Galinda had awoken sometime later with the dire need to relieve herself. Half asleep she detangled herself from the green girl and stumbled to the bathroom, making a beeline for the toilet. The sun was way up in the sky, made seemingly all the more brighter with all the snow covering the grounds of Shiz. After doing her business, the blonde made her way to the sink and glanced in the mirror very quickly. After her second look she let out a short scream, and all the happenings of the previous night came flooding back to her. Examining herself in the mirror she took in her puffy, purple eye and the bruise that had blossomed over her cheekbone in the night, along with her swollen and also bruised mouth. She sighed and probed them gently, wincing when she touched a particularly sore area. As she was about to pick up her toothbrush, the bathroom door flung open, startling the tiny girl.
"Galinda!" Elphaba exclaimed at the same time Galinda let out another short scream and held her injured hand to her chest.
"Elphie! You scared me!" Galinda wheezed out as she regained control of herself.
"I'm so sorry Glin… I heard you scream… and I was concerned." The green girl said sheepishly. "I'll just… let you get back to… uh…" she continued, waving her hand around and flushing.
"Oh, Elphie. It's okay. I was just startled by, well, this." The blonde said gesturing to her face.
"Well, you are quite gorgeous. I would be startled too if I woke up and saw your beautiful face looking back at me from the mirror." Elphaba stated with a serious voice that was contradicted by the smile making its way across her verdant features.
"You are so charming. Could you possibly use your charm to help me brush my teeth? I only have one good hand right now." The shorter of the two pouted at the end of this for good measure, causing the green girl to smirk and push herself off the door frame she was leaning against. "Anything for you, my sweet." She said as she fixed up the toothbrush and held it out for the blonde to take. Galinda seemed to take this as a challenge and smirked before opening her mouth, as if she were waiting for Elphaba to start brushing her teeth for her. Elphaba fixed her with a look as if to say "are you serious?" but when Galinda continued to hold her pose, Elphaba sighed and made to start brushing the blonde's teeth. Before the green girl could get the brush in her mouth, Galinda erupted in a fit of laughter.
"Oh sweet Lurline that's fantastic!" the blonde gasped out between giggles, sagging against the counter. "I was just playing with you Elphie," Galinda said smiling as she took the toothbrush from the green hand, "I wasn't seriously going to abuse your willingness to help me like that." The blonde bounced up on her tip-toes to place a quick kiss to Elphaba's cheek and shooed the green girl out of the bathroom.
"Oh. Har har. You're quite the riot, Glin." Elphaba smirked. "Just don't take too long please. I too have to use the bathroom, though…" Elphaba trailed off as she looked over her shoulder at the clock on the mantel, "I think going to class today would be a moot point. It's already a quarter to two. My last class ends in half an hour." Elphaba seemed a little caught by this. It wasn't really in her to miss class for any reason, but she figured that if there were such a thing as a good exception to this rule, Galinda certainly was it. Suddenly, her stomach gave a loud rumble, and Galinda giggled. "Someone is hungry." She said from around her toothbrush, and Elphaba still thought she was adorable.
"Hungry and in need of a little relief." The green girl said in an unintentionally ambiguous way, and the blondes eyebrows came together in confusion for a moment before her eyes widened with a mixture of realization, shock and amusement. She spit out the lather in her mouth in the most ladylike way Elphaba probably ever see in her life, and rinsed her mouth. "Oh Miss Elphaba, you're terrible!" Galinda said, flashing one of her megawatt smiles.
It was now Elphaba's turn to look confused for the four point six seven seconds that it took her to catch on, "What? NO! I mean. I have to pee really badly!" She rushed out, crossing her legs for emphasis, "I don't wish to rush you Glin, but are you almost done?"
"I'm finished." Galinda said flashing another smile and brushing past Elphaba. The green girl sighed with relief as she closed the door softly.
Galinda made her way over to the window and peered out the window and squinted at the sun reflecting off the snow. People were passing by on their way to and from class and town. Galinda fought off the involuntary shiver trying to crawl down her spine as she thought about everything that had happened beyond the gates, a stone's throw from her window. She turned around just in time to see her raven haired savior emerge from the bathroom. She padded over to Elphaba and hugged her around the middle. Elphaba almost instantly wrapped her arms around the tiny blonde's shoulders. They stood there for a moment in silence until a very loud rumble issued forth from Galinda's stomach, causing Elphaba to let out an uncharacteristic giggle, "I guess I'm not the only hungry one, eh? I'll just run down to the dining hall and, as they say, 'rustle us up some grub!" Elphaba planted a kiss to the crown of golden curls.
"Elphie… Who are 'they'?"
"Absolutely no idea." She grinned as she unraveled herself from Galinda and went to bundle up.
"Well, get some 'grub' that looks like pastries and the sweetest foods you can find with the best nutritional value." Galinda said as she laid down on Elphaba's bed.

Elphaba smiled at her and walked over to the door. She stepped out, and almost as soon as it closed behind her she opened it and rushed over to her bed where Galinda was laying.
Rolling over to face the green girl, Galinda started to inquire worriedly, "Did you forge-" before she was cut off by Elphaba's insanely soft lips gently landing on hers. But before Galinda had the opportunity to return the kiss, Elphaba was already straightening up and grinning from ear to ear, "That's what I forgot!" And as she walked backwards towards the door, tripping slightly, she waved in a most uncharacteristically goofy way.
"You silly thing, get out of here and bring forth the feast!" Galinda smiled at her, giggling and temporarily forgetting the recent trauma.