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Mamori couldn't respond.

Sena stood there, frozen and also unable to say anything else. And Mamori's eyes were definitely telling him that she had seen or heard something that she wasn't supposed to. Not to mention that Sena was standing there in his boxers and unbuttoned shirt and probably looking like he had just been well fucked. Which he had.

Oh God, what else could go wrong?

A sense of doom reigned down on Sena as he heard Hiruma's footsteps coming towards them, but he couldn't make his body do anything besides stand there and stare at Mamori.

"Fucking boyfriend, what was-" he slowly turned the corner and saw Mamori standing frozen in the doorway.

His frown slipped into a smirk.

"Ah, fucking manager," he said, slinking up behind Sena. Ever so slowly he pressed right up against Sena's back, bring their bodies flush together. Keeping eye contact with Mamori (who was now looking at him instead of Sena) Hiruma snuck an arm over his boyfriend's shoulder and rested his hand on his bare chest.

Now Sena was blushing very brightly and still couldn't move. What was Hiruma doing?

There was a very tense silence that followed Hiruma's movements.

It didn't seem like their eye contact had broke yet, but Hiruma was trying to pull Sena closer. He couldn't get any closer!

"Did you need something?" Sena would have cringed if his body wasn't still in shock. Hiruma didn't try to hide the fact that he wanted Mamori to leave.

Finally she moved, turning around sharply. Sena could see light reflect off of her eyes very clearly. Mamori mumbled something and Sena felt a pang in his chest. She was probably crying.

Getting a hold of himself a little, Sena automatically tried to run over to her to make her feel better. Except Hiruma had a death grip on him.

Mamori slid open the front door and darted out of the club house, slamming it behind her.

Well. At least now Sena didn't have to have The Talk he was avoiding.


"…so we're going to have to increase our practices to the weekend as well. Saturday: mornings until noon, three hour break, practice until seven. Any complaints?" Hiruma looked up from the schedule he was reading with an intimidating look. No one said anything. They were having an early-morning meeting in the club house, everyone attending except Mamori (of course.)

"Also, I'm sending in a new list of needed equipment to the principal for his approval." No one asked the unneeded 'why?' Hiruma would have no problem getting whatever he wanted for the team. "Look it over and add anything that you think you might want." He tossed the paper into the middle of the multi-purpose table for everyone to view. No one looked at it. "Any questions?" he added as an afterthought when no one talked or made any movement for the paper.

Kurita's hand shot up nervously. He looked around, wondering why no one else was raising their hands.

"Fucking fatty?" Hiruma asked, looking annoyed but not sounding it.

Kurita hesitated only a second. "Why is Sena sitting on your lap?"

Sena blushed brightly. Hiruma had insisted that he remain that way during the meeting, although no one had said anything about it up until now. He had been stared at, though, for the last half an hour at least.

Before answering, Hiruma tightened the grip of one of his hands, which just happened to be resting on Sena's waist.

"We're dating." There was a dead silence, although only half the team looked surprised. The Ha-Ha Brothers, Monta, and Suzuna already knew after all, although some of them looked a little confused by the way Hiruma was handling telling everyone else. "Next?" It seemed the floor was opened up for more questions, but everyone was stuck on the dating thing and it was painfully obvious.

More silence, then Hiruma said something that finished it.

"If you have a problem with it, feel free to talk to me." He smiled devilishly and ominously cocked a gun under the desk. A few people in the back jumped, but the silence continued. "Well, then. We're done here." There was still no sounds, not even of anyone moving to leave. Finally, a minute later the Ha-Ha Brothers scoffed one after the other and made their way out the front door. That seemed to break the atmosphere because less than five minutes later the entire room was empty again, save Hiruma and Sena.

"Well, that was one way of solving it…" Sena said under his breath.

"What was that?" Hiruma pushed him back so that they could look at each other. Sena blushed again.

"N-nothing…" There was still Mamori to take care of. He didn't know how he would do that.

Hiruma kissed him unexpectedly. Sena followed along, content that they were together and without as much stress as before. That was until Hiruma started undoing his shirt.

"N-no!" Sena pushed him away tentatively, looking away shyly. "School starts soon…" he stole a look at Hiruma to see what kind of emotion he had in his eye. The captain seemed playful, so Sena might be safe today.

"I'll be quick-" he started, but Sena cut him off with another 'no!' although he couldn't hold back a smile.

The only problem was that every time he started to feel this happy he seemed to think about Mamori, how kind she had been to him and how he had betrayed her by not telling her about dating Hiruma. Sena's conscious started to poke him again, telling him he needed to get on it.

He looked back at Hiruma. His disappointment must have rubbed off because Hiruma wasn't smiling anymore. He looked like he was going to say something.

