My Life

When I went to Sunday School,

Learning how to pray,

Memorise the name and verse,

and what of Christmas Day.

Little kids aren't old enough,

to learn the deeper truth,

All I see is Calvery,

Up beyond the roof.

I read the the verse telling me,

No distance is too far,

This I tell the adults,

who give me chocolate bar.

And say,

Go back to your reading, dove,

That's the best idea of all,

Maybe when you're older,

Right now, you're just too small.

Later when we all grow up,

Their children as well as I,

I am told by their fine kids,

that it was all a lie.

Not verbally, heavens no!

Why would they do that?

Just the worm down the back of my top,

and my favourite (muddy) hat.

My english books find the mud,

For it's me they always tease,

Put on nice shiny faces,

Cold shoulder's begun to freeze.

I feel too sick to go to school,

And I get sick a whole lot more,

Strange, my stomach moans,

When I go near a door.

Then finally God moved me,

To a country far away,

Where I make new better friends,

To write this down today.

This is my story of when I was younger. It's true. If you don't like don't flame. But, I wanted to post this, not so people can say "Look at what nasty people Christians are" but to say "Christians are ones who are Christian in word and deed." The people teasing me weren't Christian and they obviously did not believe or at least worship Christ. To be a Christian you gotta do more than say you're Christian and go to church.

Also how many times can you read the story of Noah to little kids? Children can understand just as much as adults. The only difference I see between kids and adults is adults have more learning. Who said learning is wisdom? From the mouths of...