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Brennan pulled away slightly and put her hands on either side of his face, his good arm resting on her side.

"I can't believe it's you. I can't believe you're here." She shook her head and leaned in to kiss him.

"I love you." They whispered in unison, causing a smile to break out on their lips. The first real smile either of them had shown in far too long.

Their foreheads resting against each other, Booth spoke softly.

"God you're beautiful Temperance. More so than I remembered."

Brennan smiled, her eyes still closed.

"I weigh fifty pounds more now than I did when you left, I find that highly unlikely."

"You are beautiful Bones and I couldn't be happier about your weight gain and the reason behind it."

She felt him stand erect and opened her eyes; he was staring down at her protruding abdomen.

Reaching for his hand, she smiled.

"I'm seven months along."

Booth nodded as she placed his palm just above her bellybutton.

"I know, I was counting the days, hoping I'd be back in time." Booth blinked hard and smiled down at Brennan's stomach and his child inside her.

After a few moments he became aware of her mood changing and looked up, amazed at how in tune he felt with her, even after all this time.

"What's wrong babe?"

Bennan shrugged and played with his fingers absently.

"I missed you, that's all. I was so scared. I thought…" She couldn't finish and Booth brought a calming finger to her lips.

"Shhh. I know." He swallowed and pulled her toward him again, nodding, "Believe me I know. And I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault. Just…why did they do that? Why did they tell me I'd lost you?" A ghost of the sinking feeling she'd been wrapped in for the past few weeks ran over her skin and the tears almost started anew.

Booth sighed.

"Let's go say 'hi' to the squints. I'll tell you all at once."

Brennan frowned as Booth started to pull away, lacing the fingers of his good hand with one of hers.

"You don't have to Booth. If you'd rather just tell me, I'm sure they'lll understand, and I can tell the others later if you want me to." She remembered what he'd told her about coming back from war, that adults always want you to relive it. She didn't want Booth to feel that.

"No, it's okay. They're family." He said simply. They started toward their little mismatched clan, all of whom stood to welcome him, goofy grins plastered on their faces.

Brennan, however, was focused on the slight limp Booth had and the way he was holding back a wince of pain with every movement. She frowned at him and stopped to say something.

Booth felt her watching him and knew she was now coming to realize the extent of his injuries. He looked at her and shook his head. That was one thing he didn't really want to recount right then.

Angela couldn't hold herself back any longer. She handed Mathew to Jack and ran at Booth, shaking her head giving him as tight a hug as she could without hurting him. "You're home." She stepped back, grinning and wiping tears from her cheeks. "You've really got to teach me this 'coming back from the dead' trick Agent Hot Stuff."

Booth laughed. "Ah yes, Angela, always there with the appropriate comments." Angela shrugged and laughed and Booth turned to Hodgins and Zack, giving both of them quick hugs and exchanging a few friendly jibes.

Angela went to stand next to her friend and watched the men interact, Sid having joined the little welcoming party.

"He kept his promise Sweetie." Angela nudged Brennan lightly in the arm and felt her body get lighter at the smile showing on Brennan's face. A smile she thought she'd never see again.

"Yes, he did Angela." Brennan smiled, bending over to pick up Mathew who was stumbling sleepily around the active adults.

Mathew laid his head on his mother's shoulder and sighed contentedly. Turning her face to whisper in his ear, but keeping her eyes trained on Booth, Brennan spoke to her son.

"Your father always keeps his promises. Remember that Matty. Always."

Booth's eyes slid over to Brennan, she held a sleeping Mathew and was looking pretty tired herself.

I guess I better get this over with.

"Guys, lets, um, sit down okay?"

The group went back over to the table, sliding into their original seats with the exception of Brennan who sat next to Booth instead of next to Zach so she could be on the outside and Sid who pulled up a chair on the end.

All were quiet as they waited for Booth to begin his explanation. Only he didn't right away. At first he simply stared at Mathew, the boy's small body sprawled across Brennan as she held him awkwardly on her now diminished lap. He reached over to stroke the boys' blonde hair.

Sensing what Booth wanted, Brennan turned toward him.

"He can sit on your lap. Hold out your arm."

She sat on Booth's right side so she turned Mathew to face away from her and laid him in Booth's lap, his small head resting in the crook of his father's uninjured arm, Brennan helping to support it.

Booth smiled down at Mathew and then at his wife. "Thank you."

Brennan only nodded and Booth recognized the face she now wore.

She was waiting.

Booth took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"First, let me say I'm sorry. To all of you." He let his eyes go to each of his friends, one of his hands fiddled absently with Mathew's soft chubby fingers.

"Booth it wasn't your…"

"Maybe not Angela, but…I still feel responsible. I caused you pain, and I'm sorry for that. But it was all a mistake."

