Title: To Be Or Not To Be

Rating: K+ (for now… rating may go up)

Summary: She just went to his house to see why he hadn't come to training. she hadn't planned on being told she was getting married! And to Neji Hyuga, no less. Ya see? Weird things happen when Neji skips training!

By: Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl

Warning from Authoress: I apologize in advance if there are any stories like mine out there, but I did not steal this plot idea from anyone. Well, that's not true, I stole it from my best friend, Alex, when we were on the phone, but she practically demanded I use it cuz she can't write for the life of her. But, yeah. Not stolen.

Hello! It's MillicentRaven under a new penname! And I love my new name. Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl. I love Shika… but anyways! This is a repost of the original story "To Be Or Not To Be". I didn't like the original way I wrote it. at all. It sucked. Muchly. (My word) So I decided to completely redo it and go in a semi-new direction. The whole thing is now in Tenten's perspective… sorta. It's in her perspective, but it's not going to be in first person. (For those who don't know what first person is, it's the use of "I" or "me") And I also have the story planned out. I know exactly where I wanna go with it… kinda. I'm also going to try to make the chapters long, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And, yes, characters will be OOC (out of character) deal with it or click the back button.

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Team Gai's Training Ground

June 10th

9:30 AM

Tenten couldn't believe it. She was completely and utterly speechless. One may ask why she was speechless. Well, it was the fault of Neji Hyuga. Or rather, lack of Neji Hyuga. He was thirty minutes late for training. Neji was late. Neji was late. Neji Hyuga was late. For training. Neji was never late; much less late for training. The words "Neji" and "late" just didn't fit.

"Neji" and "inhuman"

"Neji" and "cold"

"Neji" and "emotionless"

"Neji" and "robot" Those words fit. But when Gai-sensei told Tenten that Neji was thirty minutes late and they could no longer wait for him, a giant "does not compute" flashed in Tenten's mind. "So…what do I do?" Tenten had asked after a few moments of stunned silence. "We could train Tenten, Gai-sensei!" Lee had cried, waving his arms around frantically. "We could show her more of the gift of youth!"


Hell. No. "Um… why don't I just go and find Neji? He has no social life, so I'll just check the Hyuga compound." With that, she calmly walked (frantically ran) from Team Gai's training ground and onto the sidewalk where she began the walk to head toward the Hyugas'. Why would Neji purposely skip training? It didn't make any sense. Neji practically lived to train! So unless he's making birthday preparations, (which she doubted very much) Neji was either sick, which wouldn't stop him from coming to training or he was dead. (And Tenten doubted that even death would stop him from training.) Tenten stopped as she stood in front of the Hyuga house and looked at the giant wooden door in front of her. She gulped. She's never actually seen the inside of her teammate's house before, but… she balled her hand into a fist and banged on the door. A maid answered. "Yes?"

"Where's Neji?" The maid took in her appearance and frowned, her eyes narrowing. "I'm sorry; Master Neji has forbid me to allow the entrance of fangirls into the compound."



"Now, please leave or I'll have to tell Hiashi-sama of your presence here." Slam! Tenten was fuming. She did not! Oh, when Tenten got hold of Neji, he was going to pay for not telling his maids that she was not a bloody fangirl! Tenten fumed as she turned on her heel away from the door and began to walk from the house. That's when she spotted it. A wall that, undoubtedly, led into the Hyuga's backyard. Knowing Neji's family, they'd have alarms all over the place; especially the walls to prevent enemy-related attacks. Did she value her life enough to risk it?

Apparently not. 'Be a good kunai and get in the wall!' Tenten stabbed the wall with her kunai and did the same with another one in order to climb up and get a good leverage going. Oh, sure, she could very easily just poof in there, but this way was much more fun; more risky and this way, Neji was sure to notice her. Two more kunai in the wall and Tenten pushed herself up. She couldn't spend very long standing on her kunai or else they'd break and she'd have to buy more and she didn't want to go another week without eating.

Looking up, she spotted it. A very thin wire that would, no doubt, trip the alarm had she been as inexperienced as she was in her genin days. If she were to step on it accidentally… well, she'd have a buncha Hyugas on her butt, now wouldn't she? Carefully, she embedded the first kunai into the wall a certain way so it would be positioned above the wire. After that was done, the kunai below her left foot began wobbling. 'Crap! Just a few more seconds, then you can fall out!' Tenten took out another kunai knife and just as she was about to embed it… the kunai under her left foot fell out, and Tenten had to use the one under her right foot for support.

Unfortunately, the kunai could barely hold one foot, let alone two; kunais were not meant for foot support. And that one went, too. Thinking quickly, Tenten grabbed the one kunai that she had stuck in earlier. 'Double crap!' The wire was right in front of her. She'd have to be extra careful if she wanted to not touch it.

Maybe she should've just poofed in. "Neji, when I get my hands on you…" she managed to get another kunai into the wall. Unfortunately, as she was pulling herself up, her foot pulled on the wire.


Triple crap. Tenten pushed herself up and over the wall. Well, she was right. Neji was sure to notice her now.

And… cue the dogs. 'I'm not a dog person.' Tenten thought as she got out two more kunai. Not even ten minutes later, all four of the Hyugas' dogs were on the ground, whining and licking their wounds. "And that is why I am a cat person." It was then she spotted him. White-eyed, brown-haired prodigy that was Neji Hyuga. "Hi, Neji!" Her white-eyed teammate turned his eyes from the injured dogs to Tenten. "You climbed the wall."

