- Epilogue.

Amity Park.

Three years later.

"Oh, Danny, you look so handsome!"

"Mom," The now 18 years old, taller and slightly muscular Danny, on his graduating outfit, rolled his eyes yet stood still and smiled so Maddie could take a picture.

"Danny, hurry up!" Tucker called his friend from the school hall's door.

"I'm coming! See you guys later." Danny said to his family as dashing into the hall as well. The boy turned invisible so nobody else could notice him entering until becoming visible again right next to Valerie, who was alongside Tucker, and Sam right behind them, waiting for the graduation ceremony to start.

"How do you feel?" Val smiled at her boyfriend as placing a hand on his shoulder.

"A little nervous; can't believe we're finally here." Danny smiled back at her.

"You do mega-cool stunts on a regular basis and still get nervous?" Sam smirked playfully at him.

"Oh, come on; stop a meteorite once, and nobody ever forgets it." Danny rolled his eyes in fake annoyance.

"Hey, Danny, look who came too." Tucker pointed back, and the group turned to see reporter Clark Kent and multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne sitting alongside Danny's family and Valerie's dad; Tucker's parents sat in front, giving him the thumbs up, while Sam's were trying their best to impress Bruce, but, obviously, only succeeded in embarrassing themselves.

"Don't you think that's a little bit too suspicious?" Sam whispered to Danny and Valerie.

"Nope; one of them is our parents' boss and the other a reporter covering The Red Huntress and Danny Phantom's alter egos graduation." Danny pointed at her friend.

"Still can't believe they're…" Valerie covered Tucker's mouth.

"Talk a little higher, Tuck, some people at Gotham couldn't hear you." Valerie whispered in an angry tone, making him to chuckle nervously.

"And that's why it took Danny and Val one whole year to tell us other heroes' civilian names." Sam rolled her eyes as the ceremony finally started. Danny looked back to his family one last time, smiling even more when noticing Danielle on her human look sitting with them.

About half and hour later, Lancer started calling the students to give them their diplomas.

"With his notes, can't believe this one graduated," Lancer talked to himself as taking out the first diploma, and then cleared his throat to call the graduate, "Baxter, Dash!"

Dash walked on stage, several people clapping at him as he picked up the diploma. Unnoticed to everyone, someone was spying through the hall's window, thanks to a powerful telescopic sight on his gun, almost one mile away from the school; said someone was using a red and silver commando-like outfit, with a mask that covered his face entirely, and more firepower on his disguise than some countries.

"According to the list, this one is a B," Deadshot said to himself, "Good thing aren't many ones within the C and the F."

Without losing sight of the stage, the assassin took out a special bullet he prepared for the occasion, one with an ectoplasm charge, especially designed for a half-ghost whose name was mentioned a few minutes later.

"Fenton, Daniel."

Danny stood up, the crowd erupting in clapping and some people taking pictures; he blushed a little bit, but silently was thanking that people at home were more accepting of his condition and, even if still calling attention, he and Val got enough respect of their private life to actually have one.

Of course there were exceptions.

"Danny, please, is not too late! You can still have me!" Paulina almost jumped from her seat, but Star stopped her, "Let me go, Star! Which side are you?"

"Which side do you want your teeth if Valerie gets angry?" The blonde smirked at Paulina, making her to gulp in fear, especially when noticing Val's glare. The Latino female gave the huntress a sheepish smile and stayed on her seat, sweating bullets.

"She's learning; one year ago I would have needed to show my teeth." Valerie smiled at Tucker and Sam, who chuckled slightly.

Danny finally received his diploma and a hand-shake from Lancer; the moment Deadshot was waiting for.

"Time to go full ghost, kid," the villain smirked, and, when about to shoot, his body froze. The criminal stood up, and dropped the weapon.

"Nice job, Boston." The villain looked up at Galatea, who had added a red cape and belt to her outfit since two years ago.

"Hey, call me Deadman when working; I call you Power Girl, isn't it?" 'Deadshot' said as disarming his weapons, "Wow, look at this; the guy has kryptonite bullets too."

"Yeah, we suspected that; why do you think I didn't just beat him to a pulp on first place?" The blonde smirked at the man, who got rid of his uniform's remaining weapons.

"Are you sure that was the last weapon?"

"Totally; now, give me a moment to leave this body, and then he's all yours." The man chuckled, and then, a pale specter on a red outfit jumped out of him; unlike other ghosts, this couldn't be heard or seen unless overshadowing someone, but in compensation, he could do this trick much better than most specters.

"Hey… where's my gun?" Deadshot, recovering conscience, looked at his hands, and then at the powerful woman smirking at him. "Uh… this is going to hurt."

"You said it."


"Gray, Valerie." Lancer called Val, who got cheered and photographed as well, Danny and Tucker waiting for her next to the stage.

"No villains or ghosts attacking… yeah, this is a good graduation."

