A/N: This is the story of what happened when Dean and Sam left the Hyperion. It was part of another fic I'm working on but then I realized that would be too long and I really wanted to give the guys their own story not just have them cameo in my other fic. There's two parts where they cross over this is the first.


Sam sat back a pleased smile lighting his features. The laptop rested on the bed, the only difference with his room at the Hyperion was that Dean kept pacing the length of it. Back and forth, back and forth. He wouldn't be pacing after Sam revealed his ace.

"Dean? You remember that school in Indian? We were there a couple of months, 5 I think."

"Uh-no-o." Dean glanced at Sam hoping he hadn't heard the hesitation in his answer.

Sam frowned as if he was thinking but he never took his eyes off the screen nor did his fingers stop clicking away at the keys.

"Come on Dean. How could you forget? You wanted to play foot ball and Dad ha-."

"NO. I wanted to-." Dean stopped in mid-sentence knowing he'd said too much and tried to cover it. "I don't remember at all." he finished with a shrug and turned away.

'No more pacing.' Sam thought smugly.

"You wanted to impress that cheerleader." He said, the laughter was clearly in his voice. "What was her name?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Dean ground out with his back still to Sam.

"You don't-." Sam's laughter cut into his teasing and it took him a couple of tries to get it controlled. "You don't remember carrying her picture in your wallet?"

"It wasn't he-!" Dean turned around obviously goaded into revealing just a little more than he wanted. "The picture came with the wallet, Sam."

Sam let out a guffaw but stifled it at Dean's reddening face. He decided to show his hand…

"Really?" he turned the laptop slowly until the screen faced his brother. "It sure looks a lot like this one doesn't it?"

There on his little brothers computer screen was the face of the girl he'd had the biggest crush on in his entire life. She had been the- she was- was the only reason Dean had attended school that year. Just a glimpse of her was enough to keep him in a good mood, that was until he'd catch her with him. Dean caught himself starting to smile back at the big doe eyed girl on the screen. She seemed to be smiling just for him, a hand twined in her long black locks-.

"No." Dean scowled remembering 'Jaden' as he turned his back on Sam.

"Doesn't she look familia-?"

"No Sam. I told you I don't remember. We went to a hundred different schools after Mom died, moving from town to town following Dad, hunting the demons…" his voice rose with frustration and remembered anger. "So, no. I don't remember the school or the girl." He spread his arms wide as the last word echoed in the room.

Sam looked at Dean, really looked at his brother and noticed the heart he hid from the world. He could understand why, the life of a hunter wasn't exactly made for long relationships or ones that meant starting a family. It hadn't been fair to them, growing up in that life and it was worse when you wanted something you knew couldn't last. Quietly, Sam picked up the laptop and went to sit at the small table Phade had brought in from another room. Dean began pacing again when Sam spoke quietly.

"It's Phade." The sound of clicking keys was suddenly loud in the quiet room.

Dean's mouth opened and closed not sure what words to use or how to make them come out. About the only thing he was sure of was that somehow Sam had made a mistake.


Sam ignored the stammers even as Dean took a couple of steps towards him.

"Sam!" Dean took another step towards his brother, voice rising.

"Yep?" Sam answered sounding almost bored, as if Dean hadn't just yelled.

"Are you-?" he trailed off. He was hoping somehow his genius brat brother was wrong, not that he usually was but in this case… well it couldn't be Phade. This woman hunted demons; she knew demons, considered them friends, even practiced some witchcraft. No, Sam had to be wrong about this.

"Not sure, I mean we did go to a bunch of different schools. Probably just coincidence…" Sam trailed off glancing at Dean out of the corner of his eye, seeing his brother slightly relax.

"Sam… nah." Dean sat on Sam's bed looking thoughtful. Sam kept typing away looking at Dean's reflection on his screen.

"Could be… common name… there's lots of girls name Phade Jaden Vartan."

"Jaden?" Dean asked sitting up. He scrambled to his feet going to look over his shoulder at the screen once more.

"Yeah, Dean. Didn't I tell you?" Sam feigned innocence.

"No. You didn't." there was an accusing glare from those green eyes before they focused on the screen again. "It can't be her!" he exclaimed.

"Why not?" Sam asked forgetting to type. "You know, I can see it now. Surprised you didn't notice it sooner Dean. She looks the same and you were always looking at her picture-."

"No," Dean straightened though he continued to look at the smiling girl. "She's grown up." He could see the difference in her immediately. It was almost as if the girl in the picture had never existed. Dean remembered the look on her face when they'd laid Sam on her bed to rest. Her brown eyes reflected a deep sorrow and she'd said;

'Nothing. That's what I have. Not a damn thing.' the echo of her soft voice full of emotion reverberated in his head.

