Parker paced around her apartment thinking if she should do this. It seemed like every time she walked toward her bedroom, she convinced herself that she shouldn't. But when she would start the trek toward the kitchen and glance over at the folded scrap of paper on the coffee table, she convinced herself that she should. She didn't know what to do.

Randy Orton had been wonderful to her for all of the time that she had known him. He had shown her a side of herself that she had almost forgotten. And though he was conceited, it was that quality that she found most charming. He had done so much for her, why was she afraid to call him now?

To start, it had been almost three months since she had seen him. That trip to Delaware seemed like an eternity ago to her. If she was going to call him, she shouldn't have waited almost ten weeks later to do it. He wouldn't remember who she was by now. She was lucky if he had remembered her name by the time he pulled out of the parking lot. Now she was thinking about calling him out of the clear blue sky and expect for him to know who the fuck she was? What was she smoking?

But then again, he wouldn't have given her his numbers…all of his numbers, if he didn't want her to call. He told her that if she ever needed him, to call him, no matter the time or the reason. He had seemed like a pretty honest guy, why shouldn't she believe him?

This was stupid. She didn't need someone on standby just to be an ego booster. She had the single most important interview of her life the next day and she really just wanted someone to remind her why she was so great. But what if she called him and that made her sound desperate, like she was fishing for compliments? What if the numbers he gave her were fakes? Maybe he just wanted to brush her off gently. If that was the case, all she could do was be thankful that he didn't decide that a national broadcast was the way to tell her he didn't want to be bothered with her.

What was the worst that could happen? She would call and he'd either not answer or tell her not call him again. That wouldn't be so hard. It would be his loss, not hers. Dicks came a dime a dozen and Parker had two dollars. She didn't need Randy. Fuck him.

Why am I getting mad at him? I haven't even called him yet. This was bordering on lunacy. Parker took a deep breath, sat on the couch and picked up the phone. She closed her eyes, she already knew all of the numbers by heart, and dialed as quickly as she could.

Randy Orton was young, sexy, and famous. He wouldn't have time to entertain the poor, little, fat girl from Baltimore. But maybe he would have time for the big, beautiful woman that rocked his fucking world. She smiled to herself as soon as she changed her train of thought. By the third ring, she had decided to leave a message. She had already started rehearsing what it was that she was going to say. But when she heard a hello on the other end, Parker froze. She hadn't expected him to really pick up.

"Hello?" Randy's voice was deep and dragged out every sound as he spoke. The deafening volume of the music in the car made it hard for him to tell if the person on the other end answered. Adjusting his Bluetooth headset on his ear and gripping the steering wheel with one hand, he turned down the radio with the other.

"Hi…Randy?" That's as far in her rehearsed speech as she had gotten. She was cool, she was smooth…Parker didn't stumble. Then again, Parker never talked to Randy Orton on the telephone before. "This is Parker. I don't know if you remember me, but I met you a little while ago…"

"Well, it's about damn time. What the fuck took you so long to call me?" Randy's smile could be heard through the phone, he was sure of it. For over two months, he had been waiting for Parker to call. If he had been thinking, he would've gotten her number or not deleted Avery's from his phone's memory. He had no way to get in touch with her. He could only wait on her, because, let's face it, he was Randy Orton, of course she was going to call.

Parker started to smile. He hadn't changed a bit. "You remember me?"

"Parker…one doesn't forget tits like yours." He instantly felt a chill rush through his body as he thought about Parker's breasts. "How's it going?"

Parker couldn't help but to laugh at his crass ass comment. "Good. I have my interview for my internship tomorrow. I'm a little nervous, but I know I have the grades to get this spot at Hopkins. It's so hard getting a rotation there, even if you go to the school. But besides that, I'm good. " She didn't want to ramble, but she just seemed comfortable talking to him. She was starting to question why it was that it took her so long to call him in the first place. "So, how have you been?"

"Me? What can I say? I'm young, talented, devastatingly handsome…what do I have to complain about?" He could listen to her laugh forever. It was so infectious, it made him laugh. "Now back to you. You got nothing to worry about. You got that internship sewn up. Where else are they gonna find another total package? I mean, you're smart, funny, sexy as hell…and you know me. What more could they possibly want in an intern?"

"You really think highly of yourself, don't you?"

"If I don't, nobody else will; just like I think highly of you." He had no idea why he constantly put himself out there with her. It just came naturally. He liked Parker, he was comfortable with her. She was his female counterpart. "In fact, I think so highly of you that I think you should come down to Puerto Rico to see the show next weekend."