The running back entertained a few thoughts about what might come out.

'Don't worry, it'll all be okay eventually.' Hiruma would probably never say that.

'You should talk to her.' Less likely than the first.

'Forget the fucking manager. You're mine now! Ya Ha!' Most likely, but Sena was hoping it wasn't something like that.

Hiruma still hadn't actually said anything in the time it took for Sena to think of these things. He still had The Look on his face, but-

"You're so damn cute when you're worried."

Sena flushed bright red and stiffened up, surprised.

"Wh-what?!" Hiruma smirked again, but didn't respond. Sena would have forced something out of him (at the risk of his own life) but he heard the bell for school ring in the background. Hiruma promptly stood up, placing Sena on the ground, grinning again. For the first time in his life, Hiruma wasn't late for class.


Sena knocked quietly on Mamori's front door. It was after practice (he had seen her at school, but she ran off before he could catch up) and somewhere in the pit of his stomach he was hoping no one would answer.

"Ah, Sena! It's been a while!" It was Mamori's mother who quickly moved aside for the school boy to enter. She smiled warmly and informed him that indeed Mamori was home, upstairs reading manga or doing homework.

He bowed unconsciously and headed towards Mamori's room, trying to remember what he was going to say. Although he had talked to Hiruma a little more about it after school, his boyfriend had been no help. His attitude was "Let fucking manager work it out on her own."

After gulping, Sena knocked on Mamori's door, although he never had before. It was only half closed, but he didn't want to surprise her today. She was sitting at her desk, math book spread out in front of her and papers in her hand. They were all still blank.

The knock made her head swing around quickly. Mamori had a strange look on her face, somewhat resigned but also surprised and stubborn. Sena didn't know what to do again. They had been friends for so long…

"C-can I come in?" he asked softly, looking at his feet.

"Yeah…" the reply was just as quiet. She turned back to her book.

Sena went in and sat on the floor a few feet away from Mamori's desk. He didn't like to be lower than her for a serious talk like this, but he didn't have any other option. Sena didn't know how to start either, so he simply stayed silent for a moment until Mamori fully acknowledged him.

Finally she gave in, sighing loudly. After shutting her books and organizing her papers, Mamori stood and took a seat on the floor by Sena. She looked just as nervous and tired as Sena knew he was feeling inside.

"W-why didn't you tell me?" Mamori's voice rarely cracked like that. Depression washed over Sena at the knowledge of what he had caused between his best friend and protector.

"I couldn't." Sena was a little surprised he didn't sound worse than that. He felt terrible and now that they were right in the middle of it he couldn't do anything to stop what he wanted to say. "I wanted to do it by myself," he said suddenly. Although it didn't really apply to this particular situation, he had felt this way towards Mamori ever since he had started in the football club.

"What?" she looked worried now. "With Hiruma? Because-" Sena could tell a lecture was following, so he shook his head venomously and tentatively interrupted.

"He didn't force me into this." Not entirely true, but right now Sena wanted to be together with him desperately. He wouldn't give up what he had now weighed against all the pain it had taken to get here. "I really li-li-love him." If he was jumping into this, better jump all the way.

Mamori's eyebrows shot past her bangs, her face turning a little white.

"Sena-" she started again, but Sena gave her a firm look.

"I do."

She gulped softly, trying to get a hold of the situation. Mamori's eyes turned to her lap, jumping back and forth between looking at her hands and her knees.

"And I'm sorry I didn't tell you when…When you were trying to tell me…" Sena now looked away, embarrassed, too. This is actually what he was most ashamed about: not being able to stand up to Mamori initially, when the problem first came up.

His friend looked back to his face, now a sad expression taking over the confused. Sena couldn't continue.

"…it's okay."

Sena looked up, now confused himself.

"I-" Mamori paused. "I shouldn't have tried something like that. I kn-knew it wouldn't turn out in the end." She was trying to smile, but Sena could see tears forming at the corners of her eyes. "He's just… He's… Well, you know, I guess." Looking at Sena she forced out a giggle, unsure exactly what she was trying to say.

"…yeah." Sena smiled back tentatively although he didn't feel like smiling at all.

Mamori sighed again, the smile finally fading from her face.

"I'm just… worried about… you…" Sena thought she sounded like she was holding back sobs. "He's always…picking on you, you know…" Mamori wiped her left eye with the back of her hand, smiling again to shrug it off.

"I don't mind," Sena replied evenly. Maybe he should hurry up and leave Mamori to recover by herself after all. He was just feeling relieved that maybe this would turn out better than he had expected.

Unable to just stand up and walk away, Sena waited until Mamori got a little better and more willing to talk.

