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Chapter One

As Seto sat in Class, he was watching Joey and how he interacted with his friends and how Seto wished that he had friends like that. Seto had a very hard life, with dealing with an abusive father and raising his brother on top of running Kaiba Corp. he didn't have time for friends.

The Teacher said something to him, and Seto looked like she had hit him with something. "Mr. Kaiba I would appreciate if you would pay attention to what I am saying" Miss Turner said. Seto kind of blushed and said, "sorry Miss Turner" and that made all the others look at him. Kaiba apologizing, that wasn't like him.

Joey was about to say something, but there was something about the way Seto looked at him that changed his mind. When Class was over, Seto was the first out the door hoping that he would make it out to his car without someone stopping him, but he didn't get that far.

"Hey Kaiba," Joey yelled.

Seto turned around and wanted to say something nasty but changed his mind and he didn't even know why. "What is it Wheeler?" Seto said.

"Can I get a ride home with you?" Joey asked him. Seto didn't say anything, just opened the passenger door and got in behind the wheel. Joey climbed in and Seto put the car in gear and roared out of the parking lot. There was silence for about two minutes, when Joey said, "thanks man." Seto didn't say anything except he nodded his head.

As he pulled up in front of the Joey's house Seto heard a loud crash and a lot of cussing. Joey got out and ran to the front door and kicked it in.

Seto noticed that Joey had forgotten his book bag and got out of the car and took it to the house. When he got to the door, he saw that Serenity was lying on the floor her clothes were torn and her face looked like someone had used her for a punching bag, she was bleeding from between her legs and Seto knew that she had been raped and she was bleeding from her head. Going inside, Seto took out a handkerchief from his pocket and put it on the head wound and applied pressure.

From the kitchen he heard Joey yelling at someone and then Joey came flying out of the kitchen and hit the floor. "You son-of-a-bitch" Joey roared as he got up and went back into the kitchen and then a man Seto figured was their stepfather came flying out and hit the wall and was knocked out.

Joey went to the phone and called the Police. "Get someone here to 5235 Willis Lane, Joey said I want to report a rape." "Yeah the man is still here, it's my father and there is a restraining order against him" Joey said. Serenity came to and she moaned. "Hey, send an Ambulance too" Joey said then he hung up the phone. Joey went over to make sure that his stepfather was still breathing and then he went to see about his sister. "Sorry you had to see that" Joey said to Seto. "Sis you need to lie still" Joey said.

Seto still had pressure on the wound and he didn't even act like it bothered him that there was blood on his coat. "Thanks for helping my sister" Joey told him. Seto smiled down at Serenity and she tried to smile back but her head felt like someone had hit her with a 2x4.

The Police finally got there and they arrested Mr. Wheeler and after the EMT's got Serenity stabilized enough they took her to the Hospital.

"Let's go" Seto said to Joey and they got into Seto's car and he drove to the Hospital. On the way there, Seto called Roland and "asked him to watch Mokuba and told him why, also get hold of Allister and ask him to meet us at the Hospital."

When the finally got there, the Doctors were examining Serenity and they determined that she was indeed raped and gave the Police the information they needed to charge her father for the rape. "How is she" Joey asked the Doctor? "She's sleeping we gave her a sedative to help calm her down" the Doctor said. "I want to keep her over night to monitor her" the Doctor told Joey, then he left to check on Serenity.

Joey closed his eyes and nearly fell down, but Seto got to him and helped him to a chair. "Hey, thanks" Joey said, and then he started to cry. "That bastard is going to pay for what he did to her" Joey said as he wiped away the tears.

As they sat there, Joey said "it all started about four years ago, that is when Serenity started maturing and looking more like a young lady and that's when our stepfather started trying to touch her." Seto sat there and didn't say a thing, he just let Joey get it all out.

"When he first touched her, I went to the Court with proof that he was trying to molest her and they gave me legal custody of my sister and then I went to the Police and filed a restraining Order on our dad and he had to move out and couldn't be within 100 feet of Serenity or he would be arrested. He did get arrested and they sent him to jail for two months and then he got out and didn't bother us till today."

Just then Allister walked up to them and Seto excused himself and they went to talk. " I will look into for you and get back to you when I've had a chance to review everything" Allister told Seto. "Thanks" Seto said and Allister left.

"What was that all about" Joey asked Seto. "I've asked Allister who is the best Attorney in town to see what can be done to keep your stepfather away from Serenity" he told Joey. Joey closed his eyes and said "thanks" and he held out his hand to Seto to shake which he did.

The Nurse came and told Joey "that his sister would like to see him" and Joey asked Seto to come too. As they walked into the room, Joey was a little apprehensive about what he would say to her. Joey walked over to the bed and held his sister in his arms and they both had a good cry.

"I want to thank you for what you did for me" Serenity said to Seto. He didn't know what to say so he just nodded his head.

"How are you feeling" Joey asked her? Serenity had tears running down her face and it nearly destroyed Joey. "Why did he do it" she sobbed? Joey held her and said through his tears, " honey I don't really know, he's just a really sick man."

The Nurse came in and said that "visiting hours were almost over and they would have to leave soon." Seto turned to the Nurse and said, " ask Doctor Faust to come here, I need to talk to him." Then the Nurse left. Joey turned to Seto with a questioning look and said, "why?"

Just then the door opened and in walked the tallest man either Serenity or Joey had ever seen. The Doctor shook Seto's hand and said, " what can I do for you?" Seto explained the situation "and Faust went to the phone and called the Nurses station and asked to speak to the Nurse in Charge."

A very sweet looking older woman came into the room and smiled at Seto. "Long time no see" she said as she hugged Seto.

Marie this is Joey Wheeler and his sister Serenity, Seto said and I want him to be able to stay here with her till she is discharged is there any way he can?" Marie smiled and said, "he can stay as long as he wants" she said. Faust walked over to Joey and handed him a card and said, "call me if anyone gives you any trouble" and Joey shook his hand and said "thanks."

Marie and Faust left the room and Joey walked over to Seto and with tears in his eyes he said, " you've done so much for us today and we want to thank you." "Please come here," Serenity said to Seto. Seto stood by the bed and Serenity held out her arms and Seto held her and that caused him to blush. "You're both welcome" he said.

Then he went to the door and as he went out he turned around and said, " call if either of you need anything at all" and then the door closed.

Seto stood outside the door and he wanted to hit something. He remembered how his own father would beat and rape him and how when his father would laugh at his pain and say, when I'm through with you, I'll start on Mokuba. That is when Seto lost it and he killed his own father. Roland found Seto standing over the body of his father and it was Roland who took over and disposed of the body so that no one would know that Seto had killed him.

Seto vowed right then that he would move heaven and earth to make sure that the monster that was Joey and Serenity's stepfather would never hurt her again even if it meant he would have to kill the man and he would do it.

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Chapter Two Coming Up.. Serenity gets the worse news any young lady could get..