prince looked up with his large teary eyes and fainted."

I continued to spin my not-entirely-true-or-false story until all three of the children slipped into the happy world of childhood dreams. As usual, Revelation was the last one to fall asleep, his determined eyes blinking back sleep until a little help from my mastered Sleep finally put him down into the warm embrace of dreams. Getting up from the edge of the bed, I went around and kissed each child on the forehead.

After making sure that feet were tucked in, thumbs were planted in their respective mouths, and moogles were being squeezed by the right kid, I smiled and proceeded to clean up the broken lamp. It didn't take long to clean up the modest little room, but it always gave me something to do before retiring to my own room. The soft sound of the three children breathing always calmed me down and soothed my nerves.

Once I was finished with tidying up the room, I plugged in the night light and shut off the other light. As usual, I left the door only cracked open so that the kids didn't have to fight with the door handle if they needed a bathroom break. Looking down the empty hall, I couldn't help but sigh to myself. Trying to fight off sleep for a little bit longer, I went through all the spare bedrooms, making sure that they were clean and organized. Anyone who thought that I was a messy slob would have been right a few years ago, but after having kids, I got used to it. After the upstairs rooms were finished, minus my own bedroom, I went downstairs and cleaned up what was left of our dinner. Elena had thankfully sent over something palatable this time, so there wasn't puke to clean up along with the dirty dishes.

The methodical cleaning didn't take as long as I had wanted, but I sighed unhappily and headed back upstairs. Pulling the rubber band out of my once again long hair, I shook out the crimson locks and groaned as I rubbed my sore scalp. Going into the master bathroom, I made a point of not looking at the cold empty bed. I didn't want to think about that right now.

It didn't take very long for me to finish my nightly rituals, but I stayed in the bathroom staring at my reflection for a little longer. My green eyes still hadn't lost the glow they got all those years ago, and my tattoos still had the sheen of my enemy's blood. Looking intently at the mirror, it was hard to find anything that made me look any older. Even the edges of my eyes where there should have been wrinkles from my constant smiling were still smooth. A burning sensation settled in my chest under the ugly scar which would always remind me of that one painful year.

"You don't seriously think that you'll age normally with me inside of you, do you?" came the familiar snide remark.

Not bothering to answer, I shoved Damnation's consciousness back into the corner of my mind where the damn thing was supposed to stay. Thanks to the Protomateria, I was able to control the demon and I didn't have to put up with it at all if I didn't want to. Although I could have put the beast into a deep slumber until it was once again summoned to destroy the PLANET, a small part of me felt bad and kept the beast awake.

Finally, I couldn't avoid it anymore. Stepping out of the bathroom, I entered into my cold room. Flicking the light off, I made my way to the bed and fell on it with an unhappy sigh. How long had it been since I had watched the blond driving away into the plains? Days? Months? Years? To me, it didn't really matter. Any amount of time was too much and my heart was aching. Without Cloud, the bed was cold and hollow, a place that scared me more than it comforted me.

"Get a hold of yourself," I chided myself as I rolled over on my side.

Rubbing my hands against my bare arms, I tried to push away the bad feelings that were constantly creeping up. Looking around the simple room, my eyes rested on the picture of me and Cloud happily standing in front of our newly finished house with the three kids in our arms. I could still remember that day clearly, as if it was only yesterday that I had tried to wrangle a damn chocobo before nearly getting my eyeballs pecked out. Cloud had laughed so hard that he was doubled over crying while I was left to run around the corral screaming obscenities. The memory brought a small smile to my lips as I hugged myself tightly. That's what I wanted to dream about, that day.

And dream about it I did. I could almost feel those strong arms hugging me happily, those lips kissing my neck as we made our way around the two-storied house. That warm breath that gave me goosebumps lightly running over my left ear to nipple at the ruby stud there before he whispered.

"Miss me?"

That voice was so clear and alive that it made me jerk awake. Immediately, I felt the wind chilled leather against my skin and a nuzzling idiot kissing my cheek. Smiling giddily, I turned around and gave him a nice long welcome home kiss. When we pulled apart he sighed happily and I gave him one last loving peck.

"It's good to have you back," I whispered so that I wouldn't wake up the kids.

"It's good to be back," he replied kissing my forehead.

"You're not supposed to be back until tomorrow, though," I stated, even though I was extremely happy that he was here in my arms instead.

"Well, we finished getting everything prepared a little early, so I wanted to come home instead of spending the night over there."

Nuzzling into his neck, I couldn't help but smile like an idiot, happy to know that Cloud had missed me and the kids as much as we had missed him. He ran his cold fingers through my soft hair, before dragging them down to rub against my back.

"That t-shirt is sexy," he whispered huskily in my ear making me snort.

"How can something with 'I'm the evil twin' written on it be sexy? You're just horny from riding that bike."

"Haha, you know exactly how to make me sound perverted," my little kitten replied happily.

"It's just the damn truth," I shot back with a smirk.

"Hey," he scolded softly, "you promised to quit cussing as much so that the kids won't pick it up."

Rolling my eyes I nodded slowly. "I am working on it, yo."

"Sure," he retorted with unbelief dripping from his words.

"Did Shelke decide to come?" I asked to change the conversation.

"Oh, yeah! It didn't take much convincing since I had Vincent ask her."

Laughing, I shook my head. "Fuck, you're just trying to get Rufus pissed off at you, aren't you?"

He smiled mischievously. "Of course not! I'm innocent."

The man holding me was anything but innocent, but I still loved him the same.

"Whatever you say, kitten."

