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The Bonds We Share


Inuzuka Nin

Tree after tree flew by the group, as they travelled at a speed barely seen by the naked eye through the forest. The sun had set a couple of ours ago, though the group showed no signs of drowsiness, and weren't planning to stop any time soon. Reaching the tree line, the four dropped to the ground with a splash, caused by the rain that had mixed with the earth to create a thick mud. Looking around, they noticed they were atop a hill. They stood in a line, surveying the land before them.

A dim orange light to the east caught their attention, and they began to move once more, this time in the direction of the light, to investigate.

In the village, all that could be seen were the countless houses burning, and although they were slowly being extinguished by the downpour of rain; the orange flames were still a stark contrast to the dark night sky above. The four silhouettes could be seen dashing through the streets at a high speed, close together, yet each of them with their guard up.

None of them were taking any chances.

Upon reaching the centre of the town, they stopped and looked around once more.

At first glance, the place looked like it had hosted some sort of fight or battle. Under closer observation, it was more like there had been a slaughter. There was blood on the ground, blood on the walls, and it all mixed with the rain, creating a runny red liquid that flowed through the cracks and the rubble on the ground. On a wall was a bloody handprint, and after one of the group inspected it, it was evident that this accident, or rather tragedy, had happened not long before the storm had started an hour ago.

After all hope of finding survivors had vanished, they noticed a house to the left of the square which seemed to have escaped the fire. After each member of the group had nodded in agreement, they headed towards the building, quickly and quietly. As they neared the house, they heard a noise.

It sounded like a child whimpering.

There were survivors, after all.

After deciding that a trap was unlikely, one of the four stepped forward and gently pushed the wooden door open with a creak, revealing not one, but three children, each with a tear stained face.

"No! Please!" the child at the front cried, cowering in fear.

After looking at their three companions, the figure in front of the three children knelt down. The person pulled down the hood of their rain cloak, the flames from next door illuminating the two red triangles on their face.

"Shh, it's okay. We're from Konoha village… We're here to help."

Removing the hands covering her dirty face, a girl looked up.

"Y-you're h-here to help us?" she asked, her little voice hoarse from crying.

The adult in front of them nodded.

"W-what's your name?" the four turned to the little boy who had cried out previously.

"Inuzuka." The person smiled, as the three other silhouettes stepped forward.

"Inuzuka Hana."