Dante had fallen against the sink and was trembling slightly. He could feel Vergil pumping into him. It was hot and powerful. He was sure that Vergil had just cum more than he had before. His own release had coated the sink and was dripping onto the floor. He sighed as his felt his demon side come back under his control and he detriggered back into himself.

Vergil moaned in delight and licked at Dante's neck as he transformed back into his human form. He lay on Dante's back listening to his ragged breathing and his erratic heartbeat.

Dante couldn't move. He didn't trust his legs. He could feel Vergil change back and he felt the pressure release as Vergil gently pulled himself out. He could feel his twin's juice running down his leg and he grinned to himself. Once again he would be smelling of sex. Nothing new there.

Vergil pulled out and stood up. He looked round the bathroom. Toilet paper was everywhere as though a bunch of students had decided it was Halloween. A couple of cubical doors were hanging off their hinges and one was on the floor.

Dante leaver himself up off the sink grimacing as he put his hand into his own cum that was covering the sink. He stood up and turned to Vergil. His trousers still round his knees he stumbled over and grabbed at Vergil who was still distracted looking round at the place. Vergil grunted as they both toppled to the floor with a thud.

Vergil winced as he landed on broken sink with Dante on top of him. His twin was flushed and trembling. He looked down at him snuggled into his chest with concern.

"Are you ok?" He stroked Dante's hair. The alcohol had burnt off with the energy he had used during the trigger and he was concerned about his brother.

Dante looked up at his brother with wide eyes. "Are you kidding me?!" Dante looked round the bathroom and saw the destruction they had caused. He leaned down and kissed Vergil hungrily. Vergil responded with a grunt.

Vergil was surprised by the kiss but returned it with the same fever it was given to him. He pulled himself up on to his elbows. Dante sat up straddling him and grinning at him like a fool through his hair that was tumbling over his eyes.

"Looks like you are then?" Vergil smirked up at his brother.

Dante pulled his trousers and stood holding out his hand to Vergil. He took it and pulled him up. Vergil stood and readjusted his trousers and retrieved his shirt from the floor passing Dante his own. Dante pulled it on over his head and ran his hand through his hair.

Vergil picked up and almost empty bottle of tequila and eyed it. Vergil used some water from another sink, one that wasn't covered in Dante's cum or broken, and redid his hair. He took Dante by the waist and pulled him close. Dante purred slightly at the touch and nuzzled against his neck.

"Don't tease." Vergil said in a cold voice.

Dante looked up at him in shock to see Vergil grinning down at him. Dante grinned back and snuggled back against his brother.

"Why not, bro?" Dante licked at Vergil, he was hot and slightly sweaty, and he tasted delicious.

Vergil took the last swig from the bottle and passed Dante some in a kiss. Dante swallowed it licking his lips.

"Because that's what happens…" He looked round at the bathroom again. "I have a feeling we should leave…"

Dante looked round and realised just how much of a mess they had made. "Yeah… I think we best had… I'll let Dot know to use what's left of the tab to put towards this!" He grinned at Vergil.

Vergil had already walked to the door and was opening it. The sounds from the dance floor filled the bathroom. He pulled Dante out with him and back to the booth. They retrieved their coats and slunk out of the bar.

Dante was shocked to see it was almost daylight when they came out of the bar and grinned to himself.

"Looks like that was a good night then Vergil?"

Vergil pulled Dante to him and kissed him again. "A VERY good night!"

They wandered back to their home arm in arm, a very rare thing for them to be showing that kind of affection in public.

Then again, Dante thought, he didn't think that tonight would have panned out like this. He leant against Vergil's shoulder and allowed himself to be lead back home. He grinned as he felt Vergil sigh at his snuggle and he thought this is one time Vergil wouldn't be mad at him for making him loose his temper!

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