Double Date?

A Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction

By: The Darkside Incarnate

-Chapter 1: The Plan-

I'm sitting on a bench when it happens. She smiles at me. Namine, yeah, that's right, the girl I've been crushing on for GOD knows how long. Her blonde hair slides through the air, her eyes glowing. Wait…is she really looking at me.

'Oh crap she's going to talk to me? What do I do? What do I do?' the thoughts swirl through my head like a crazed tornado. God I wish that Sora was here, he'd know what to do.

And magically, just like that, my spiky haired, optimistic brunette of a cousin is beside me. "Hey Roxas, what're you doing?"

"Um…um…admiring the view of…"

"What view?"

"The one of the uh…wall…" I'm such an idiot. I mean if I can't even think of something intelligent to say to my own flesh and blood then what am I going to do when Namine' actually notices me?

Sora stares where I stare, then grins his signature cheesy smile. "Right…" he laughs, "the wall."

"It's the truth!"

"Oh, and I guess it doesn't matter that NAMINE' is in front of that wall?" he asks loudly, laughing his head off the whole time.

"Dude, shut up!" I whack him in the head with one fist.

"Ow!" Sora falls off of his seat, hitting the ground with a thump.

Wow, he made a real crash that time.

"You know," Sora murmurs, rubbing a newly made bump on his head, "if you're gonna hit me every time you have girl trouble, then we'll have some problems. I mean, you're always staring at her."

"Like you always stare at Kairi?"

"Yeah, but me and her are dating. Besides, don't get depressed, she was going to come over here…but then she just changed her mind and turned."

"True…wait…she was GOING to come over?" I ask, bewildered, I redirecting my attention to Namine' then to Sora, then back to Namine'. She's no longer looking at me.

She's so beautiful. It's amazing how her hair is like sun light, bright and amazing, it's captivating how her form perfectly fits her clothes. She's just…perfect.

"Dude!" I turn back to Sora, with a dazed expression on my face.


"You're doing it again."


My cousin Roxas turns back to me, "Um…what?"

"You're doing it again."

"Doing what?"

Someone's in denial.

"Staring at—never mind, I'm clearly not getting my point across."

"You have a point?" He asks; his voice layered with that tone that he has when he's thinking about a girl. That voice that tells me that he couldn't care less about what I'm saying, all he cares about is Namine'.

"Yes and—"I stop, an idea forming in my head.

"What…" before he can finish his question I'm gone.

"I'll be right back!" I yell to him, before dashing towards the other side of the school. It's the end of the day, the time when everyone is getting in their cars, or being picked up by others.

'Where is she…?'

I finally come upon her, my red headed beauty, stepping into Olette's car. Kairi is an amazing girl; let's just get that part across right now. She's nice, funny and smart, and we've been friends since we were kids. Not to mention she looks great in miniskirts.

Hey she's my girlfriend; I'm aloud to have thoughts. You should see what happens when she actually DOES wear miniskirts.

"Hey Kairi!" I shout.

She turns around, "I'm right here you know."

"I have an idea, Ithinkweshouldgoonadoubledatewithroxasandnaminebecauseroxasistoshytoasknamineoutsoithinkwecanmakeiteasierforhimifewejushaveadoubledatewiththem!" I say, all in the space of a couple seconds.

"Repeat, but slower this time," Kairi says, I have a tendency to talk too fast if you haven't all ready noticed.

"I think that we should go on a double date with Roxas and Namine' because Roxas is to shy to ask Namine out, so I think we can make it easier for him if we just have a double date with them," it takes all my strength to talk that slow.

"Roxas likes Namine'?"


"I KNEW IT!" Kairi squeals.

"Aw…" I say, falling on my back from the force of the strange scream.

"Namine' likes him too! She's been to shy to ask him though."


We both stare at each other, a sly grin that screams "deviousness" crosses Kairi's face, a huge grin on mine. A plan forms.

-A couple seconds of scheming later…-

"Okay, I'll ask Namine' if she wants to go, I'll tell her it's just us…when you guys show up we'll just say it was an accident. Just make sure Roxas is at your house, so that you guys can get there when we get there."

"Yes sir!" I salute her.

"You're so cute—"Olette honks her horn impatiently.

"We should invite Hayner and Olette too!"

Before I can answer, Kairi jumps into Olette's car and they drive away. As I watch her go she shouts, "Stick to the plan!"

This is going to be a very interesting night.


In five minutes Sora is back, and he's begging me to go to his house. Well…I don't have anything better to do…


A\N well…how was the First Chapter? This is my first ever fan fiction attempt. Please, no flames. I know it's bad. Just tell me how I can improve, not how bad it is. Thanks. Anyway, till chap. 2.