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Sirius is covered in mud. There is dirt on his face, his clothing, and his shoes, all splattered. It's raining, but it's not cleaning him. It's simply making him slip into the mud and onto the floor more and more. Sirius laughs. He doesn't really care; he was born to like the rain and the mud.

The house isn't in sight with all the sleet blocking it, but Sirius can see it if he squints. At least it's not hailing.

He runs forward in a slippery skip, and hanging onto the porch pole, he traipses up the stairs and the wood squeaks beneath him. The paint on the railings is peeling off, and the tiny roof that's covering the porch above him is so noisy as each raindrop hits the slates.

He knocks on the door with white knuckles. "Mooony!" He says loudly, his voice being overpowered by the heavy rain. Drip, drip, drip, goes his jacket.

He knocks and rings the bell at the same time, ding, ding, ding, echoing through the walls so that even Sirius hears it.

The faint sound of footsteps comes toward the door, and the creak of the wood swinging open is revealed.

Through the crack a woman peers through it, her eyes zipping sideways before they fall upon Sirius, grinning broadly on the porch. He waves for a moment.

"Hello." Sirius greets politely.

"Remus!" The woman calls, and opens the door a bit more. "Your friend is here!"

More footsteps echo, but these are more rapid and excited footsteps. A final thud is heard as Remus jumps off of the last step and bolts toward the door.

"Sirius!" He screams, and reaches over to unlock the door. "You look a mess–"

"The extra sheets are in the closet, dear–" Remus' mother tells him. "–make sure that there's a place on the floor for him to sleep–" She fusses, and smiles warmly at Sirius.

"Isn't it humid out there? You wouldn't expect that in the end of June–" Remus rambles, his hand fastened on Sirius' wrist. Sirius and Remus can't stop smiling.

He runs up the stairs with Sirius in pursuit, and opens the door to his room, which is nothing but small, dreary gray walls and a bed.

"You're parents weren't mad about my arrival, then?"

"No," Remus says. "They were kind of excited to meet my best friend."

Sirius smiles, and shakes his head viciously, water flying about.

"Can't you do that in the bathroom, Padfoot?" Remus asks bitterly, shielding his face.

He shrugs. "I need a shower, anyway."

"Do you need extra clothes?"

"I brought some." Sirius says, and closes the door to the adjoining bathroom.

"Where?" Remus asks.

"My suitcase."

"And where's your suitcase?"

"The porch, still." Sirius' muffled voice says, and Remus can hear running water. Sighing, he walks swiftly downstairs and retrieves the drenched suitcase off of the porch.

"Your water was cold." Sirius says, taking the suitcase from him. There's a towel wrapped messily around him.

"You took forever in there. It gets cold if you use up all the warm water."

"It doesn't happen like that in Hogwarts." Sirius complains.

"Is this Hogwarts?" Remus retorts, as he goes back into the bathroom to change. "Did you bring all of your stuff?"

"I think so," Sirius responds from the bathroom. "If not I won't go back there to get more."

"You're sixteen, and you're afraid to see your house?"

"Not my house," He says back. "As much as my parents."

Remus shrugs and picks up some of his clothing from his closet. He grabs for a suitcase under his bed and unzips it, folding his pants neatly and putting them in the corner of his suitcase. He smoothes the front subconsciously.

"So," Sirius says from inside the bathroom, the door muffling his voice. "How warm will it be in Newcastle?"

"I looked it up. The average high is 61 and the average low is 48."

"Warmest temperature ever?"

"84 degrees." Remus responds promptly, and folds a pair of socks.

"Okay. Then I guess I won't need my mittens?"

"No," He says back. "Are you almost done in there?"

"Almost. Can you hand me my hair gel?" Sirius asks.

Remus bends down and searches through Sirius' suitcase. He holds up a lime green bottle and examines the label before slipping it through the door.

"Thanks." Sirius says.

He nods at the door and continues packing his pants.

"Who'll be driving?"

"Obviously I, because I'm the only one who's ever even learned Muggle road signs." Remus states.

"Yeah." The door opens and Sirius comes out, dressed and relaxed.


"Yeah," He says again. "Why is your room so dreary, Moony? It's so gray."

"Thanks," Remus says sarcastically. "But I don't spend so much time in here anyway."

"Where do you go then?"

"The study. I read in there."

"I shouldn't be surprised." Sirius mutters, and falls onto Remus' bed. Remus winces.

"I just made my bed, Sirius."

"Just for me? Aww…" The Animagus brushes off playfully, smiling.

There's a soft knock on the door. "Boys? Would you like some sandwiches?"

It opens to Remus' mother, holding a platter of bread and butter, setting it down on her son's bed. "Just don't eat on the sheets."

Sirius picks up a sandwich. "When are James and Peter coming?"

"Tomorrow, I guess," He says, shrugging. "Did you bring a toothbrush?"

"No. But I brought a hairbrush."

"Of course you did," Remus says, rolling his eyes. "Do you at least have toothpaste?"

"What would I do with toothpaste without a toothbrush?"

"You once played a prank on Snape with toothpaste." Remus reminds him.

Sirius laughs. "That was hilarious."

"Hilarious, maybe. But you used up more than four tubes." He says sternly, trying to show him that he didn't approve.

"Don't give me that face," Sirius says. "You thought it was funny, too."

"It'll be raining on Friday, so do you have an umbrella?" Remus asks, and Sirius shakes his head. "Fine, we can share mine," He mumbles. "And we'll walk home on Wednesday."


"After driving, of course," Remus reasons, and goes into the bathroom to fetch his toiletries. "How much shampoo did you bring?"

"Five bottles. And they smell of chocolate beans!" The next second he waves the opened bottle under Remus' nose.

"Not bad. I can smell toffee." He comments, and stuffs his own shampoo in his suitcase.

"I can too," Sirius bends down to his own suitcase and puts the bottle onto the bottom. "And I brought firewhiskey." He holds up a velvet box and shows it eagerly to Remus.

"No more drinks tonight. Or tomorrow. Not when we'll be driving." Remus tells him sternly, and snatches up the velvet box.

There is a small silence as Remus keeps on packing and Sirius lays on the bed.

"This will be a fun summer."

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Hotel Roosevelt – By Augustana

Last call, for the moon tonight,
read all, rain on Friday night,
take back all the things I said,
lay down, rest your pretty head now...

Last call, no more drinks tonight,
and it's not your fault, its time to walk away from,
this velvet box, full of alcohol,
and TV talks, gone on far too long

take anything that's better for me...
take anything that's better for you...
take anything that's better for me...take it now...

shut up, I'm wrong, I know...but we can't talk about it,
all the wars we won, but we're still walking home,
don't give me your reasons, for all my bad intentions,
new york...LA..hey man, you know its all the same...

last call, everyone go home,
and take all the LA rain in,
because it won't fail too much more this year,
the summer's gone, but I'm still right here...