He kissed the tip of my nose tenderly and I couldn't keep in the sigh of contentment. I ran my hands over his back, before one naughtily dipped lower to grab his ass. He jerked a little and I snickered as I felt him get immediately aroused.

"Aw, come on, Reno," he whined. "Don't tease me! We've got a full day tomorrow and you need your rest."

"Tch, don't give me that bullshit, yo," I shot back, still groping his back end. "If I'm horny, then I'm horny. Just fuck me already."

One slow rub against his erection was all it took to convince him. Kissing me quickly on the lips, he pulled back to get undressed. Leaning on one of my arms, I watched as all those clothes were peeled off his fabulous body. He was no longer shy of my slightly voyeuristic tendencies, which only made his strip tease even more gratifying. He winked sultrily at me as he pulled off his muscle shirt, revealing the most perfect torso known on this damn PLANET. I couldn't wait to taste it and press my own naked body against it. Which reminded me that I was still dressed.

As I sat up to pull off my clothes, Cloud lightly took my wrist and shook his head. Nodding, I slipped off my boxers and watched as he crawled into bed with me. Taking a hold of the back of his neck, I pulled him into a heated kiss. He held me tightly against him as if he were afraid that I would simply disappear if he let go. I clutched as tightly to him both hating and loving the fact that I was so needy for him. This was the only man that could ever make me feel this way.

It didn't take long at all for us to move on from the kissing to more interesting things. Cloud was mercilessly teasing my nipples through the fabric of the shirt, making me moan and tug his hair roughly. He just looked up at me with those fucking gorgeous eyes and nibbled some more. He was rubbing his hands together to warm up the lube before he began preparing me, but I still moaned deeply as he penetrated me with the first finger.

I tossed my head back and tugged harder on his hair until he finally put in another finger and began working me. Those familiar fingers rubbed my prostate as he stretched me out and I instinctively swung my legs over his shoulders. Pulling away from my chest, his planted his full lips against my inner thigh before lightly suckling the skin. He was mercilessly pleasuring my entire body, and I loved the attention. I wanted to pleasure him as well, but I knew that the time for that would come soon enough. For now, it was enough to receive the lavish attention.

Once I was properly prepared, he rubbed the cooling liquid over his entire length, grunting from the pleasure of touching himself. I smiled just watching him prepare to take me and I thought of how lucky I was to have this guy. Sure, he was bitchy at times and still had plenty of issues, but he was perfect for me.

"Shiva, so glad we don't need to use those fucking condoms anymore," he grunted as he finally pulled my legs up over his shoulder again.

Snorting, I shook my head. "You are such a man, Cloud. If it's not my body around your cock, you don't like it."

"But it's not the same," he whined as he began pushing into me.

Seriously, he was just like a kid sometimes. An annoying bratty kid, but a kid nonetheless.

"Of course not," I teased as I winced a little.

"Hey, you don't have to wear them when you're fucking me, so you can't complain," he huffed as he kept himself from tearing me a new one.

"It's 'cause I don't have super sperm," I replied, breathing deeply as he stilled within me, allowing me enough time to adjust to his girth.

"Not my fault," he choked out, tossing his head back. "Fuck, so hot, Reno."

Feeling myself adjust just fine, I nodded to him and he began the slow measured strokes that barely missed my prostate. That bastard knew exactly how to fuck me and make me scream after doing it for so many years we no longer needed guesswork when having sex so I knew that he was torturing me on purpose. I clenched down on him making him moan loudly as he began to pick up the pace.

Kissing him sloppily, I adjusted my position to force him to hit my sweet spot and I gasped as he did. That fiery feeling shot through my body, electrifying all of my nerves at the same time. Everything became more sensitive, even the clothes rubbing against my chest. Leaning forward, Cloud delicately licked the cloth above my nipple where my ugly scar was raised. It made me cry out in pleasure and I squeezed around him even tighter.

"D-dear Shiva! Fuck, fuck, fuck," I chanted as he continued to pound into me.

"Keep squeezing m-me like that and I'll come too soon," he replied between heavy breaths.

"Come on," I teased as I cried out again. "Y-you can hold ooouuuut!"

"Reno! So fucking beautiful, so fucking perfect!"

By now, he was rambling off praises that I was too distracted to pay attention to. All I wanted to feel was that body joined with mine, to hear his heavy gasps, and to see that perfect face contort in pure pleasure. Never again did I want to see him suffering, to see him sad.

"Ooooh, come on, harder!"

He obliged, pushing into me roughly as I clenched the sheets tightly. Really, this little fuck wasn't supposed to take us long and we sure weren't going to last too much longer. I could feel him swelling within my body and I cried out in bliss as he reached forward and began to stroke me.

"A-almost there," he gasped, trying to kiss me while I thrashed my head.

"Daddy? Are you home?" came the innocent question making the both of us freeze instantly.

Staring at each other in panic, he pulled himself out of me and covered himself with the blanket while I jumped up and slipped into my boxers as I opened the door. Standing there were all three kids looking sleepily up at me. Upon seeing the blond, though, their eyes brightened and they rushed over to him. Revelation walked Ana over to the bed while Teioh launched himself on his father.

Cloud laughed half in pain and half in joy as the kids hugged him and began chatting away about their day. Ana settled herself on his lap and just sat there playing with her moogle as the other two fought over his attention. I noticed that he was still quite hard from our sexual encounter and he was trying his best to concentrate on what each of the boys was saying. Shaking me own head, I walked over there and sat next to him. I let the kids harass him for a few minutes before I commanded that they go back to bed.

