-Epilogue: The Park-

This is the life.

I'm in the park, my head resting on Kairi's lap. She's playing with my hair absentmindedly, twisting in around her fingers, occasionally running her hands through it.

It feels good.

"Do you think they're going to come?" she asks, breaking the pleasant silence.

"I'll answer that if you give me another grape…" I glance up into her sea blue eyes. I hope that my puppy dog stare still has the same affect…

"Sora…" she sighs, but drops a grape from her bag and into my mouth anyway, "you're such a bum."

"Yep, and proud of it. I know they'll be here," I reply, answering her question from before. Roxas and Namine' are supposed to meet us for a picnic today (Kairi's idea). The whole point of it is to find out if our plan worked.

"What if they canceled…?"

"They didn't. Gosh Kairi, you worry too much."

"Yeah, yeah, but it's a price you have to pay for quality make out sessions."

"Yeah, and you have to pay the price of my enthusiasm."

"Yeah…and you're a morning person."

"What's wrong with that?"

"It's annoying…"

"It is not—"HEY GUYS!" someone yells, startling me and Kairi from our argument. I turn to see Roxas and Namine' running towards us, hands clasped, eyes shining with joy. "Roxas…Roxas…LOOK OUT!" Namine' screams as Roxas trips over a root and they both roll down the hill in out direction, laughing all the way.

They finally stop in front of us, with Namine' on top of Roxas.


I look up at Namine', beautiful blue eyes staring down at me. We stare at each other for a moment, before falling into a kiss.

That (of course) is when Sora interrupts, "C'mon guys…didn't we come here to eat?"

Namine disconnects herself from my lips, "Oh THAT'S right." I feel an immense urge to weld myself to her again, but resist as she climbs off of me.

"So…you guys are like, the new happy couple?" Kairi asks, dying for the latest gossip.

"Definitely," Namine' and I answer at exactly the same time.

There's a short silence, then Kairi and Sora start laughing, REALLY LAUGHING. Sora is rolling around on the ground and Kairi is holding her stomach.

"It worked!" Kairi says, grabbing Sora's arms and doing a little happy dance. This 'dance' mainly consists of spinning around in nauseating circles, while chanting 'we did it, we did it, we did it, did it, did it.'

"We made you guys fall in love!" Sora says, spinning Kairi some more.

"And it was so easy—"Kairi breaks off with a choke, a ham sandwich slides off of her face, leaving a trail of mustard.

"Who did that?" Kairi asks, her face turning red.

Namine' raises her hand, "Somebody had to do it; you were getting annoying after all."

Namine' and I start to laugh.

Sora turns to me and glares; my only response to this is throwing a mountain of grapes at him that are lying around at his face.

"Now you're going to get it!" he grabs a soda, opens it, and squirts its inner liquid at me.

The soda makes a stain on my shirt; it slowly grows into a large spot.

"Now YOU'RE going to get it!" I grab one of those ham sandwiches and toss it at him. He dodges it and poses to throw—

"Who's that?" Kairi asks, pointing.

"Who?" Sora, Namine' and I all look to where she's pointing.

The person I see makes my teeth clench together, my eyes widen, and anger seep through me, "Xemnas…"

The silver haired, black hooded teen is sitting at a table with one of his organization members—Larxene, I realize—he winks up at me, before leaving with his companion.

But for a moment, none of that matters.

Why? First, because I have Namine' and I think I'm in love with her. Second; Axel, my best friend is in town, and he can help me deal with anything.

Third and by far the most important; Sora just threw an egg at the back of my head.

"You're going to pay!"

-The End-

A/N Yes, my friends, THAT is the end of DD?. But fear not, there shall be a sequel called 'Rocky Relationships?'. It will be about how Sora and Roxas deal with their relationship situations, and where Riku has been this entire time.

Axel will have some romance of his own; and Roxamine' will face a tragedy. It will all happen…in the next installment of this series.