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Hiruma had been true to his word and spent the night with Sena. The next morning they had a nice breakfast of eggs and toast, the events of the night before barely affecting the way they acted towards one another. If anything, Hiruma was just less trigger-happy than he had been the previous day.

Predictably, Sena was left by himself just moments before his mom arrived at home. She was beaming and showing off her hair and telling Sena what a wonderful time she had. Sena nodded, smiled, and went along with it, not mentioning anything about his own night time activities.

As for the days afterward, they hung out a lot at the school and during practices of course--Hiruma had even made an effort to walk Sena home a few times. But the Christmas Bowl finals were quickly approaching and everyone needed to know about the Devil Bats (the intense wild card team that had appeared this year,) not to mention all of the business that Hiruma had with his blackmail clients.

And thus it had neared one months time since Sena had lost his… innocence to Hiruma. He was becoming angst-y again.

Oh well, it could be worse, right? At least Hiruma didn't rape him several times and then leave him for good…

Sena stopped. Those thoughts were making him more depressed than he was already.

He was headed to school on a Monday, excited, but also hesitant, to get there and see Hiruma and the rest of the team. The two of them had met at Sena's house late on Saturday night, after Hiruma's appointment with a magazine company, and then he ended up leaving before one anyway, because of some "business" he had to do the next day.

Essentially, he was a really bad boyfriend.

Sena sighed again, for the nth time that day. Even Monta had other stuff to do and he had ended up walking to the club house by himself.

Today (in particular) Sena was supposed to be practicing in his Eyeshield uniform, so he had gone a little early in order to avoid Mamori. Not one person was there (including Hiruma) as he entered the club house, so he made his way into the locker room, slightly wary of something happening. Sena tripled checked the surrounding area to make sure there wasn't someone in hiding before pulling off his shirt and proceeding to change to his uniform. A few minutes later he was pulling the jersey over his head, readjusting it to fit comfortably on top of his shoulder pads.

Suddenly Sena heard the club house door shut on the other side of the locker room wall. He turned sharply, expecting Hiruma to walk in (since now he was love-sick-delusional) and instead found someone else entirely.

"Su-Suzuna?" he asked, glad that it had been her, at least, since she already knew the Eyeshield 21 secret. Otherwise this could have been messy.

"Hey, Sena…" she said shyly, gently shutting the door behind her. Suzuna leaned against it, looking at the ground. She was acting pretty weird at the moment.

After a few seconds of silence, Sena asked her what it was she needed. Only not so curtly.

"Is something wrong?"

"Oh…no…" she scratched her leggings and proceeded to remain silent. Sena raised his eyebrow, not really in the mood to baby her into saying something. Luckily for Suzuna, she began talking again before he could get mad. Not that he would…

"Well, Sena-" she looked at him directly in the eye now. "I was just wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me or something…" Suzuna blushed bright red, but didn't take her eyes away from Sena. She skated forward a few feet in his direction, maybe trying to gauge his reaction.

He was dumbfounded.

"Wh-wh-what?!" Now he was blushing too. Stupid hormones.

More silence.

"You know--a date? Where two people who like each other go do something to spend time together?" she asked sharply, a little touchy about the subject after Sena's reaction.

"I know what it is…" he answered automatically, staring wide-eyed at her. It was true that no one wanted you until you were taken, huh?

"Well, just say yes and I'll leave you alone, then." Suzuna frowned and pouted her thin lips, now rolling forwards and backwards on her skates nervously. Apparently this wasn't going as she had planned. Too bad Sena was being "bullied" by someone way out of her league.

And that someone had just pushed opened the locker room door six inches, glaring at the back of Suzuna's head. Sena began to sweat like crazy.

The girl apparently didn't notice of Hiruma, though, because she sighed again, skating a little closer to Sena and placing her hands on her hips.

"Well? Come on!" Sena wondered how she didn't hear Hiruma cock his gun and push the door open farther.

"Actually, I-I…I probably shouldn't…" he scratched the back of his head in a shy fashion, smiling nervously and trying not to look at the door. Hiruma was leaning through it now, a rifle pointed directly at Suzuna's brain.

She immediately frowned and her eyes began to sparkle a little, implying that she could start crying soon. Sena jumped into overtime.

"It's just because…I have a lot of homework and stuff…It'd be too much trouble, you know? I'm really sorry!" he spoke quickly, trying to get it all out before Hiruma did something very irrational (irrational for Sena anyway…)

Either Suzuna was really naïve or she understood when she needed to head out.

"Oh, okay. I understand…" she forced a smile and turned to quickly skate out of the room. Thankfully Hiruma had magicked himself away, again without any noise. Suzuna had no idea what kind of danger she had just been in.

Sena closed his eyes and leaned against the locker behind him. Just at the wrong time… Why did this happen now…? Again he sighed. Life was not being very nice to him as of late.

