Does anyone even care that I don't own pokemon

Does anyone even care that I don't own pokemon?

She hates me

I know it

She used to beg people to trade with her

She gave up because no one would

I tried coming out whenever I could, to get stronger for her

She just got madder

She often tells me

-Well, I hear her, since she doesn't talk to me-

How much she wants me to evolve

She doesn't want a pre-evolution like me

Especially not a weak one like me

She treats that egg like a mew-blessed pokegod. She loves it even though it never battles.

She didn't like me, even before I started to try to get stronger and came out a lot

The egg can't even attack on command. At least I know some of my attacks

I got her all her pokeballs back when they were stolen.

I saved all of us many times, like when he got his soul badge

I guess she just hates me. She never tells the egg to evolve

She loves that pokemon. When the pikachu's trainer caused it to get lost, she made them all search for it and nearly killed him for it

When I'm gone, the others say she jumps for joy

When team rocket steals the pokemon, they never steal me

And she always complains about it

She hates me

Maybe if I were to evolve, she would like me

But she doesn't like me to battle

I lose anyway

I make her upset just by being near her

She always wishes out loud that I would leave

Or at least get stolen

I want her to like me

But I want her to be happy

And she doesn't want me around.

If, no when, no if I evolve

I'll come back

Maybe then she will finally like me

Sad, wasn't it? Can you guess what pokemon this is?(it's very easy)