Dean noticed his brother staring; he had a smirk on his face and realized how he'd sounded. Dean cleared his throat and spoke gruffly. "She's lost some lbs. you know, that girly fat or whatever." He motioned with his hands in the general direction of a woman's hips and midsection. Sam's laughter only confirmed that both guys remembered the slim shape of the girl they'd met in high school.

"Don't let her hear you. She's liable to turn you into a frog or something." Then he laughed at the thought of Dean hoping around saying 'ribbit!'

"You're full of jokes today Sammy." Dean commented with a fake smile. Sam nodded his head stifling another laugh when Dean wiped the smile from his face and barked; "What are we hunting Sam?"

"Ehem. Nothing particularly evil…" Sam said with another attempt to clear his throat that had nothing to do with dislodging a bothersome substance and everything to do with his laughter. "But there's plenty of hauntings in LA to keep us busy." He grinned wickedly unable to help himself. "We could stick around for a while. You know, give you a chance to impress 'Jaden'-."

"Her name's Phade and she's obviously not the girl you remember." Dean interjected roughly but Sam kept laughing even as he went to retrieve the newspaper articles he'd set aside. Sam knew this was by far the fanciest hotel they'd stayed at and now that Phade had gotten to know them, it was definitely the cheapest, as in free. He handed the clippings to Dean who immediately began skimming through the pile searching for anything evil and menacing.


It was getting dark and they still hadn't said what they were going to do. The sun cast a reddish violet glow over the city almost as if it were bleeding… Phade shook herself out of the morbid thoughts and gloomy mood. They'd been out all day sightseeing, if that's what they could call what they had been doing. She had managed to get them to the MOCA in downtown LA. Sam had enjoyed the visit but Dean- well; Phade couldn't really picture him as the museum type.

She straightened in the back seat sliding forward to rest her arms on the backrest as she glanced from one brother to the other. They were both so different… she couldn't figure out why they kept doing this, hunting demons, there had to be something else, something better for them. Hadn't they ever wanted more?

"So." She said. Sam glanced in her direction something he'd been doing all day. Now that she thought about it they'd both been sneaking glances at her all day and though she'd promised not to sneak a peak in their brains she really wanted to break that little rule. It wouldn't hurt them but if she broke her rule now what would keep her from doing it again later? And what would happen later, when she had an excuse for using that side effect on anyone she felt like? Nothing gave her that right, just because she could, it didn't mean that she should.

"What are we going to do?" she asked instead of letting the thoughts in her head get out of hand.

"Verify a haunting, then exorcise it." Sam said matter of fact. Like he did that everyday and as far as Phade knew he probably did. Hell, she knew they both did that everyday.

"Oh." Phade sort of hunched back looking disappointed as she glanced out the side window again. "That's it?" she asked hoping there would be demons to kill. Somehow, she'd pictured Sam and Dean being more active in their job, all they'd done so far was drive around looking at different houses and buildings. She didn't want to admit, even to herself, that she'd been hoping for some confirmation, some proof that she had been right.

Dean muttered something under his breath about her whining all day and saw her frown in the rearview mirror.

"I mean usually I get slimy demon, or fangy vampires and a lot less driving around." Phade looked straight into the mirror and caught Dean's glower. She had no idea what was gnawing at him but enough was enough. Dealing with his bad humor wasn't in her job description and she sure as hell didn't have to take it.

"Sorry to disappoint." Dean snapped. "Why don't I let you off right here and you can go back to your busy office-." His sarcasm was enough to finally make her snap back, not that she hadn't because the snappishness had been present since late morning.

"Dude, what's up your butt? You've been a dick all day." Phade turned to Sam and asked; "He really didn't like the MOCA, huh?"

Sam chortled with laughter shaking his head.

"It's not the museum." He barely managed to reply. Phade sat back in the seat; arms crossed and watched the brothers argue. She couldn't help thinking about her own family only she was alone. There wasn't anyone around now but that was how she wanted it right? It was dangerous to get them involved and her Father would definitely have a heart attack if he ever found out exactly what she did for a living. She'd just about had a heart attack when her Dad had almost seen Lorne.

'Nope. He's better off staying close to Sebastián. My son needs him more than I do. Needs someone I know will love him unselfishly and have his best interest at heart.'

Phade couldn't help the sadness that overwhelmed her. She tried not to think about why it was so different. Why her Dad hadn't been able to believe in her… It didn't matter how long it had been since they took Sebastián from her, it still hurt just as bad, even the letters Bastían sent lay unopened in the living room drawer.

