"Have an odd dream, Miss Elphaba?"

Elphaba sat staring blankly across from her at the small blonde for a moment before finding her voice, "I don't dream, Miss Galinda." She then shucked her covers and stood to stretch.

Galinda raised her eyebrow questioningly, taking in the green girl's current appearance; disheveled clothes, stray hairs sticking to her sweat neck and forehead, slightly labored breathing. Now, Galinda was no scholar as far as the science of sleeping went, but from personal experience, she knew that all of those conditions were result of a dream. She couldn't tell you how, or even why, but she had this feeling that they had a joint dream.

"You're lying."

"Am not." The green girl replied, shuffling over to the wardrobe to get her clothes for the day, and heading towards the bathroom.

"Are too." Galinda sing-songed, walking to the window and throwing the curtains back. The sight that greeted her made her grin and squeal a little; snow had started falling during the night, and rather heavily. The entire grounds, well what she could see of them through the thick flurries, were covered in a thick white blanket, and from the looks of it, it wasn't planning on letting up any time soon. She gathered her things together, preparing for when Elphaba finally came out of the bathroom, her thoughts lingering on the epic dream she just had. Galinda wasn't really known for having an inner thought process, but something about that dream really drove her.

A knock sounded at the door, pulling the blonde from her reverie.

Shaking her head to clear the fog, Galinda walked over to the door and opened it half way. She had to choke back a small giggle from seeing one of her professors clad head to toe in heavy (and mismatched) winter wear.

"Yes?" she said politely, a tiny giggle tickling the back of her throat.

"Miss Galinda, good morning. I'm sorry to inform you that classes have cancelled today, on account of the blizzard that came during the night. As a side effect of said blizzard, pupils are forbidden to leave their rooms for the time being, unless either of you are dying or unnaturally bleeding."

"But what about food?" the blonde asked as her stomach gave a low rumble.

"If the blizzard fails to let up by noon, food will be brought to the main hall of each building for everyone. Now, I trust you will pass on this information to Miss Elphaba?"

Galinda nodded her understanding and closed the door after the professor had turned away.

Letting out a small huff, the petite girl moped over to her bed and flopped down unceremoniously. She let out a small yelp when her back connected with the bed, having landed on something rather uncomfortable. Reaching under her, she pulled out the offending object; a hair brush, and lobbed it across the room.

"Am not." Elphaba said, coming out of the bathroom fully clothed, while twisted her raven tresses into a neat braid. She stopped in front of Galinda, stilling her hands in her hair, "Who was at the door?"

Propping herself up on her elbows, Galinda replied "Are too. It was one of the professors who's name I'm having difficulty remembering."

"Am not. What did they want?" the taller girl said, sitting down at her desk to pull her boots on.

"Are too. We're not allowed to leave the room today."

"Am not…What?! You're kidding right?"

Galinda simply pointed to the window. Elphaba got up from her chair and walked to the window. Cursing silently under her breath, and lightly knocked her forehead against the glass. Turning slowly, she faced a very smug looking Galinda.

"Told you. Are too."

'Sweet Oz, this is going to be a long day.' the green girl thought to herself.