"Yes, it is, Tucker," Danny took a ring out from his pocket, one that originally had a name carved on it, and now had Val's, and smiled, "and it will get better."


Later that same day, at the Watchtower, a different graduation took place.

"Your full-time membership card, Danny," Superman handled Phantom his card, with Valerie next to her boyfriend on her hunting outfit, and several heroes surrounded them.

"Welcome to the League."

Everyone started clapping at Danny (Plastic Man actually did it with ten hands at a time) while Valerie kissed him deeply for a few seconds, the female on her huntress outfit yet Danny's ring was visible through her glove. When breaking the kiss, Danny smiled at her, and then directed to his teammates.

"Guys, this is so great… all I can say is… thanks for accepting me, and I'll do my best to not disappointing anyone."

"We know you will not," Superman told him, "and, to finish the day, we have a first core member's mission ready. Power Girl," Superman moved aside to allow her approach her friend.

"I got a guy today working for an old pal of you; it took me some… persuasion, but finally told me about the fool's plans for today without you getting on his way." The blonde folded her arms and gave him a knowing smile he replied with a similar one.


Belle Reeve Prison.


A lonely prisoner lying on his cell's bed opened an eye and smirked as a little robotic spider avoided the security's measures and approached him. The man grabbed the spider and placed it on his belt, deactivating the mechanisms and opening it.

"Hate to admit it, but Luthor really makes good toys." Vlad Masters smiled evilly, and then transformed into his Plasmius' persona for the first time in years, activating an anti-ghost alarm.

"Maybe ghosts can't phase through these walls, but can destroy them!" Vlad chuckled as shooting a powerful blast at the wall, flying through the resulting hole.

"Going somewhere, Vlad?"

The villain stopped on mid-air, growling in fury as Danny hovered in front of him.

"If you felt lonely, I could have arranged the warden allowing you have a cat."

"Daniel… three years older and more annoying," Vlad groaned, "What are you doing here?"

"You wouldn't believe how good pissed Kryptonians are to interrogate super-villains." Danny smirked at his enemy. "Now, be a good criminal, and go back to your cell."

"Older or not, Daniel, I'm still your superior!" Vlad shot a ghostly blast at Danny, who deflected it with a little shield.

"Nope, you're just older."

Vlad charged against Danny, trying to punch him, but he grabbed his enemy's wrist and threw him over his shoulder on a judo toss, taking Vlad out of balance. The criminal shook his head to recover, but Danny didn't give him a chance, punching Vlad's stomach and then kicking his chin, sending him against the prison's wall. Vlad turned intangible to avoid a ghostly blast, and attacked Danny with one of his own, but the younger halfa dodged it, and then shot a freezing ray at Vlad's hands, blocking his blasts for good. Danny then punched Vlad's head with both fists at the same time, impacting the villain against the ground.

"I see you had been working out, Daniel." Vlad stood up slowly, glaring at his opponent.

"Just a little bit," Danny smirked, "Now, are you giving up?"

"I still have more tricks, Daniel." Vlad used his multiplying technique, and surrounded Danny with his copies.

"Same here," Danny turned invisible, and reappeared out from the Vlads' circle.


The Vlads received the wail's full power, and fell down to earth, all of them disappearing but the original. Danny hovered over him, panting yet conserving his ghostly form.

"If weren't on opposing sides… I would feel so proud right now…"

"Look, Vlad, why don't we stop doing this and give up already? If we keep fighting, I'm going to hurt you for good, and trust me, don't want that." Danny landed next to Vlad and talked on his best calm tone.

"No… I'm not losing, Daniel. And there's no way you're going to drop me back into that cage!" Vlad got back his fighting stance.

"Well, guess there's only one thing left to do," Danny sighed and pressed a button on his communicator.

"What are you doing?" Vlad wide opened his eyes in fear.

A second later, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Power Girl, The Red Huntress and Captain Marvel got teleported around Danny and Vlad, the last one gulping and turning even paler.

"Only way to finish this quickly with minimal damage is with a fast, very one-sided beating," Danny shrugged, "or you giving up, of course."

"I'm not giving up!" Vlad shouted, and covered his mouth immediately when finally realizing about his situation, "Oh, I hate being so proud!"

"This is the kind of bad guys I like; can hurt them as hard as want without anyone feeling guilty." Power Girl cracked her knuckles as approaching the villain.

"Want the face or the body, Danny?" Val smirked at Danny as she approached Vlad as well.

"Be my guests, ladies." Danny moved aside, allowing the blonde and Valerie to jump over Vlad.


"If only needed them, why you asked us to come too?" Superman whispered to Danny as the beating continued.

"To help me stop Valerie and Galatea," Danny shrugged while watching his girlfriend and the blonde kicking Vlad's butt, "in a few more minutes, of course."

The rest of the heroes raised an eyebrow at Danny.

"Don't worry; half-ghosts heal really fast." Danny and the others then gave a second look at Vlad's beating, wide-opening their eyes.

"And Vlad is very lucky for that."



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