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I was running later, damn was I running late. Mom was going to kill me! I was running through Diagon Ally, the rain pelting my face. I wasnt really watching where I was going, my feet leading me back to the shop. All of a sudden I hit someone, a girl judging by the gasp, and we both went down. I happen to fall on top.

"Oh geez, im so sorry! I wasnt watching where I was going, um are you alright?" I asked pushing mysel;f up alittle. she was very pretty looking, her hood has fallin off and her short red hair was now getting wet. She was fairly pale, but it was nice and made her blue eyes brighter. I notice she said something unfortantly I missed it.

"Im sorry waht did you say?"

" I said Im fine, except im having trouble breathing." I looked at her in alarm.

"what, geez you need to go to Mongo's, here Ill take you..."

"You know," she interupted." By getting off of me that might solve the proble," She smiled at me. I mentaly kicked myself, she was having trouble breathing because I was on top of her.

"Oh sorry." I quickly got up and reached down for her to help her up. She staired at my ahnd for a second before grabbing it. I hualed her up.

"I'm so sorry for running into you... I'm Geroge Weasley by the way, I work at Weasleys Wizarding Weezes." Not sure why I told her where I worked, just seemed approprite. She laughed and pushed her, now wet, hair out of her face. God her laugh was musical..

"I'm fine so its alright, and the fact you appologied makes it better. I'm Jessica Snape, unemployed in the magickal world, but in the muggle world im a reporter for the London Times." I staired at her.

"Um I'm sorry did you just say..Snape?" She laughed.

"Yes, Proffesor Snape is my father...thats not a problem is it?" She asked.

"uh No! No problem, Just wasnt aware that he had a daughter, specialy a beautiful one." The last part slipped out but she smiled a red tint on her pale face.

"Yes, wekk, i'm living proof that he has a child. Alot of people just assume he has no kids." I laughed. "Hey you want to go for a butterbeer or something?" She asked. I just realized that I was now late as hell for dinner at the burrow.

"Shit! no." She looked taken back." I mean yes, I would love too but I'm late for dinner with my family, moms going to kill me, um rain check?" Relief shone on her face before she laughed.

"Yeah Sure, I'll hold you to that, specialy seeing as I know where you work now."

"And I you miss." I said with a smile." Now unfortantly I have to run...bye.

"bye." I staired at ther for a extra second before running once more, just more careful. I took a chance and glanced over my shoulder to see her twirling, a smile on her face. Glad to know I made her day beter , she sure made mine. And To think it was all thnaks to me running late and a little rain.

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