They obviously whined and protested having to go back to bed, saying that they were too old for a bedtime or some shit like that. Before I could haul them over to their bed myself, Cloud jumped in and tried to mediate.

"What about if you guys sleep here?" he suggested making all of them (except Ana of course) cheer loudly.

Shaking my head, I watched as the all cuddled in the middle of the bed, trying to get the warm sheets around them comfortably.

"Hey, I need to talk to your dad real quick in the bathroom, so you guys just get to bed."

They nodded obediently and as they focused on getting into "their" areas of the bed, Cloud slipped on his boxers and went into the bathroom. As soon as the door closed, I slid down to my knees and licked at his erection through the thin material of his boxers. He grabbed a washcloth and shoved it into his mouth to keep his moans muffled. The last thing we wanted was another Denzel incident.

I pulled down the annoying boxers and licked his hot length making him shudder in pleasure. Smirking up at him, I licked the head of his member before taking it into my mouth. With a few swallowing motions and a gag, I deep throated him making his legs tremble. Cloud leaned against the sink as I continued to work over his flesh and I continued to watch his face as he blushed in pleasure. One hand was busy jerking myself off, but the other came up and teased the flesh that I couldn't take in my mouth. His gripping my hair tightly was the only warning I got as he released in my mouth making me gag slightly. I swallowed most of it down before my own orgasm made me gasp and clench his hip tightly. He panted heavily over me, watching as I tried to get my own breathing under control. I patted his thigh and wiped my chin clean as I wobbled to my feet.

A few minutes later we and our bathroom were presentable and when we entered the bedroom I smiled at the sight of my babies snoozing away. Teioh had the habit of sleeping like his daddy, like a damn rock. Cloud pressed a kiss to my cheek before we crawled in with the kids. Feeling my presence, Revelation turned to snuggle into my chest and I stroked his short hair as I let sleep take me away.

"Dang it all, I hate Thanksgiving," I griped as I fought with the stupid turkey I was trying to cook.

Cloud was serving the kids their cereal as they watched the Kalm parade on our only television. He looked over at me with a smile of pity before turning his attention to Ana so that he could feed her. The little sweetheart already had her mouth open for the sugar laden stuff.

"You can wait until Tifa gets here for that," he stated as he heard me violently stabbing the dead bird. "It will spare you time and our kitchen from your mess."

I scowled at him, but he was right as usual.

"How much longer till they get here, yo?"

A shrug was my only response. Rolling my eyes, I tossed the cookbook back on the counter and stared at the mutilated bird. Yes, I still had anger issues, so what? Looking back over at the kids, I couldn't help but snort in amusement as Cloud watched the parade with as much enthusiasm as the kids did. Well, Ana was trying to get him to give her another spoonful but he was too engrossed in the parade to notice.

Walking over there, I pulled the cereal away from him and pulled Ana on my lap as I settled back on the rarely used couch. Everyone else was settled on the floor gaping in awe at the giant balloons. After I fed my little girl, she laid down on the soft cushions and sucked on her thumb while she watched the images on the television.

Not having anything better to do, I went upstairs and tried to make myself presentable. The hot shower did me good, easing the pain from my morning sickness. Once out of the tub, I began to comb through my wet hair. All of the crimson hair laid flat against my skull as I began attacking the knots. As the steam swirled around me, I felt a chill pass through my body. I slowly dropped the comb as I heard the sound of someone crying. Already, my body was on high alert, adrenaline pumping through my veins and my breath picking up its pace.

I pushed open the bathroom door and saw a huddled figure in the corner crying. Swallowing hard, I crept over to the figure who only seemed to cringe even more.

"A-are you ok?" I asked, my mouth dry.

When the figure looked up I covered my mouth to keep from screaming and puking at the same time. The woman had been sliced open by some kind of blade and was bleeding profusely.

"He killed me!" she screeched pointing at me. "HE KILLED ME!"

Turning around, I felt the embers of fire dance past my skin and I could see the silver-haired man turn to face me, with his bloody sword at the ready. Panic gripped me as I saw those red eyes stare at me with nothing but hatred.

"Do not interfere with me," he commanded harshly. "I must go about my mother's will."

I tried to close my eyes and block out what I was seeing, but only more images of carnage and destruction flashed before my eyes. Blood, death, horror, it all rained around me as I was helpless to do anything against it. I covered my ears in a sad attempt to shut out the screams, but I could still hear them ringing in my ears.

A shove to my shoulder made me jerk back and gasp in surprise. Rude was standing there giving me a worried look and I gasped to try to catch my breath. Everything seemed to be spinning around, so I sunk to my knees in an attempt to stop the horrid motion.

"Reno? What's wrong?" he asked me as he crouched next to me.

I felt his strong hand stroke my back in a comforting manner and I started to feel better. Resting my head against the soft carpet helped as well, so I weakly turned to look at him from the corner of my eye.

"I-it's just getting worse," I explained and he nodded.

"Those visions you've been seeing?"

"Yeah," I choked, looking over at the empty corner of my room. "Yeah, they're just coming more frequently and getting worse."

He continued rubbing my back until I got a hold of myself and when I did, he gave me a firm look.

"You really should tell Cloud about this," he stated firmly.

I shook my head and sighed.

"We're finally happy, partner. I'm not going to stress him out with my problems. He's had enough hurt."

He shook his head in disagreement, but kept quiet. I returned to the bathroom and finished cleaning up before coming out again. He was still standing at attention and I shook my head in amusement.

"Tch, think you'll get cooties from sitting on our bed?" I teased.

