Storm Tossed

Chapter 1:

Disclaimer: I don't own "Law and Order: SVU" or its characters. I wish I did but that's another story.

A/N: Okay, so… yeah, I've got the ADD and I had this idea tugging at my brain. I will get back to "I Wanna Come Home" soon, I promise. For now, I hope you guys like this story. The first chapter is a little short but the reason for that will become abundantly clear.

"Remember," Elliot whispered to her as they got on board the cruise ship "We have to arrest this guy as quietly as possible. We don't want to scare the passengers."

"I remember," Olivia whispered back "I just hope you take your own advice." Elliot was not the type of person who should be giving last minute lextures on discretion.

They were half way down the corridor when they felt the deck beneath their feet lurch. "Damn," Elliot muttered.

"I thought that Cragen said that they could keep the ship from leaving until after we arrested this guy?" Olivia groaned, turning her eyes upward momentarily.

"So did I," Elliot said as they turned a corner and saw the reason that they had come on board, standing right in front of them.

"Why, hello detectives," Keith Douglas greeted with an oily smile "What brings you out here on such a fine day?"

"Oh, I think you know why we're here," Olivia forced a smile as Elliot stepped forward, holding out a pair of handcuffs.

Keith nodded in realization before he turned to a group of people standing nearby "Hey guys," he called, his voice full of laughter "These cops want to arrest me." The group burst into uproarious laughter and Keith turned back to Elliot and Olivia "Do you two even know where we are?" he asked.

The two detectives looked around them "Shit," Elliot muttered and Olivia had to agree. The boat had departed and they could barely see the harbor anymore. They were in international waters. Not only that but they were trapped on a boat with a rapist and murderer.

"Didn't you even check to see who owns this ship?" Keith asked, laughing at the detectives' stupidity.

Elliot and Olivia shared a troubled look, they had been set up. When they turned back to Keith, he was surrounded by his friends and they were all looking very amused.

"I wonder," Keith smiled as he looked at the two detectives "I think that our guests would be more comfortable below deck." His group of friends nodded and moved towards the two detectives who instantly drew their guns.

"Turn this ship around right now," Elliot commanded.

"If I did that," Keith smirked, enjoying himself greatly "You'd arrest me."

"If you don't," Olivia hissed "We'll just kill you," the mood on the boat was becoming tenser by the moment. Olivia knew that Elliot was feeling as nervous about this as she was. Her gaze never left the group of people in front of her so she never saw the two that snuck up behind. That is, not until one of them struck Elliot over the head with a deck chair and he dropped to the deck like a stone. Olivia turned her gun on the person who had struck her partner only to be hit from behind by another assailant with another chair.

She dropped to the deck, her gun flying out of her hand. She struggled to reach Elliot as she fought not to lose consciousness. She had just grabbed her partner's limp hand when the deck chair came crashing down on her head once more and darkness finally claimed her.