Title: Body Image

By: Shannygoat

Rating: NC-17, sexual content, adult themes, language, discrimination

Characters: John Cena, Randy Orton maybe a few others.

Summary: Parker Sutton has everything, looks, smarts and a 285 pound frame. Is John Cena as superficial as his friends, or will he look past it all and get to know the woman that she is?

Disclaimer: I do not know or own any of the people in this story who are not born of my imagination. The characters of the WWE superstars are loosely based off of their TV personas and I do not have permission to use them in my fiction. The are owned by themselves and managed by Vince McMahon. Thanks for not suing.

A/N: I was warned to tread lightly with this one. Hopefully it doesn't backfire on me. I want to make it known that I am in no way trying to make fun of or discriminate against over-weight people. I myself am overweight...but the character of Parker is more like me with regards to her attitudes about her size; I don't give a fuck.

This story is based off of the Howard Stern interview that John Cena did right before The Marine came out. He went on national radio and made it public that he had sex with a 280 pound woman. Frankly I'm still on the fence with whether I'm mad at him or not. He was being a dick, but then he redeemed himself. I don't know; this is how I imagine it went down.

Chapter 1

The line to get an autograph on the copy of The Marine DVD was outrageous. The Suncoast Video Store had run out of copies a long time ago, but that still didn't stop hundreds of fans from crowding the upper level of the White Marsh Mall. Even people that didn't buy a copy came with their own. Some just had magazines, others just wanted a body part signed and of course, everyone was armed with a camera. A few people had arrived at the mall at five o'clock in the morning just to catch a glimpse of John Cena, others came later trying to butt their way to the front of the line; it was a madhouse. But it didn't matter how chaotic or unbelievably slow it was going; Parker Sutton was going to get John's autograph.

If there was a girl that had everything going for her, it was Parker. She was smart, so smart that she was on a full scholarship to The Johns Hopkins University majoring in Internal Medicine; she was funny, she often did amateur stand-up at open mic night at the school; she was attractive, long dark brown hair with brown eyes and a killer smile. She had a smile that made you smile and laugh that made you double over when you heard it. She had personality, there wasn't a person around that didn't like her; she just made everyone feel like family. Parker had everything; including a two hundred eighty-five pound body.

Standing at only five foot four, Parker's weight was the most noticeable thing about her. And it's not like she didn't try to lose it, it just wouldn't come off. She had always been a chubby kid, which turned into being a fat teen-ager, which manifested itself into being an obese adult. She often wondered how people would feel having her as their doctor when she herself wasn't living healthy. But so what? She liked fatty foods; Little Debbie was her best friend as was Hagen Daas, Breyer's, Papa John's, and KFC; the more calories the better. That's where all of the flavor was, mixed up in those trans-fats. But none of that mattered to Parker, she was happy with herself. It's more cushion for the pushin', she would often joke to her friends. If people didn't like her because she was fat, fuck them; they were the ones missing out, not her. She had managed to convince herself and everyone around her that fat was where it was at.

"Oh my God…there he is." Parker squealed as she grabbed onto her best friend, Avery Brooks. They were only four people away from the man himself. John Cena was in Baltimore for a signing and Raw…he was there for one night only and Parker was determined she was going to meet him.

Avery, the total opposite of Parker, looked around the crowd. "Fuck…I was hoping Randy would've been here."

"Why? He wasn't in The Marine." Parker rolled her eyes. She never did get Avery's obsession with Randy Orton. Sure, he was cute, in that puffer fish sort of way. Over the last couple of months, Randy's face had filled out, making his eyes look shifty. He still had a killer body, but he was no John Cena.

Avery shook her head, causing her long auburn hair to cascade down her super slender back. Avery was every guy's fantasy. She was five foot nine, she was one hundred fifteen pounds, blue eyed, long brown hair…she was beautiful and she knew it. Avery was a sweetheart that instantly took to Parker. She always had a hard time making friends, especially with females. Maybe it was because Avery always ended up with another girl's boyfriend. It wasn't intentional, guys just liked her and the fact that she was a little whorish didn't hurt either. She was a student at Goucher College, majoring in Early Childhood Development. She wanted to be a kindergarten teacher; imagine that…all those looks and soft spot for kids; sometimes Parker could just stab Avery in her sleep. Who wouldn't want her? "I know…but I read that they were traveling together again."