"I'd rather not take that chance."

"Ouch, man. Hey, who's here?"

Walking behind me as we made our way to the stairs, he answered.

"Rufus and the kids, Tseng, Elena, Yuffie, and the baby."

I shuddered just thinking about the fact that Rude and Yuffie were married. It still weirded me out on so many levels.

"You fucking robbed the cradle," I shot at him meanly.

"You did too," he replied.

"Ouch man, we don't have that many years between us. 'Sides, she was like, fucking sixteen when we first met up with her. Cloud was somewhere past twenty."

He just shook his head before he caught a glimpse of Yuffie tossing his baby girl in the air. With a horrified gasp, he sprinted over to remove the child from his wife's possession. I just snorted in amusement. At least she kept him on his toes.

"Heeyyyy! Renoooo!" she shrieked as she dropped the kid into Rude's arms and ran over to me. "You're looking really spiffy there!"

I looked down at my snug black slacks and my ironed white dress shirt and I shook my head.

"I'm not wearing anything much different then I usually wear, Yuffie," I stated bluntly. "They're just clean."

"Well it makes a huge difference!" she chirped along, dancing around me as I made my way to the kitchen.

Elena and Tseng rose their eyebrows at me as I came in trying to get the leech off of me. She was chatting away on how cute it was when the baby threw up on Rude's head and how easy it was to clean because he was bald. Laney saw my pleading eyes and decided to give me a hand.

"Hey, Yuffie, I hear that Cloud found a new awesome Summon Materia, but he's hiding it from you."

"WHAT?!" she shrieked before running off to search the house.

Cloud looked back at us and sighed, making sure that he was still equipped with his Materia. I pulled the other two Turks into a hug and we all shared a smile. It was good to just hang out with them when it didn't involve hunting down and killing people and things.

"Reno," I head a silky voice call from the living room.

Tseng allowed a rare smile and leaned close to whisper in my ear.

"He was born yesterday, and Rufus is pretty happy to show off the new addition to his family."

"Really?!" I squealed in a very unmanly way.

Hearing the good news, I ran over to the couch where Rufus was sitting with the bundle on his lap. He looked up at me with paternal pride and I couldn't help but smile in response.

"Can I see him?" I asked shyly, sitting next to my boss.

"Of course," he replied and pulled back a little of the blanket so I could see the newborn face.

A little mewl emerged as the little black creature blinked sleepily at me. It's golden eyes slid close again as he snuggled back into the soft covers protecting him.

"Awwww, he's so damn cute!" I whispered excitedly.

"Of course he is," Rufus snorted. "He's Dark Nation's clone, so it's obvious that he would be just as perfect.

He cuddled the cat like thing close to his chest, showing it more affection than he would show to most any human.

"Do the kids like him?" I asked, curious to find out how Victor and Josef felt about Dark Nation.

"They adore him as well," he stated proudly. "When I brought him home, they couldn't keep their eyes off of him. They even slept on my bed so that they could sleep with him."

I smiled widely as I rubbed him behind his dark ear. It was good to hear that they were managing this new addition well. It had been very difficult for them to adapt to their new way of life, but Rufus was a stubborn man and he worked with them until they finally came to accept him. I was actually nervous when I'd heard about the addition to the family because I didn't know if the twins were ready for that, but I was happy to be proven wrong.

"Speaking of the twins, where are they?"

"Oh, they went to play with Revelation and Teioh in the chocobo barn."

It was also good to see that even Rufus was beginning to settle down with the boys. A few months ago and he wouldn't even let them out of his sight. It seemed like all of us, except Yuffie, had grown up some. I kissed him on the cheek, making Cloud look back in annoyance. He was watching the chocobo show, "research" for the next most popular bird so that he could order some from Chocobo Bill.

Rufus grinned at him cruelly, and I rolled my eyes. Those two were so petty.

"Where's Vincent?" Cloud asked in retaliation.

Rufus's eyes narrowed as he answered back. "He's bringing the rest of the group over."

"Oh, is Shelke coming?" he pushed.

A cold smile accompanied the reply. "Of course."

"You two are a bunch of kids," I threw in for the heck of it.

They continued to glare at each other while I shook my head and went outside to make sure the kids were ok. The honking of a big ass horn caught my attention and I smiled as I saw Barret's huge truck. Tifa waved from the window and I waved back. Instead of going to check up on the kids, I waited up for the others to park. They all came out in a flare of curses, cheers, and other noise. Marlene ran and jumped on me making me laugh and Denzel ran over to me too. Cid was cursing about being cramped up in the back and Vincent was helping a small girl out of the truck. Although she looked to be about ten, I knew that Shelke was older than that. Unfortunately, she was never going to age.

"How are you doing, Reno?" Tifa asked as she called the kids to help her carry the food in.

"Well, I'm afraid that my turkey isn't going to make it," I sighed.

She just laughed and shook her head. "Don't worry, I brought a spare."

"Where's your boy toy?" I asked slyly making her swat me on the arm. Ouch.

"Zang is staying to watch the other orphans while I came out here."

Putting a bunch of food stuff in my arms she ushered me back into the house where everyone was chatting away. Tifa actually wasn't half bad when she wasn't obsessing over my lover. Thankfully, some unfortunate man named Zang had caught her eye and so she was now treating me like a human being. It was pretty nice.

As soon as I finished hauling all the food to the large kitchen, I headed back outside to check up on the kids. This time, I wasn't going to be distracted. As I rounded the corner of our house, the large corral full of contented chocobos came into view with the large sturdy barn in the background. I was careful to keep my distance away from the large birds lest they decide that my bright red hair would make a nice ornament for their nests. Again.