"I didn't even know you were gay…" The running back tried not to cringe, but he had been expecting a topic such as this. He wasn't technically, but he didn't have a good response still so he stayed silence, letting Mamori think things through farther. "I didn't know Hiruma was gay…" It took Sena a little more self control to stay silence on that comment.

Mamori glanced at him, trying to gauge what Sena was thinking. He tried for his best "I don't know what to say" look. It seemed to work.

"I don't know what to say." Mamori mirrored Sena's thoughts. She didn't' seem like she was going to cry anymore, but Sena could tell she was still upset.

"Me either."

So they sat in silence for a few minutes. He resisted the urge to hug her, tell her it would all be okay, and leave. Instead Sena watched Mamori's gaze shift from him to the floor to her dresser and back to him. After a few rounds of that he got too embarrassed and started playing with his shirt cuff. When he thought it had been long enough for a decision to be reached he finally spoke up again.

"So… are you okay?" Sena looked at her questioningly.

"I… don't know… " A pause. "…No," she admitted. Sena waited a long pause before replying.

"I'm sorry," he replied immediately, finally reaching over for her.

"D-don't say that…" she was tearing up again. Sena hugged her, suddenly overtaken with emotion himself. She didn't hug him back but he could still feel her shaking, unable to suppress her emotions for much longer.

"I'm sorry, Mamori." He couldn't think of anything else to say.

"…it's… it's not your fault, Sena…" Tears were streaming down her face in little lines, but she could still talk properly.

Sena sniffed, suddenly also hit with the urge to cry. He hated when other people cried.

"I'm sorry!" he said one more time, tears dripping out of his eyes too. Mamori finally let go, hiccupping and sobbing and finally hugging Sena back.

They both cried a good round, taking it out on the other person, but stopped rather quickly. Sena finally pulled away, wiping his eyes and nose on his jacket sleeve. Mamori offered him a tissue.

He got a little distracted by thinking of Hiruma handing him a similar package the night before but immediately pushed his mind back on track.

They looked at each other for a second, then both began to giggle. How nostalgic.

When they seemed to be okay again (not crying and not giggling) Sena looked at Mamori, serious and determined.

"I'm not giving him up." He felt like he was in eyeshield mode, trying to impress an audience and make himself seem more mature. Except this time he was just Sena.

Mamori sighed and replied. "Okay."


It was a few days until they actually spoke to each other again and Mamori insisted that she was going to have a talk with Hiruma about it.

Sena was against it. He didn't want them to argue like they usually did over something personal like this. Someone would surely die.

Somehow she cornered Hiruma during afternoon practice when Sena couldn't afford to stop and listen in. The whole time all he could do was wonder what they were saying about what. Mamori was probably yelling at him for being a bully still. Sena had to admit he was getting a little jealous again, but at least this time he knew that Mamori understood what he felt. That made the jealously more bearable.

After practices were over it seemed to take forever for everyone to leave. Hiruma was stuck on his computer again, a vague smile never leaving his face since Mamori had been done. That made Sena a little madder than he had been before. They had a talk and she was still trying? And Hiruma was happy about it? What the hell? Sena desperately needed to talk to Hiruma about that conversation.

Sena walked out of the locker room with his hands on his hips as soon as he heard Monta leave for the day. He was pouting.

"What did you guys talk about?" he demanded (even though it sounded like a whine.)

Hiruma's smirk tripled in size but he didn't immediately respond. He looked at Sena and raised his eyebrow.

"Oh nothing much." Sena's frown deepened. He stomped over and stood in front of Hiruma's chair, trying to look intimidating. Of course it wasn't working and Hiruma was just smiling harder.

"Tell me."

"Kiss me."

"Tell me and then I'll kiss you." Still pouting.

"Kiss me and then I'll tell you." Still smirking.


"Promise." Hiruma reached out and pulling Sena to him, leaning up for a kiss.

Sena obliged, closing his eyes slowly. Hiruma's hand moved to the back of his head so he couldn't pull away immediately. Sena decided to give Hiruma what he wanted in order to keep up his side of the bargain.

He touched Hiruma's lip lightly with his tongue, immediately causing the mouth to open for him. Sena stuck his tiny tongue inside, touching the pointy teeth gingerly as to not cut himself. Hiruma's tongue came out to meet him and they twirled until Sena thought it was enough.

"Th-there…" Except he wasn't angry anymore and his knees felt like they would collapse. "What did she say to you?" Sena asked, wiping a little saliva off his lip with the back of his hand.

"That you love me." Hiruma's smirk came back full force.

Sena's body went rigid and his entire body blushed pink.


Hiruma just smiled some more and pulled Sena back towards him.


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