"…Fucking boyfriend…" Hiruma mumbled as he entered the locker room, looking out into the club area but walking towards Sena. He had wanted to see his boyfriend so bad until Suzuna had come in… now Sena would do a lot of things to get away from him.

"So school's pretty hard, huh? Keeps you busy?" Hiruma cackled, resting his hand above Sena's head and leaning over the small boy.

"Shut up…" Sena mumbled, a little angry and ashamed of blatantly lying to Suzuna. He looked away from Hiruma, rubbing his eye even though they didn't itch.

"Next time just tell her you're taken." Hiruma sounded serious this time, pulling Sena's face to look at him. And Sena did, suddenly shaking a little. It had only been two days since they had been together, but that had seemed like forever… He closed his eyes a little as Hiruma leaned over him further, anticipating a juicy kiss.

"Sena!" Monta burst into the other side of the building. "Sorry I'm laaaaaaaate! Sena where are yoooooou?" Hiruma pulled away and frowned deeply as a loud banging noise was heard from the other room. "Oops…"

Fuming, the quarterback started across the room and met up with Monta at the door joining the main room to the locker room. Monta looked up at him terrified and backed up a little bit. Hiruma stalked past him and yelled "Hurry up!" before leaving for the field.

"I see Hiruma is cheery as always," he turned to the half dressed Sena, smiling brightly. "Sorry-Max!"

Sena felt like crying again. Stupid Monta.


For the sexually frustrated Sena, who hadn't gotten any for almost a month, practice was miserable. Not only did he still have school to look forward to, but he knew he wouldn't be able to hang out with Hiruma until the weekend. Life really sucked.

And when school started, Suzuna and Mamori were avoiding him. Even during lunch, Mamori made an excuse to eat somewhere else and Sena ended up with the Ha Ha Brothers. In was, admittedly, somewhat boring since all they did was ready manga and talk about football, but it was better than eating by himself, right? At least today he didn't have to go buy juice for them. They had all started to treat him better after finding out that he was really Eyeshield 21, the hero from Notre Dame.

The rest of his classes dragged on (Sena was only half paying attention again,) and after school he walked home by himself, Hiruma no where in sight. That probably meant someone somewhere was in a lot of pain. Besides Sena, anyway.

The all-star running back trudged all the way, loathing ever minute of it but not appearing so. At least tonight he would get some of his homework done. Probably.


Hiruma showed up at Sena's window around 12:30 in the morning. He had opened before Sena was completely awake, and jumped on his bed just in time to prevent a yell from his boyfriend. Sena was stiffly sitting up in the bed, mouth covered with one of Hiruma's hands (the other hand was placing his bag on the floor.) Hiruma waited a little longer before readjusting himself on the messy bed.

"H-Hiruma?" Sena whispered. He wasn't scared to death anymore, so he was becoming tired again. The runner had been sleeping soundly when Hiruma had come. Ruffling Sena's hair, he smiled in a tired fashion, although it had taken Sena a few weeks of honing his senses before he could really figure out what Hiruma was feeling.

"Should we go out on another date?" Hiruma reclined onto his back, looking up at the ceiling. He took up more than half the bed with this gangly body, and now he was taking the pillow space too since his arms were folded behind his head.

Sena took a moment to consider the question, laying back down, tentatively snuggling up to Hiruma's side, his back against the wall. Hiruma shot him a glance before looking back at the ceiling, remaining quiet. The running back really did want to go on another date, but he knew that Hiruma was busy and was probably only suggesting it because he felt bad or something…

Wait a second. Hiruma didn't feel bad about anything, did he? It must be something else.

"It's okay if we don't…" Sena looked at Hiruma's black shirt distractedly, barely touching it with his small fingers. He didn't sound too sad, right?

"…Are you sure?" Hiruma asked, also in a neutral tone. Actually, he sounded really tired too. Sena paused before reaffirming his answer.

"Yeah. You're busy and stuff…" Sena responded lamely, immediately feeling like he shouldn't have added that last part. He sounded pathetic. Hell, he felt pathetic.

Hiruma was just silent in return.

Three minutes passed and Sena sleepily thought that Hiruma must be really pissed off with that answer to not say anything. He sweated it out for another two minutes before he snuck a look at Hiruma's face, just to judge what was going on.

He was asleep.

Sena smiled and allowed himself a small giggle. Yep, Hiruma was definitely busy. He sighed happily, glad that Hiruma had come over after all, and kissed him lightly on the lips. Hiruma didn't move, not that Sena expected him to, so he rearranged the blankets to pull them over his boyfriend as well. He then snuggled back into his side, reminded of the first night they had had sex. At least they were still having a few moments like this, even though Hiruma had to resort to sneaking into his bedrooms at ungodly hours to see him. Why did he have to be so busy?