Bending over to tie my shoe, a sudden scream filled the air making my blood freeze. Terror shot through my body as I sprinted to where the kids were playing in the barn. When I got close enough, I saw that Revelation was on the ground with his leg twisted in an unnatural way. Teioh was screaming as he climbed down the ladder from the loft and Joseph and Victor just watched the scene in amusement.

"What did I tell you about getting up there?!" I screeched at the frightened boy, before looking down to check on Revelation's injury.

I winced as I saw the bone jutting out of his skin. Looking over him, I thought that he would be in shock or at least crying, but I swallowed nervously as I noticed that he wasn't doing anything of the sort. Instead, he was staring at the wound almost in amazement. His eyes slowly looked up into my own and I had to look away. My vision had come not too long ago and I wouldn't be able to look him in the eye for at least another few days.

"Look," he whispered to me. "It's blood."

"This is going to hurt," I warned as I covered his eyes from the gruesome wound and used my other hand to twist his leg back into place.

The sound of Teioh throwing up registered in my mind, but I needed to tend to Revelation first.

"Hey, Victor, take Teioh into the house and tell Cloud what happened. Do it quietly so that everyone's not freaking out."

The boy nodded and jumped down from the loft easily. His icy blue eyes were still too weak to handle full blown sunlight, so he wore dark sunglasses which only added to his strange aura. Josef jumped down from the loft as well, unharmed like his brother. He walked over to me with his now familiar jerking movements and watched as I applied pressure to the wound.

"Is he going to die?" Josef asked morbidly and I stared at him.

"Of course he's not going to die," I replied a little harsher than I intended to. "And if you want to make yourself useful, put your hands here on his leg too."

"This isn't really an option, is it?" Josef asked as he got down on his knees and applied pressure as well.

"No, it's not."

Revelation kept trying to peel my hand away from his eyes so that he could see the oozing blood, but I refused to budge. I didn't want him seeing something like this, more for my sake than his. It was just that seeing those visions had really gotten to me. I thought that they would just pass, but they hadn't. In fact, they were getting stronger. How much longer was I going to have to see those images before they drove me crazy?

"Reno, you should look at this," Josef said quietly.

Snapping back to reality, I looked as he peeled away his hand from the bloody wound and I gaped. The flesh was healing itself right before our eyes. Torn muscle was knit back together before the skin folded back onto itself, melding back into flawless skin. Pulling away my hand, I looked down to see the same thing, with the sound of crunching bones as it healed as well. Soon, there was nothing but blood smeared on his perfect pale flesh.

"I'm ok now," Revelation replied to no one in particular. He knew it without even having to see it. "Can I go back to playing?"

Before I could even reply, Cloud ran up to us with a really nervous look on his face. It soon became a look of confusion as he saw that there wasn't a wound at all.

"Reno, what-"

"It healed by itself," Josef said as he straightened up and stared at his bloody hands. "Can I get this cleaned up?"

Cloud handed us some rags and I cleaned up the leg only to watch dumbfounded as Revelation stood up, dusted himself off, and ran back to the house to find more playmates. Josef handed back the now-bloody rag and followed suit. I sat in the dirt looking at my clean palms, scared with what I saw.

"Are you ok?" Cloud asked softly as he sat next to me.

He was obviously as struck about this situation as I was, but he was trying to make me feel better.

"It just…healed."

I felt his hand stroke my cheek and he looked down at me sadly.

"Reno, he's not normal. He has a huge amount of Mako and Jenova cells in him so we shouldn't be surprised by something like this. Even you heal your own body because of Damnation. It's just like that."

He was only saying what was true, but it still hurt me. I wanted to continue imagining that everything was ok and normal with all of us, but that would never be true. None of us were remotely normal, and that wasn't going to change.

"Come on, Reno, let's go inside before people start to worry."

He kindly took me by the hand and led me to the house. I just used that time to gather my wits and shake those strange feelings away. I was just panicking a little because I saw some stupid vision. That didn't mean that it was true and that Revelation was going to turn out like his predecessor. He was a good boy, and I wouldn't ever let him do that. Cloud would never let him do such things either. My mind was just being an ass.

Entering into the loud house, my nerves were soothed by the sight of all of our friends laughing and talking. This could heal me, my sore heart. With a large smile I walked over to Rude and his six-month-old baby and held out my hands. Nodding, he handed her over to me. She looked up at me as she tried to eat her own fist. Her skin was dark like her Costan father, but she had her mother's Wutaiese eyes which made for an adorable combination. Also, she thankfully had a full head of hair. Well, not full, but enough hair for a small child.

I stroked the silky locks against her soft head remembering how Cloud tried to tell me that my kids were messed up because of their soft spots. Tch, that guy really didn't know a thing about babies but I was grateful that he was able to bring them back to me. Shaking my head, I rocked the girl a little and made a few cooing sounds to make her smile. I looked over at Cloud as her toothless smile sent a nice warm feeling to my stomach. He smiled back lovingly before Cid grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to a game of poker.

Hehehe, this was going to be good. Cid, Vincent, Cloud, Barret, Tseng, and Rude were all crammed around the table to play the card game. My new chip set was out on the table ready to be betted on by the men and I grinned widely. More than half of the guys playing never betrayed any emotion on their face for any reason, so the entire poker game was about trying to read under those masks. It always made for entertaining games, even if Cid was usually left cursing and throwing things around.