"Obviously." Zach said, before anyone could stop him. Immediately he moved his eyes to the table, receiving an old familiar glare from Booth. A glare he'd actually kind of missed.

"How did it happen Booth?" Brennan stared wide-eyed at him, wanting to hold his hand but with it wrapped around Mathew she was unable to, so she rested it on his knee.

"There was a bomb."

"An IED?"

"Yeah. I and three others were on our way back inside the safe zone after completing a…mission that required us to separate from our infantry. We were with another troop, trying to save a trip. The bomb went off, everything went black. After that I only remember sporadic pieces, voices, faces…but nothing concrete. Turns out I was seated furthest from the bomb and thrown from the vehicle. My dog tags were caught on something and ripped off my neck, making it nearly impossible to identify me when I got to the makeshift medical center in the field. Our superior didn't know we were coming back already so he had no reason to be looking for us and the medics were overrun with wounded."

Brennan glanced at the back of Booth's neck, highly visible with his short hair and t-shirt. Sure enough there was a small scar along it indicating where the chain had been ripped from his neck.

"I don't know how I got there, clean up crew must have found me and realized I was alive…unlike all the others."

"Clean up crew? Like…for garbage?" Angela ventured.

Booth flicked his eyes toward her, dark with experiences of things no one should know.

"No. Bodies."

Angela sat back from the table and clasped hand with Hodgins.

"I'm sorry Booth."

He shook his head. "It's fine. So…I guess they took me to the medics and my injuries were serious enough that I was flown out to France on the next available chopper. Four surgeries and a couple weeks recovery later…here I am. I was out for most of it, by the time any of my own found out I was alive, I'd been discharged and was on my way here. I'm sure they would have called you to let you know if I hadn't been one step ahead of them." He smiled slightly and gave a small shrug.

The table sat in shock, unsure of what to say next. Angela looked like she was about to cry, Hodgins frowned deeply and stared at his placemat, Zach shifted constantly in his seat as if he was sitting on a pinecone and kept darting his eyes to different areas of the restaurant. Sid studied the floor.

Booth cleared his throat, disturbing the delicate silence and looked intently at Mathew, trying to etch his small child's sleeping face into his brain. The innocence that emanated from the boy was nearly overwhelming and Booth wanted to soak it up.

Suddenly Brennan gave Booth's knee a slight squeeze and stood.

"I um…I have to go to the bathroom." She announced, before heading off toward the restroom, a slight waddle in her step.

Booth watched her go and when she was out of sight turned to the squints.

"How did she take it?"

Angela looked puzzled. "Take what?"

"My um…my death." He said morbidly.

"Oh…well you know her Booth." Angela shrugged and glanced at Sid. "She tried to be strong. For Matty. For herself. She wouldn't let anyone see her cry, wouldn't take time off. But…it hit her hard, she didn't know what to do without you. She wouldn't leave the house except to go to the lab." She took a deep breath. "She was a mess."

Booth nodded and looked down at the table, guilt creeping into his heart, he hated that she'd gone through this. That she'd believed she was all alone again.

"But Booth," Angela reached across the table and touched his arm, forcing him to look up at her, "you're home now. She's not alone and you, the both of you, are going to be okay."

Booth nodded at her. "You think?" His voice sounded surer of himself than he felt.

"Booth sweetie, you and Bren are the strongest, most stubborn people I know. If anyone can get through this, you guys can. You have each other, you have Matty along with a bun in the oven and you have us. You're going to be fine." She squeezed his arm to punctuate her point.

And he believed her.

Just then Brennan emerged from the bathroom and even from across the room he could see she'd been crying. He gestured to Zach, who took Mathew off his lap and he rose, limping across the room to meet her.

"Bones, you've been crying."

Brennan nodded. "You've been dead." She stated bluntly, tears still in her voice.

"Hey," He reached up and touched her cheek, "I'm not dead. I'm right here. I'm right here with you and I'm not going anywhere." He bent to kiss her. "No more tears okay?"

Brennan gave him a half smile.

"Well I'm not sure I can promise that, I am hormonal you know."

Booth chuckled and took her hand. "Why don't we head home, hmm?"

Brennan nodded, they collected Mathew and bid farewell to the squints and Sid.


That night Booth lay in bed with Brennan by his side, Mathew snuggled up between them.

He knew it would be a long road to recovery for all of them, but somehow, telling the others what had happened seemed to lighten the invisible load on his shoulders. He knew Angela was right, he'd be okay. They all would.

Booth closed his eyes and smiled in the darkness. He had everything he needed to help heal his wounds, both inside and out, right there in bed with him.

His Bones, his child with another on the way…his life returning to normal.


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