Summary: When one Duck doesn't show at Eden Hall, another is severely disappointed. But she makes herself get over it. Julie/Portman, Julie/Scooter

Author's Note: So, here's something a little different. From me at least. It's not a sequel, its not continuous to anything, it even takes place during one of the movies (I've only done that 1 other time and it was in continuity lol!) Anyway, this will go all through D3 and then past it. Hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 1: The Good Daughter

"I just can't believe you're going," Abby sighed.

"You went," Julie shrugged as she pulled things out of her closet and put them into the suitcase on her bed.

"When I made the mistake of going to boarding school," Abby pointed out, "it was in Connecticut, not Minnesota. Also, I didn't leave you all alone with her during you coming out year! Seriously, I have six months of hell ahead of me."

"I'll be home before the real hell sets in," Julie laughed, "Long before the dress fittings."

"The dress fittings are not the worst part," Abby shook her head, "Seriously? I have to go through six months of ballroom dancing lessons with Richard Wilson."

"You decided on Dicky?" Julie said with a laugh.

"Well, he was the only halfway decent one of mom's approved list," Abby rolled her eyes. "Wait until yours, oh just you wait. I'm going to go to Europe that summer or something. But I will not be here."

"Stop being so dramatic." Julie rolled her eyes.

"Abigail!" They heard their mother screech, "Julianne! Where are you two?"

"Up here mother," Abby shouted, "Julie's packing."

"Abigail," she said panting, Julie's room all the way at the top of the house, was often a strain on her mother, "We have a lot to do this weekend."

"I know," Abby said, "our little kitten is leaving us." She hugged her little sister.

"Well, that too," she said, "but I just spoke to Margaret, if we get your gown in the next two weeks we can save over two hundred. So we have fittings to go to."

"Fittings?" Abby said, with a defeated and sarcastic tone, "Did you hear that Julie? I have to go to fittings."

"I wish I could go with you," Julie said, faking disappointment, "I have so much packing to do though."

"No, Julianne, you pack," their mother said, flailing her hand. "Abigail and I will go."

"But I'm helping," Abby said, grabbing some clothes and shoving them into Julie's suitcase. Julie let out a stifled giggle.

"Abigail," she glared, "do we have to have this conversation again? This year is very important for you. It will,"

"Cement me in society and determine whether or not I get a good husband," Abby nodded. "Isn't that a little old fashioned Mother?"

"That doesn't make it less true," she said, "If this year doesn't go smoothly, your future could very well be in jeopardy. It was hard enough to find an association that would take you after the Carter incident." Abby stifled a giggle, "It wasn't funny. It isn't funny. Julianne, we expect much more from you at Eden Hall."

"Of course Mother," Julie nodded, she was trying not to laugh herself. When her sister had gotten kicked out of her snotty Connecticut boarding school for streaking across school property with some boys was one of the funniest memories of her life. "I'll try to make you proud." She knew she would too, Julie was the good daughter, always obedient and quiet, the closest she got to Abby's rebellious streak was the hockey thing, which her father loved but her mother hated, so it wasn't really that rebellious. Well that and the secret that she kept on her lips from the summer before, her summer in Los Angeles.

"Good," her mother nodded and kissed her on the forehead. "We'll be back in time for dinner."

"OK," she nodded, Abby stuck her tongue out at her as she walked out of the room, and Julie got back to packing.

Later that night Abby flopped down next to Julie who was sitting on the couch watching TV.

"How was the fitting?" Julie asked, with a giggle in her voice.

"I hate you," Abby said, "I hate you so much. Jesus, I didn't think there was that much tulle in all of New England. Goddamn you for getting out."

"Well, you could have been out," Julie shrugged, "if you had just kept your clothes on."

"Very funny," Abby laughed, "Don't let them own you ok Jules?"

"What do you mean?" Julie looked at her.

"When you get out there," Abby explained, "and I'm not there to keep you from becoming a Stepford, don't let them change you and well, own you."

"I think the Ducks will keep me from becoming a Stepford," Julie nodded, understanding where her big sister was coming from. "But I promise, I won't let them own me. And if I feel Julie The Cat dying and giving birth to Julianne, I will immediately strip down and run across campus naked."

"That's all I ask," Abby laughed.

A few days Julie woke up in her small dorm room at the Eden Hall Academy. So this was her life now. They had just gotten the news that Coach Bombay was dropping them and they were getting a new coach. Oh the joy. She had spoken to her father about it and he said he had no problem flying her home at a moments notice if she didn't like the new guy.

"Hey Julie," Ken Wu poked his head into her room. "We're all heading down to that assembly now."

"Great," she said, "hey, uh, have you seen Portman?"

"Uh," Ken said, looking at her. "No, I guess he stayed with Fulton."

"Right," she nodded, "of course."

After the assembly Julie fumed as she walked to class, she had laughed at Charlie and the commuter Ducks antics at the assembly too, but moments like that were enough to cement the varsity's feelings that they didn't belong there.