"An' none of you damn girls or boys come 'round!" Cid warned as Tseng delt the cards. "None of this cheating shit, got it?"

Everyone at the table chuckled remembering how that went last time. I just had to look at the cards and glance at Cloud and he would know what cards his opponents had. Of course, I occasionally had to help my partner too, but Rufus had been pissed with Valentine so he had only helped Tseng. And Yuffie jumped in and loudly tried to help Rude which ruined the entire thing. Ah, good times.

"You're just grouchy because you ain't got someone ta cheat with, yo."

"Piss off," he mumbled around his cigarette as he went through his cards.

I held baby Shamina up against my chest and made her hand wave to Rude before the game began making his poker face melt into a fatherly smile. He waved back and the girl giggled cutely. Darn, kids were adorable. Putting her on my bony hip, I headed to the kitchen where Tifa was preparing a bunch of good-looking food with Shelke.

After a small lunch, the kids finally convinced most of us adults to go outside and spar just so that they could see the fighting. It was refreshing to go into the windy outdoors and watch Cid duking it out with Cloud. Mmm, watching my kitten fight with that huge sword once again was almost a damn turn-on. He was too damn sexy for his own good. All the kids gaped in awe as the battle progressed into the use of a few low-level Materia.

Teioh crawled up into my lap and tugged on one of my red bangs as he watched the fight. I pulled him up against my stomach and he stuck his thumb in his mouth, still tugging my bang in a familiar manner. He liked to do that when he got on my lap, and although I didn't understand why, it was still cute. He was soon twirling that piece of hair around his sticky fingers.

"Willsh I be avll cho fightsh like tshat?" he asked me around his thumb.

"One of these days, kiddo. Just don't try ta rush it though; your daddy spent many years becoming that good."

Although that was a lie, it was a good way to keep the kid from trying to steal his father's sword and swinging it around until he hurt someone. His large blue eyes looked up at me in adoration and he nodded obediently. I stroked his dark hair, marveling at how the roots were changing colors. He was going blond a little late there.

"And I'm sure that your daddy will be glad to teach you once you get old enough."

"Really?!" he said in surprise.

When I nodded, he flashed me the brightest smile possible before snuggling back against my stomach. Hehehe, so that's where my genes went. To that fucking gorgeous smile. Looking back, I saw Vincent take center stage with Rude. I didn't even have to look back to know that Rufus was probably peeking through the blinds to watch the older ex-Turk. It was also kind of cute how Victor and Josef pretended not to watch their father fight.

As usual, his fighting style was pretty extreme, but he was always under perfect control. Rude used his usual manhandling fighting style, but since it was hard to pin the extremely flexible man, he resorted to using his Materia, his gun and his own special moves. Cloud sat next to me and Teioh clambered over to him yanking out a few of my hairs as well.

"Not bad," I poked at Cloud as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Oh shut it, Reno. You'd only do better because you're still out there kicking ass. I haven't had to swing that thing for months!"

"Excuses, excuses," I continued to tease, but he just slapped me in the back of the head lightly.

Not long after we gave the kids a show, they were out there doing reenactments with sticks and childish sound effects. Even Revelation was zooming around swinging away with his piece of wood. Rufus went out and warned his kids from playing too rough before he turned and went back inside. Out of all the kids, only his two really knew what a fight was about, and we didn't want them accidentally hurting the other kids. They had even been on the receiving end of some pretty heavy hits.

Watching Rufus limp back into the house with his new pet still wrapped in his arms, I let a frown settle on my lips. Every time I saw him walking it made guilt flood through me yet again. Although he had healed far better than anyone had expected, it was a fact that he was never going to walk without that darn limp. The neurological damage had been incredible, but it was only that bad because he had been left for dead for so long. Too much tissue had suffered for too long for him to have a full recovery. Never once did he blame me, but it never kept me from feeling guilty.

Dinner was absolutely to die for. The food covered the entire dining room table and trailed over to all of my counters. There were so many delicious looking dishes that were steaming, unaware of their fate and it made my mouth water. I was never going to doubt Tifa's cooking ability ever again.

We all went through the line, serving the kids first and sitting them at the collapsible table in the corner of the living room. It was cute to see the two Shinra boys sitting at the table, heads and shoulders above my kids. Although they were physically much bigger, they weren't that far ahead mentally. Besides, my kids were genius.

Once the kids were settled in, the rest of us dug into the feast like starving rabid animals. The turkey was stripped of its flesh in only a matter of minutes and the rest of the other food wasn't faring any better. When Reeve finally came in apologizing for being late, he was lucky that Tifa had pulled aside some food for him, or he would have starved. Sitting down anywhere available in the living room, all of us adults chatted away about shit until Elena waved her hand around for attention. As the room got silent, she looked at everyone with an open and soft smile.

"Hey, we should all take turns saying what we are thankful for." Everyone nodded and murmured in agreement and she decided to start it off for us. "There's really a whole bunch that I can say, but I'll just pick a few. First, I'm thankful that Reeve got this holiday passed a few years ago, just so that all of us could have a chance to come together like this. Second, I'm thankful for finally getting that darn wedding out of the way." Everyone laughed and Tseng shook his head, rubbing his wife's back in a rare show of affection. "Finally, I'm thankful for my family, my ever-growing family."

We all cheered and drank (cranberry shit of course) to her.

"Me next!" Yuffie shouted. "I'm thankful for my dad not killing Rude when he found out I was pregnant, and I'm thankful for Cloud always letting me have his Materia."

