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It had been a long night. Dante was pissed. He was covered in demon scum. He didn't mind doing the grunt work but this one was messy. He sulked up to the apartment above their shop.

Vergil was sitting on the sofa in the living room. He had taken off his wait coat and put it in the wash basket. He had been out on a job as well and he was also filthy. He had been home for a while and had time to have a shower, put on a clean pair of jeans and a white silk shirt, get a glass of cola with lots of ice and was busy cleaning Yamato on the coffee table.

He heard Dante come up the stairs and grumble outside the door about where he put his keys before the door was flung open. Dante's guitar weapon, Nevan, flew over his head. Vergil ducked and watched where it landed. Nevan protested at being treated in such a way. Her strings hummed and spark of electricity ran along her fret board. Dante calmly gave her the finger and continued to stomp about the living room. She trilled and muttered about being treated like a lady. Dante kicked her.

He glared at Vergil and carried on his pacing. Vergil looked at him in surprise. "What on earth's the matter with you?" Vergil placed Yamato on her perch on the wall. Dante put Rebellion back as well.

"It's been a long night!" He grumbled at his twin. "Look at the state of me!" He looked Vergil up and down. "You've been out too right?" Vergil nodded. "Well why are you not filthy? I thought demons went poof when you killed them right?" Dante was pacing around the room again. Vergil decided the sofa was the better retreat. "Well these ones decided to throw their guts up all over me before going poof!"

"Why don't you go have a shower and calm down?" Vergil took a sip of his ice cold soda. Hmmm, he did like lots of ice in his drinks. "Then when you've calmed you can tell me about them and we'll figure something out?"

Dante stomped some more before going in to the kitchen and drinking some milk from the carton. Vergil made a mental note of getting some more, Dante could be so disgusting sometimes.

"Ok, but I need to unwind." Dante finished of the milk and tossed it in the waste bin. "Let's go out!" He looked at his brother hopefully.

"Out?" Vergil's eyebrow rose. "Where?"

"Oh there's a new bar where I went with a couple of friends a few nights back!" Dante looked much happier now there was the prospect of some beer.

"It's not one of those dives you drag me too is it?" Vergil shuddered. Last time the agreed to go to a club it was a strip club. It wasn't too bad watching the girls, but they all seemed as bored as he had been. And then once Dante had a few drinks inside him and decided that he could pole dance better than the girls… Vergil grinned at the memory. Dante was a liability but he couldn't help but find him amusing.

"No, it's classy this one!" Dante snapped his fingers at Vergil with a grin. "I don't take you to dives anyway" He pouted.

Vergil couldn't resist those puppy eyes. "Fine" he sighed, "but you have to wear a shirt!" he waved Dante away.

Dante gawped at him in mock disbelief. "Shirt?" Dante was not a fan of covering up his toned body, he did when it was necessary, maybe on a job that even Vergil was concerned about it was worth it, plus it was easier to just do as he was told or Vergil would just refuse to help him.

Dante hurried off to get ready. Vergil could hear him singing in the shower, he pictured him dancing about in the shower and almost loosing his footing, and right on cue Dante slipped and Vergil heard the unmistakable squeak of skin on porcelain.

Vergil smirked as he heard Dante cursing himself. Dante could be as agile as Vergil when he wanted to be, although a simple shower and soap always left him with muttering under his breath.

Vergil heard the shower turn off and Dante ran across the hall to his room, minus towel. Vergil shook his head. One of these days someone would come in and see what he was like around Vergil and they would get the wrong impression about the twins.

Dante emerged a few minutes later, hair still damp but dressed in black jeans matching Vergil's and a very smart red shirt. Vergil was impressed. He had brought that shirt for Dante quite a while ago; he was yet to see him wear it.

Dante held his arms out and turned around shaking his ass at Vergil. "Is this appropriate for being seen in public with you?" Jokingly teasing Vergil.

"Yes, you'll do" Vergil picked up his coat and retrieved the money he had gotten from the job. Dante had his already in his hand. "I don't think we need to take this much do we, Dante?"

"Nope." Dante peeled off a number of notes and stuck them into his pocket. Ever the perfectionist Vergil counted off a few notes and placed them neatly in his wallet. He put on his coat and opened the door.

Dante strolled through it blowing his brother a kiss. Vergil batted him on the back of his head and threw his red coat at him. "Get going" he hissed at him. "It's bad enough I'm going drinking with you, that is embarrassment enough!"

Dante pouted and came closer to his brother "Still sore about the pole dancing are we?" Dante looked at him with fake innocence. Vergil grinned evilly and pushed him away.

"Get down them stairs and show me where this bar is!" Vergil was in a reasonably good mood for once, he had a good day so far, what could do wrong?

Nevan hummed to herself and settled back on the cushions in the corner were Dante would sit and strum tunes. She was quite happy to be left in peace.

Vergil closed and locked the door and hurried down the step to Dante.

"This way bro!" Dante called cheerily and promptly turned down a dark alleyway.

Vergil rolled his eyes. "I thought you said this was going to be classy" He grumbled as he trudged after the rapidly disappearing red coat tails.