Parker looked at the phone as if it had sprouted wings. Did Randy just invite her to Puerto Rico? That couldn't have been right. "What?"

"You could consider it a present for nailing that intership from me to you. And bring your friend. I'm sure my boy Hardy would like to see her." This was it, he was taking the plunge. It had taken her over two months to call him and he wasn't taking anymore chances. He was going to see her and woo her until he finally got what he wanted. Randy Orton, always got what he wanted, and that happened to be Parker. "I'll even be a gentleman and get you your own room. You won't be sleeping in it, but it's the thought that counts, right?"

Parker happened to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She wondered if she looked that goofy smiling at Randy when he was in the room. The smile plastered on her face at that moment, she looked like freaking lunatic. "Well, where would I be sleeping?" Flirting with him made her feel even sexier than she knew that she was.

"Underneath me…beside to me, on top of me…I don't know how much actual sleeping we're going be doing, but that's just a few positions I thought we'd start with." There was a silence on the phone that made Randy uncomfortable. He had never toned himself down for anyone, but he feared that he might have gone too far with her. He didn't want to take that chance. His voice dropped considerable and the sincerity was audible. "So how about it? Will you come? I really would like to see you."

She didn't want to see desperate, so she pretended to debate it. In all honesty, she couldn't wait to see him again. After a pregnant pause, she took a cautious breath. "Are you serious?"

"Hell yeah. What? You got something better to do?"

"Well…I was going to rent some movies and veg out. But I guess I could make an exception." She had so much to do. She needed to go shopping, get her hair cut, get her toes done and buy a swimsuit. And she didn't care that was size 26, she was buying the most flattering swimsuit that a full figured woman ever wore. It wasn't about her size. It was about the fact that she was a sexy beast, going to Puerto Rico to see Randy Orton and she wasn't going there looking a hot mess. "You better make it worth my while. I'm giving up a weekend of Brad Pitt to come visit you."

Randy laughed. She made it seem like she was doing him a favor. Even if she was, he wasn't going to let her know it. "Fuck a Brad Pitt. Those tits are mine."

Parker's heart skipped a beat. Only Orton could be a cocky bastard and make it endearing. "You think you can handle it? I am a fabulous supermodel and all…"

"You damn right you are."

John Cena looked over from the passenger's seat shaking his head with a smile. He was happy for his friend. He had never seen him like this before. Although Orton would never admit it, he was feeling Parker more than he let on. Cena could vouch for a fact that Orton hadn't taken any girls to his room since that time he was with her last. And not that Cena would bring it up, but Randy found a way to work Parker's name into a conversation every once and again. Judging from the wide, cheesy ass smile on Randy's face as he talked to her, he was fucking giddy over the fact that she agreed to come see him.

John didn't understand Randy and Parker. But it wasn't his place to try. Parker needed someone like Randy and as long as she made his eyes dance like they were and his smile that fucking big, Randy needed her just as much. With Orton it wasn't about Parker's weight; it was all about the woman that she was underneath it, and that's all that was really important, anyway.


Body image is not just how everyone else views us; it's how we view ourselves. It doesn't matter if you're a size 2 or a 32; it's the person on the inside that counts. For some reason, we give into the hype that physical beauty means you have to be thin or look a certain way, but the majority of us don't fit the mold. We have to find beauty within our own hearts and say fuck the rest of the world.

We are fabulous; don't ever let anyone tell you differently. No one is perfect, no one is completely happy. And those people who take pride in hurting you because of how you look are fucking miserable in their own skin. They're hiding from something and trying to divert the attention from themselves to you. Don't believe the hype. Know that you are phenomenal and it has NOTHING to do with what size jeans you wear.

Whether you're big or small, whether you've found your Randy Orton or you're still looking, know that you are beautiful and someone will appreciate that. If you carry yourself like you're less than beautiful, that's how the world will see you. Carry yourself like a queen and you will attract a king (or another queen, if that's how you get down). You have to believe; you have to know. Size doesn't matter, the person that you are does. So hold your head high and know how incredible you are. Do your own thing and don't worry about what other people think.

Fuck what you heard; beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. You're beautiful too, just realize it. Don't dream it, be it... be the body beautiful.

Every single one of us is a Supermodel. Those runway bitches have nothing on us!



A/N2: God…I have so much to say…so get comfortable because I'm saying it all now.

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