The blond choked and went straight for his pockets, making all of us laugh. He blushed at the attention and just nodded at Yuffie. I snorted in amusement as I heard the kids copying us on the other side of the room, being thankful for things like their new toys and for getting to stay up late sometimes. It was too cute, and just as honest as all of the answers around here were.

Each one of us was thankful for so much and was so happy to be sharing it with the entire group. It was kind of funny how enemies from years ago could now be sitting together sharing their feelings and eating a peace meal. I slipped my hand into Cloud's and he squeezed it comfortingly. Finally, it was me and Cloud's turn. He glanced at me and I nodded in understanding.

"Well, I'm thankful for the PLANET still being in one piece," he started making us all chuckle. "And I'm also thankful for getting another chance."

Although that was a bit vague, we all understood. It was something special to his heart to have had so many chances. In that statement, he was remembering Zack, Aerith, and he was also thanking all of us for helping him out. Also, he was being thankful for something that no one else here knew about. Well, at least not yet.

"I'm thankful for my job, my family, and the fact that those stupid chocobo's haven't torn me a new one yet." As everyone laughed at that, I smiled a little shyly and continued. "Oh, and I'm thankful that me and Cloud decided that we were going to have another kid, and do it right this time."

At first, there was a pause as everyone tried to soak in what I said before they all erupted with squeals of delight and congratulations. Elena tackled me and kissed my face already talking about naming the kid and other nonsense, but I smiled and just took it.

"Tch, guess you want some leave time," Rufus complained in his own special way of congratulating me.

Cloud was getting suffocated by Tifa and getting his back pounded on by well-wishers. Ouch, that was going to leave a mark. After the good news, we all decided to toast to the night, to the awesome day we had, and to the future of the PLANET. We just figured that if Cloud's spawn kept increasing in number, the PLANET would always be safe from threats.

Although my life was far from perfect, I had too much to be thankful for. I was supposed to have been dead in a ditch somewhere by thirteen, but here I was with my own family and friends. It made me a little sad that my mother still didn't want to accept my relationship and kids, but I didn't let that bring me down. There was too much good now to worry about such things. As I took my own plastic cup of sparkling grape juice, I couldn't help the grin that spread across my face.








Hot steaming air tried to weigh down the searching young man as he fought through the Mideel forests. Swarms of bugs tried to taste his flawless flesh as he brushed past, his eyes narrowed in concentration. He needed to find it, to heed its calling.

A kelzmelzer lunged at him with its poisonous claws, only to be impaled on his sharp blade. He didn't have time for these damn creatures that found the need to harass him. Hissing in annoyance, he pushed out his aura, creating a warning sign that even the bugs feared. He was not someone to mess with.

Lizards scurried away as the sound of his boots crushing the vegetation filled the still air, and even other insects tried to bury themselves further into the dirt to avoid his wrath. Gloved fingers tightened around the weak sword in his hand as he effortlessly hacked away through even more of the overgrown vines and weeds. Wait, he was getting closer. His breaths came out in little puffs as he increased his speed, tearing through the jungle in a frenzy. He was almost there, just a little further…

Jerking to a halt, his narrowed eyes glanced at the ruins decaying in front of him. The vegetation had been trying to tear the stones apart with their powerful tendrils, but it had withstood. It was a towering building, but strange how one couldn't see it above the trees from a distance. Almost, like, it couldn't be found unless you knew where it was. The sound of wind blowing seemed to beckon him forward into the dark mouth of the temple, but he paused warily as he realized that there was no wind blowing. Shaking his head, he continued forward. He would just cut down anything in his way.

Naturally, the sense of foreboding increased the further he got into the stone tomb, but it was pushed aside by that sweet melodic calling. Like a siren calling to the doomed sailors, it was pulling him into the depths of the darkness. It whispered hotly in his ear as he marched forward, begging him to find it.

The first few booby traps were easily disarmed, and the few after that were easy enough to traverse through. Behind the young man, the poisonous darts were strewn across the cold moldy stone, dashed to pieces by his quivering blade. With a flick of the sharp metal, the poison splattered against the wall like the blood of some unfortunate enemy.

Huffing in annoyance and impatience, he continued through the ruins, only sparing a glance at the painted walls. As usual, the paintings portrayed destruction raining down on the people, but none of them gave a hint as to what he was looking for. Regardless, he pushed on. He wouldn't even rest until he found it.

Time seemed to pass by quickly as he went further and further into the belly of the temple. Was it hours or even days that he spent searching? There were countless rooms full of immeasurable wealth, but none of the gold or jewels could even tempt his eyes as he pressed forward. The force calling to him was stronger than ever, begging to be freed from its confines and he was more than willing to oblige if he could just find it.

"Fuck!" he cursed as his sword began to crack under the strain of cutting through obstacles and repelling projectiles.

Angrily shattering the blade against a nearby wall, he pulled out his spare weapon and proceeded to the large door before him. Blood painted its frames and provided the ink for the warning that was written upon it. Although he couldn't read it, the young man felt his heart leap as he recognized it as a threat to all who would dare enter. Skulls lined the walls, piling high on either side and it only made him smile wider. This had to be it.

Kicking a pile of the ancient heads to the side, he soon found the switch he was looking for. Pressing it, the entire room seemed to shake and shudder, groaning as the massive door that had been locked for countless ages finally grinded open. As expected a burst of salt acid shot out as a final deterrent to any fool who dared come this far, but a flick of his hand was enough to put up a timely barrier.