"Hey!" One of the guys from the varsity team ran and caught her. "You're Gaffney right?" She looked at him, tall, good looking, dark hair.

"Yeah," she said.

"Any relation to Abby Gaffney?" He smirked.

"She's my sister," Julie smiled, "why?"

"I went to Carter with her freshman year!" He laughed.

"You went to Carter?" Julie cocked her head to the side. "How did you end up, no! Were you one of the five?"

"Yep," he smiled, "Scot Vanderbilt," he offered her a handshake she took it and smiled.

"Scooter!" One of the other players, the one who had commented about his little brother losing out on a team spot, shouted to him.

"Scooter?" She looked at him.

"It's a stupid nickname they gave me," he said, "See you around, uh,"

"Julie," she said, smiling at him. He was cute, not that that mattered to her, because she had a boyfriend, type thingish, person coming, or waiting, or whatever.

"Julie," he smiled, "tell your sister I say hi." He winked at her and headed over to his team. She smiled, so, one of Abby's streaking buddies was around, that was going to be interesting. While she was taking it in, she noticed Fulton out of the corner of her eye. She ran over to him.

"Fulton!" She shouted and jumped on his back.

"Julie the Cat!" He laughed. "What's up, you ready for the preppy school?"

"Are you joking?" She smiled, sliding off and getting herself together, "I was bred for this remember?" He laughed, "Hey, did Portman stay with you last night, cause he wasn't at the dorm and I thought that maybe,"

"He's not coming," Fulton shook his head exasperated. She looked confused. "He didn't call you?"

"No," she said, quietly hurt, "not that he should have I guess, I mean it's not like, he's my," she sighed, "sucks for the team huh?"

"Yeah," Fulton mumbled. "I'm sorry Jules."

"Yeah," she said, "we should get to class."

"Yeah," he said, awkwardly. "I guess so."

After class and practice Julie walked up to her dorm room. Oh, a day of mixed emotions. She had been moved up to first goalie, thank God! She should have been to begin with, everyone knew how much better than Goldberg she was, but then there was also, whatever, it didn't matter. She sighed, picked up the phone in her room and called her house.

"Hello?" Abby picked up, yes.

"Abby!" She said, "Hi."

"Julie!" Abby squealed, "God, I miss you already kid, how's school?"

"Good," she said, trying to be vague. "I met one of the five today."

"Shut up!" Abby laughed, "which one, who's there?"

"Scot Vanderbilt?" Julie said, giving it a shot.

"Oh," Abby nodded, "yeah. He's a pisser. You'll like him."

"His friends were kinda dicky to mine," Julie said.

"Does that surprise you?" Abby asked. "I mean, really Julie?"

"I guess not," Julie said.

"So," Abby said, "Are we just going to not talk about him?"

"He didn't come," Julie sighed.

"Really?" Abby said. "No way!"

"Totally," Julie sighed, "Fulton told me."

"Ouch," Abby said, "that stings."

"Yeah," Julie said, "It doesn't matter really, I guess, I mean its not like we were official or anything."

"Still," Abby said, "he should have told you. Oh well, now you can make Mother happy and date Adam Banks." Julie laughed, since LA her mother had been pushing her towards Adam.

"Oh yes," Julie smiled, "or any of the countless boys like him here."

"Like Scot Vanderbilt," Abby said. "I mean his thing is,"

"Ewww!" Julie cut her off. "Abby, gross!"

"You're in high school now kid," Abby laughed, "you're not allowed to think penises are gross anymore."

"I don't think penises are gross," Julie said defensively, "but I don't see why we have to talk about them."

"I bet if it was Dean Portman's penis," Abby started.

"OK, stop right there," Julie said, "and stop saying that word."

"Julie," Abby sighed, "do we have to play the penis game?"

"No," Julie said, "we do not."

"Penis," Abby said very quietly, "OK, you're turn."

"No," she said, "I'm not playing."

"Penis," Abby laughed a little louder.

"Do you want Mother to hear you?" Julie said, suddenly Abby stopped. "Hah, knew that would get you, look I gotta take a shower, tell Dad I got moved to first OK?"

"OK, love you Cat," Abby said.

"Love you too," she smiled, "bye." And hung up. She knew Abby would cheer her up. Abby was the only person who knew about her and Portman, besides the Ducks. She considered it her ultimate influence, that Julie had spent her summer making out with a boy who's family had no connection, not much money and who acted in public the way Portman did. Even Julie admitted that it was thoughts of Abby that had inspired her to move on her feelings for Portman, because Julie the good daughter wouldn't have, if it weren't for Abby the bad daughter, Julie the good daughter would have held hands with Adam Banks, not french kissed Dean Portman. Oh well, it didn't matter now. Obviously he didn't care enough. Fine, if he didn't care, she didn't care.

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