"Hey, I didn't set off the alarm on purpose! Stupid kunai broke while I was standing on it."

"Kunais were not meant to be stood on. They were meant for battling purposes."

"I know that!" Tenten interrupted. "And furthermore," Neji continued, as if Tenten hadn't spoken at all. "If you really wished to enter the Hyuga grounds, you could have easily just poofed in. Or, even better, you could have just entered through the front door."

"I did try to go through the front door!" Tenten burst out. "But the maid said I was a fangirl and wouldn't let me in, which, by the way, I'm gonna get you for later."

"How is the maid's incompetence my fault?"

"You should tell her what your friends look like so they don't get mistaken for fangirls!"

"I don't talk to the maids unless it is necessary."

"If it happens again, I may just have to burst through the front door… decapitating some people who stand in my way."

"Just try it. You'll just have Hyugas who wouldn't hesitate in killing you."

"I wouldn't hesitate, either."

"Is that a threat?"

"No. it's a promise." Neji smirked slightly. "Hn. I would prefer that you go through the front doors. It is so much better than alerting the entire clan to your presence." Neji's hand swept around and it seemed that at that moment, Tenten realized that the entire Hyuga clan was staring at them in full byakugan. "Wow. You have a huge clan."

"Neji." Hiashi Hyuga walked up to the pair, examining the female. "Tenten, correct?" Tenten smiled, bowed slightly and nodded. "Yes, sir. I apologize for setting off the alarms. The maids would not allow me entrance into your home." The Hyuga head nodded. "I will make sure to take care of that." He then, turned to his nephew. "Neji." Neji turned to his uncle. "Yes, Hiashi-sama?"

"This is the same Tenten you were talking about earlier?" Neji nodded, once. Tenten looked in between the uncle and nephew. "You were talking about me?"

"Tenten-san." Tenten stood up straighter under the Hyuga clan's intense gaze. "Neji has picked you. Do you accept?" Tenten blinked, confused. "Um… okay?" The cold look in Hiashi's eyes softened. "Well, then, in that case," he spoke loud enough for the members of the clan to hear. "There is to be a wedding! Neji and Tenten shall be wed in four weeks!"

…Does. Not. Compute. Tenten vaguely heard Neji sigh. 'Wedding? Wedding? Whose wedding? It couldn't be my wedding because I'm not getting married. Certainly not to the legendary Neji Hyuga.' Tenten was snapped out of her mental rant by the sound of snapping in front of her face. "Tenten?" Ah, so it was Neji snapping his fingers in front of the weapons mistress' face. Tenten blinked, and then snapped her gaze to the head of the clan. "I'm to be what to the who now?" Ya see? Weird things happen when Neji skips training!

Inside Hyuga Compound

10:00 AM

Tenten was a brilliant kunoichi. She was able to handle any weapon while in battle and she never missed her target. (That battle with the sand freak was just a hoax. She wanted people to think she almost had her spine broken.) She always preferred training to boys and weapons to makeup and hair care. She also never let the little things bother her.

"I have to get married?!"

A wedding was not a little thing. "Please, calm down, Tenten-chan. It won't be that bad." Tenten paused in her pacing and stared at the younger girl. "Hey, if we're gonna be related, I don't have to call you Hinata-sama, do I?" said girl blushed. "I-I don't think so." Tenten smiled. "Good. Because that would be kinda weird. And speaking of weird… I'm engaged to Neji! Neji, of all people! I come over here, with the intent of asking why he was thirty minutes late for training, and it turns out I'm going to get married!"

"Tenten-san." Tenten looked into the doorway and saw a maid. "Um… yes?"

"Hiashi-sama requests your presence in the dining room." Tenten looked over her shoulder at Hinata. The younger girl smiled comfortingly. "Um… alright." Hesitantly, Tenten followed the maid into the dining room, where she saw the Hyuga elders and Neji. "Um…"

"Ah, Tenten-san, glad to see you're here, please, take a seat next to Neji." Hiashi said, motioning to the empty seat by Neji. Slowly, Tenten sank down into the seat. "You're the girl Neji wants to marry?" One of the elders asked, examining Tenten.


"Tenten is above the other girls in Konoha." Neji answered. "She also has complete mastery of weaponry. Her skills are exquisite." See that, that right there, is a Neji word if Tenten had ever heard one. "Thank…you?" Hiashi nodded. "Tenten-san, since you are the one Neji has chosen to be his bride, you are to stay here."


"And pass a few… tests." Tests? "Tests?" Well, at least Neji was just as surprised as she was. "No one said anything about any tests."

"Calm down, boy. It's just to see if your girlfriend has what it takes to be a Hyuga."

"I'm not-"

"Because she's from outside the family."

"Yes. You see Tenten, for generations, the Hyuga clan has married inside the family to keep the Byakugan strictly in the Hyuga clan. So you can see how… alarming it was when Neji said he wanted to marry outside the family." Hiashi explained. 'Ew. Incest.' Tenten thought, wrinkling her nose slightly. "And in order to see if you are truly Hyuga material, we are going to test you. Hyugas are calm by nature. But yet, we do participate quite willingly in one activity." Tenten looked at Neji who sighed heavily. Then when she looked back up, she saw the Hyugas staring at her. "Do you golf, girl?" One elder asked. Tenten blinked. "Golf?"

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