As he entered within, an unearthly flame shot around the room, illuminating the chamber brightly. Sitting in the midst of the room was a large stone idol complete with jewels as eyes and heavy metal swords clasped in its hands. Strangely enough, it looked more like a Wutain god than a Mideel one. Regardless, he could see a small door behind the behemoth idol, and he headed straight for it.

The scream of stone grinding on stone echoed in the wall and the warrior stepped back with wide eyes as what he had assumed was an idol stood to its feet and bared its weapon's in a most threatening manner.

"Shit, they went all out, didn't they," he complimented, eyes burning with the lust of a challenge.

It may have taken him by surprise, but it wasn't going to win. Nothing could defeat him, not even some ancient magical protector. Straightening out, he saluted it in respect with his thin blade before he launched an assault. The shriek of metal striking metal bounced off the walls, hurting the young man's sensitive ears as he struck at the beast. It was fast for something made of heavy boulders, and its strength was as expected. Phenomenal.

Even with such odds against him, the young man fought back. He was certain that he could defeat this thing, but he began to worry as his blade suffered from the severe strain. It wasn't as strong as he was, a source of endless irritation for him, and a time like this was not the best for breaking on him. As the thought of magic entered his mind, he sensed something coming down on him.

Jumping back from the stone idol, he narrowly dodged a giant boulder. He looked up to see hundreds of boulders on the ceiling, ready to fall loose with all of the shaking from the room. Damn, the natives were smart. If he didn't finish this thing off quickly, he was going to be buried under all of them.

It seemed like the strange creature sensed what he sensed and it began to howl with a ferocious and hellish voice. The entire chamber trembled at the sound and the warrior collapsed on the ground with his hands covering his ears. It was too loud, he couldn't take it!

Even under that pain, his body screamed for him to move as yet another boulder fell from the ceiling. It was either burst eardrums or crushed body. Not really a hard decision, but it took him a fraction of a second too long to move. The giant stone crashed to the stone floor before rebounding a little from the impact. The bounce came in contact with the young man's side, breaking the bones of his arm and side. Wincing in pain, he dodged another falling rock only to have to dive under the creature as it swung its massive sword at his neck.


His fighting arm was worthless as it hung limply and it only added to his disadvantages. Both ears were ringing and he could feel a trickle of blood trailing down his neck, but he didn't have time to bemoan his predicament. He needed to win. To be more accurate, he refused to lose. Stubbornness flashed in his unnatural eyes as he took his blade with his weak arm and attacked the creature with a flurry of swipes. It blocked the attacks easily and flung him up against the hard wall.

A new roar filled the room as all the boulders gave in to gravity and crumbled to the ground. As they began to fall down, a strange new feeling began to pump through him. Everything slowed down as his mind began to run in overdrive. Suddenly, everything seemed so clear to him, so unbelievably obvious. Bracing himself against the wall, he launched himself to the beast and with his outstretched hand he summoned a powerful surge of energy. The moment his gloved hand touched that stony torso, it shattered like fragile glass. There was nothing but that door between him and salvation and it would not stand.

The loud crash blew out his good eardrum and he collapsed on the floor, dizziness washing over him. Pain wracked his body as he shuddered on the cold floor. Looking back, he saw the only exit in the room completely blocked by massive boulders. A soothing feeling ran over him body making him turn his glance over to the center of the room. Surrounded by a boiling ring of vermilion acid, a single pedestal rose up with outstretched arms. On top of the stony cradle rested the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen in his short life.

Pushing himself to his feet, the young man tried to find a way to get to the prize, the very thing that he had been suffering for. He was standing on the only footing that the room offered; everything else was covered in the acid. No, he hadn't come this far just to be stopped by a river of liquid death. It would not end like this!

Desire, need for it, those feelings tugged at his mind as he stared. The delicate curves, the smooth flawless length, he needed it. Finally seeing it, resting there peacefully, was enough to bring tears to his eyes. How long had he heard its cries, its summons for him to claim it?

"I got you now, you will be mine."

Stretching out his good hand, he stepped out into the acid. For some reason, he wasn't scared at all. He didn't doubt that he could get to his prize, even though any sane person should have. For crying out loud, he was recklessly stepping into acid! However, that voice in the back of his head told him that he would be just fine, and he believed it.

The heavy black boots touched the boiling liquid, but there was no sizzling and no corrosive action. Only a soft splash. Step by step, he made his way to the center of the room, completely ignoring his injuries. His thick blood dripped into the acid, hissing as the two substances collided.

Finally, there it was, right in his grasp. Pulling off his glove and tossing it carelessly into the acid, he forced his injured hand to wrap around the beautifully decorated hilt. As soon as he touched it, the young man sighed in relief.

"My Masamune," he purred, finally feeling complete. "I have finally earned you."

Power, strange but welcomed power, surged through him. Turning around to face the sealed off exit, it no longer looked like he was going to be stuck here forever. Crimson eyes shone with excitement as he swung the unnatural sword. With a hiss through the air the blade sliced right through the stone without even chipping.

"I apologize for taking so long," he spoke softly as he brushed back his silver bangs. "I hope you are ready to feel some fresh air once more."

The crack of his bones healing themselves was drowned out by the crashing sound of boulders being torn apart by both the wielder and the weapon. Nothing withstood their assault as the easily made their way back to the exit. It was exhilarating for him to finally have a blade that was as strong as he, one that he would never replace, one that would give him far more strength than even his father had. Stepping out into the sunlight, Revelation took a deep breath of the heavy scented air and watched as the light reflected off of the flawless metal. Gripping it tightly a sharp smile caressed his lips.

"Taste freedom, my friend."

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