Storm Tossed

Chapter 3:

The waves tossed the boat so violently that at times the boat was nearly on its side. Elliot and Olivia clung frantically to one another as they continued to pray that the storm would pass soon. The air was freezing and they both shivered; the rain had soaked them to the bone.

Elliot looked into Olivia's eyes. Fate was cruel indeed. He had never told her that he loved her but he had always thought there would be time left. Now it seemed like there wasn't any time at all. He took a deep breath and shouted over the roaring waves "I love you!"

She pressed her lips to his "You've got some timing, you know that!" she yelled back.

"Yeah!" he felt tears sting his eyes though with the rain that continuously pelted him, he couldn't be sure.

"I love you too!" she told him, confessing the deepest secrets of her soul now that there seemed to be precious little time left.

This time, Elliot was the one who kissed her "And I'm the one with bad timing?!" he asked as the winds seemed to pick up.

"I just wanted you to know in case…!" Olivia began but just at that moment, a much stronger gust of wind capsized the boat.

The two were submerged and forced to let go of one another. Olivia surfaced, just barely managing to keep her head above water. It was so dark that she couldn't see anything "Elliot!" she called into the vast emptiness around her but the roaring waters would have drowned out any response he might have yelled. "Elliot!" she called again. Oh God, she thought frantically Please, just let him be okay.

Elliot surfaced nearer to the capsized boat than Olivia had. He had to dodge the upside down craft as the waves tore it to pieces. He was able to grab one of the planks and he hung on for dear life. He coughed a few times, clearing the water from his lungs "Olivia!" he shouted as soon as he was able but he didn't know if he could hear her. All he could do was wait and pray.

Olivia fought to keep her head above the waves. She was growing exhausted. She just hoped that Elliot was okay. The thought of him was the only thing that kept her going. She had hoped for so long that he felt the same way about her that she felt about him and only moments before they had been separated he had confessed to her that he did. She refused to give up on him. When she thought she had nothing left, she thought of Elliot and that thought helped her find the strength to pull her head above the waves again.

Slowly, the sky above began to grow lighter. The winds calmed bit by bit until, while they were still roaring and fierce, the waves they created weren't nearly as large and Olivia found it easier to keep her head up.

Elliot had managed to cling to the plank and it had helped him keep his head up. As soon as it was light around him, he saw her. She was at least ten feet away and she looked exhausted. She hadn't had the fortune to be aided by a floating piece of wreckage. The winds had died down to the point where he thought that she might be able to hear him if he called to her. He took a deep breath "Olivia!"

She heard him but couldn't find the strength to look in the direction that his voice was coming from. He was alive, that was all that mattered. Suddenly she felt very tired. She was starting to lose the fight. Her head dipped below the surface.

"No!" Elliot shouted as he kicked his legs, frantically trying to reach her. He saw her head momentarily reappear and she flailed an arm. He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she was still breathing. He held her close to him as he continued to cling to the plank.

"Elliot," she moaned softly, somehow finding the strength to grab onto him.

"It's okay," he reassured her "Just stay with me Liv. Just stay with me." He turned his gaze upward, hoping that somehow they would make it.