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Chapter Eight

Serenity has been home for over three months and she is beginning to show and Mokuba is enjoying the idea of becoming a father. As her pregnancy progressed she found out that she was going to have a daughter. Mokuba and Serenity decided to get married before the baby is born, so Seto makes the arrangements for the Wedding to be held in the back yard. It was a beautiful day and when Mokie saw her walking down the path to him he nearly started to cry, because she was so beautiful.

After the Wedding, Seto had the guest house made up and that's where they spent their honeymoon. Mokie was afraid to have sex with her because he didn't want to hurt the baby. Serenity almost laughed but she didn't she told him "Mokie it won't hurt the baby at all" so they consummated their marriage.

Now, Serenity is in her ninth month and she wants this baby out and she doesn't care how. "I want to see my feet again" she told her brother. She and Mokie were up at the main house having dinner with Seto and Joey, when her water breaks and they rush her to the Hospital.

The Doctor told them that soon they would soon see their daughter. Serenity was in labor for six hours and all the time she was in the delivery room, Mokie was by her side. Serenity delivered a beautiful little baby girl, she weighed eight pounds fifteen ounces and was twenty-two inches long. Mokuba went out to tell the others.

"I have a daughter" Mokie announced to everyone. Seto went to his brother and they held each other. "Seto, Serenity was really great." he said. Then he fainted.

They got to go see Serenity and when they walked into the room she was breast feeding her baby. Mokuba was like the proudest father standing there watching his wife and his little girl. "Isn't she beautiful?" He asked them. They all had to admit that the baby was beautiful but why wouldn't she be, she had a beautiful mother.

Mokuba and Serenity had three other children and they live in a small house not to far from the Manor. They are a happily married couple……


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