I have risen from the dead.


Now, normally this is the time when an author would go into a long, detailed speech about how busy their summer was, yes?

Well, mine wasn't busy.

I didn't go on a trip.

I didn't discover some foreign substance that could change the world.

I didn't find true love. [Well, I did, but... -sighs- Shika-kun doesn't like me that way. -Pouts-

And I wasn't doin' anything of particular interest.

Nope, I just got lazy. -Grin- And didn't feel like writin'.

But I was observing. I observed stories of those who reviewed them, those who wrote their own.

Some authors need to stick to reading. But, I'm strayin' from the main point here.

I noticed that not a day goes by that this story isn't favorited, or I'm put on someone's author alert or favorite authors, occasionally, I'll even see this story put on someone's alert even though it's completed.

It makes me feel like I actually have talent.

-Mutters- Even though this story is made in a fit of boredom.

Anyways! I have the sequel to this... almost done.

It shall be called "The Dating Game"!

... Until I come up with a better name.

Y'all wanna know what took up most of my time? My site, Fated Love [I think there's a link in my profile. and Shinobi Legends. Dunno what that is?

Go to:

http // shinobilegends . com / referral . php ? r MirageofMemories

There. Spaces go bye-bye, 'course. It is very addicting. It's a Naruto fan-site type-thingy.

Oh, and I suppose I should give yall a preview:

Once upon a time, in a small village named Konoha lived a couple. They weren't exactly traditional, they weren't practical and they weren't by any means normal. After all, how normal could it be falling for what was once your teammate and fiancé? But some people would call them cute and that they complimented each other.

She was happy, could be hyper, cheerful and an all around perky person.

Whereas he was cool, calm, collected and if you ask her, she would say he had—

"A stick up your butt! You need to remove the friggin' stick from your butt, Neji Hyuga! Have you no sense in adventure at all?"

"Tenten, your sense in adventure is cutting Hanabi-sama's hair and dying it blue while she's asleep." Tenten crossed her arms. "Hey, that brat asked for it. She broke my favorite kunai!" Neji let out a heavy sigh. "I thought you and Hanabi-sama had a truce."

"Yeah, well that was before she broke my kunai. And if you ask me, the haircuts an improvement and the blue hair brings out her eyes." Neji sighed, closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. "Tenten, you can't act so reckless here. The elders allowed our relationship to slow considerably and let you stay here as my live-in girlfriend, but I wouldn't push your luck." At Tenten's sigh, he looked at her and backed her up against a wall. "I don't want you to be kicked out of the Hyuga Compound. Or worse, get really pissed off and end up blowing up the Hyuga Compound." Tenten looked appalled. "Neji Hyuga! I would never blow up the Hyuga Compound!" There was a short pause as Tenten thought about it. "Besides, you Hyugas have your own mini-town and I'd have to find someway to blow it all up and I'd have to find some way around your and your family's annoying byakugan… and, quite frankly, I don't want to deal that."

Keep in mind, that this is a rough-rough-rough draft. It may not be the same in the final. Anyways... eh...

-Shikamaru Nara's Fangirl-