As they made it to the front of the line, John Cena looked up with a less than thrilled look on his face. "What's popping?" He asked a smiling Parker. He smiled back noticing the way her smile lit her entire face. "What's your name?"

"Parker." She said confidently and handed him the DVD. "Can you make it say, To Parker, my number one fan…LOVE Johnny?"

"Johnny? I don't like that name." Cena couldn't stop smiling at the rosy red cheeks on the cherub faced woman.

Parker sighed. "Please? I always call you Johnny."

"She does, you know." Avery stepped out behind Parker and flung her hair over her shoulder.

That move did not go unnoticed by the WWE champ. His posture changed immediately, he leaned across the table and his once amused smile, turned into a seductive smirk. "Oh she does, does she?" He watched the auburn haired girl nod and he carefully licked his lips. "And how do you know that?"

"All I hear is Johnny this and Johnny that…she gets on my nerves with it." Avery looked at Parker, who was violently killing her with her eyes alone. "But she is your biggest fan."

John nodded. "No doubt." He said under his breath, catching a quick glance at Parker's less than athletic physique. "And what about you? Who are you a fan of?"

"Randy Orton." Avery blushed as soon as she said his name.

"Orton…ewww." John made a disgusted face and leaned back in the chair. He all but forgot to give Parker the autograph; he really wasn't concentrating on that anymore. He wanted to talk to Avery some more. "I don't get that…he's my boy and all, but Orton? Really?"

Parker stood to the side and watched as John and Avery had a conversation as if there weren't four hundred people waiting behind her for his signature on his crappy DVD. She wasn't going to get mad at Avery; she couldn't help it if she made men turn into mice just by the sight of her. And it's not like Parker really stood a chance with Cena anyway. He was John Cena: WWE Champ, superstar of the wrestling world, why the hell would he give her a second look? But her jealousy needed a home and right now, John Cena had a vacant sign on him.

After getting a tap on the shoulder, John scribbled his signature on Parker's DVD and smiled while Avery took a picture of them. When it was Avery's turn to get her copy signed, John had her come behind the table and stood up to pose with his hands around her waist. "So look…y'all coming the show, right?"

Both girls nodded and looked at each other.

"They don't let us bring people backstage no more, but here's where we're staying. Y'all should come by. I'll make sure you get to meet Orton." Even though John kept saying y'all, he never once looked at Parker. He was inviting Avery and only included Parker so she wouldn't feel left out. "We'll at the bar around midnight."

Avery nodded happily and pulled a pouting Parker by the arm. "Oh my God…I'm gonna meet Randy!" She jumped up and down as soon as they were clear of the store. She carefully pulled out the piece of paper that John had written the hotel name on. She could understand that he didn't want to say it out loud; lord knows half of Baltimore County would have been in that bar if he had. "They're staying at the Renaissance. Come on…we gotta get clothes. I'm gonna be so slutty that it's not even funny. I'm talking tits hanging, jeans so tight I need Crisco to get them on…I'm fucking Randy if it's the last thing I do!"

Parker just smiled and followed behind her. So maybe John took an interest in her friend, but as soon as he saw how hung up on Orton she was, he might notice that she was alive. It was minor setback, but Parker wasn't out of the game. She had something that Avery didn't; personality. Anybody can be beautiful, not everyone could be witty and judging from the things that she had read, John liked a girl with a sense of humor.

"What does your autograph say?" Avery asked looking down at Parker's hand.

She shrugged. She had never even looked at it. "Um…Parker, don't ever lose that smile. Love John "Johnny" Cena. He signed it Johnny! Hot damn!"

Avery put her arm around her best friend. "We're gonna have so much fun tonight! I can't wait!"


Shopping with Avery had been more painful than normal for Parker. As if being dragged around from Hot Topic, to Forever 21, to Lerner, to The Limited, and ever other skinny girl store in the mall wasn't bad enough, Parker cringed that she only had two places she could shop; Fashion Bug Plus and Lane Bryant. Although Avery always loved to shop and was great at helping her pick out clothes, Parker always felt embarrassed dragging her size double zero friend into stores designed for full figured women.

Disgusted, tired and dreading getting ready for the night, Parker sat on the couch in her apartment and sighed. It really wasn't so bad. She had gotten tag along benefits from Avery before and this time she was going to get to hang out with John Cena, Randy Orton, and a host of other Raw superstars. It really could've been worse.

But still there was a little part of Parker that wished that John, or any guy for that matter, would one day look at her like they did at Avery. She wondered what it would be like to be desirable. She wasn't an ugly girl; she was down right cute to be truthful. So what if I have a gut, big hips and love handles? It's what's on the inside that counts, right? And if John doesn't see that, then screw him; I've got two men that love me to death…ain't that right Ben & Jerry? She closed her eyes as the cool flavor of Chunky Monkey teased her tongue. As long as Ben & Jerry loved her, she didn't need anyone else.

"Yeah?" Parker said trying reach over and grab the phone without spilling ice cream all over her couch.

Avery's squeals were so loud that Parker had to hold the phone away from her ear. "Guess what? I was able to get us a suite at the Renaissance!" She paused listening for some sort of happiness from her best friend. "Do you know this means Park? We're going to be staying at the same hotel as WWE. Imagine the possibilities!"

"Yeah, like you'll possibly get a train run on your ass." Parker couldn't help but to laugh. "Why do we need to stay there when we live like ten minutes from downtown?"

"I don't know what you're gonna do but, I'm gonna fuck Randy. I don't plan on having to walk out in the middle of the night. And even if he kicks me out, at least I'll still be in the same hotel, so I can stalk his ass until he leaves for the next city." Avery sighed ignoring her best friend coughing the word slut in her ear. "Come on…it'll be fun! They're gonna love us. Who else is as hot and funny as the Dynamic Duo?"

"Well psycho-bitch, while the hot one is getting laid, the funny one will be keeping the natives from getting restless." Parker laughed again.

"Don't act like you don't get down…"

"When the opportunity presents itself, yes…I have been known to be a little 'loose' with the morals. But you're going there with the intention of fucking these guys. You my friend are a harlot." Parker adopted a deep southern drawl to emphasize the point.

"I know." Avery conceded. There wasn't any point in denying it. "So you almost ready?"

"I still gotta get dressed." Parker closed the lid on her ice cream

"Yeah. I'll be at your place in twenty. We're gonna have so much fun!" Avery screamed into the phone trying to excite her friend. "Get ready hoochie; it's Hammer time."

Parker was excited. Even if she didn't plan on scoring with any of the guys, at least she was going to see John Cena again. She picked up the size 26 jeans and carefully removed the tag before slipping them on. It was hard enough to find jeans that large, but made for a short woman on top of it, it was virtually impossible. Lucky for her, Fashion Bug Plus had a petite section. The jeans were great and now she had to figure out what to do with that Chain Gang shirt. Trying to stuff 48 Triple D's into a XXL shirt was impossible. As soon as she put the shirt on, she started to tug at the mid section to make room for her stomach so the black material didn't stretch across it. With her foot on her bed and her knee in the inside of the shirt, Parker pulled on the cotton fabric until she could stretch it enough to hang loosely on her. But now the neck looked tight, because the girls were suffocating. Walking over to her desk, she grabbed a pair of shears and cut a V in the shirt from her neck to her cleavage. Not only did it show off her best feature, but it also gave the girls some air. She played around with tucking the shirt in her jeans, but that only made her stomach more noticeable, so she opted for leaving it out. Granted doing that made her look dumpy and shorter, but it was better than the alternative. Adding a fresh pair of white Classics and just a hint of make-up Parker smiled at the finished product.

"I am the body beautiful!" She winked dramatically at herself in the mirror and started to pose. "John Cena, you better look out!"