She missed her family; there was a huge hole in her life where there used to be laughter and teasing just like Sam and Dean-. Phade shuddered lightly tearing her thoughts away from the sad empty life she had forced upon herself. She had told herself it would be better this way. That living her life away from the snide comments, their little jabs and reminders of Aunt Luc and the year after her death would be worth whatever life sent her way. Phade couldn't help regretting that choice because nothing was worse loosing him.

Thinking about the choices she'd made opened up her eyes to the possibility of a long and lonely existence where she became that lady with all those cats… the old crone in the neighborhood all the kids whispered about because they thought she was a witch.

'They wouldn't be wrong about that.' Phade thought with a shrug but it wasn't what she wanted. There was still time to get in touch with her brother, maybe even her older sisters and brothers?

So they had treated her like a nut. It still hurt; still bothered her but she didn't want to be alone for ever. For one, Phade would have to swallow her pride. They would all know about Sebastián because her Dad would've given a reason for moving out of town. Tere would've wanted to know why he was leaving her house, where he'd been living ever since Phade had left with Sebastián more than three years before.

"We're here." Dean announced. Phade looked out the window at the old building that looked a lot like an old firehouse. The red chipped paint and shuttered windows were a testament to how old this place really was. She couldn't remember seeing a house that still had shutters on the windows.

"Here?" she asked slipping out of the backseat which Sam held open for her. Once on the sidewalk she waited for the guys to do… whatever it was they did. After all, she was along for the ride not real work.


"So what's the story on this place?" Phade asked following Dean. They had placed her in the middle and Phade had smiled. They still couldn't get it through their heads that she wasn't easily hurt.

'Maybe when they see, they'll get it.' She wondered.

"It's supposed to be haunted by the original caretaker, the guy in the painting downstairs." Sam said from behind.

"The one that looked like it was following us with its eyes?" she asked glancing back. He nodded to which she rolled her eyes. "Come on, that's like some painters trick. People don't really think all this is real. Do they?"

It was her Father talking, her sister's and their taunting that colored her words. Phade couldn't keep the flush of heat from her face. She was embarrassed but more than that she knew it was wrong. The guys hadn't treated her like a nut.

"That's what gets you?" Dean asked turning to her. "That people will believe in hauntings and us but they won't believe vampires are real. Which sucks for you since that's your main line of work isn't it?" Dean remarked snidely.

"You're seriously riding my last nerve Dean-o." Phade warned running up the three steps separating them to get in his face. But she couldn't readily admit that most of her life she'd been an outcast in her own family because she saw it.

"You've got a problem with a simple solution. Get laid and g-. Hey!" suddenly Phade was on top of Dean and both were awkwardly sprawled on the stairs. Her back felt cold beneath Dean's hands from where he held her; most of the impact had been absorbed by him or rather his side.

"What the hell was that?" Dean growled painfully as both Phade and he tried to stand up again. Sam's flashlight kept bouncing around from one side of the staircase to the other but there was nothing there.

"I didn't see anything."

"Well someone or something shoved me!" Phade grumbled finally getting to her feet. She glared at Dean somehow blaming him. She could still feel the cold ache in her back from where she was pushed and glancing around the stairs couldn't find anything. There was a chuckle a step below her and her eyes glared into Sam's face.

"Something funny?" she asked quietly.

"Uh, no, yeah depends on how you see it." Sam hedged at their glares.

"What?" Dean asked now standing with his back against the wall. Sam didn't miss the wary stance or the shift of his brother's green eyes.

"Well, according to one of the articles," he chuckled again and apologized before continuing. "It said that when people go up to the 2nd story, people, mostly females get pushed at a male… if…" he glanced from one stony face to the other and wiped off his smile. "If they seem to be a perfect couple."

"WHAT!" two sets of outraged voices yelled in unison. The sound echoed back to them from the 2nd floor but it was indistinguishable from the arguing on the landing and Sam's unrestrained laughter. For him it was just too funny.


Phade was getting tired of their constant glances and finally she stopped in the middle of the old children's room and spread her arms wide. "What?" she asked. "What is it?"

Both guys glanced at each other wondering what she was asking about.

"Oh, now you play dumb. You." She pointed at Dean. "Take a picture cuz the sneaking glances is getting weird."

Sam just about laughed at her comment in regards to the picture. She obviously had no idea how close her statement was to the past. He averted his face but couldn't hide the snort of laughter.

"And you!" she jabbed at finger in Sam's direction who was trying to cover his grin. "I don't care what the stupid article says. Ghosts don't know a thing about people and couples being perfect so knock it off! Teasing your brother is one thing but I am not him. We clear?"

"Sure." Sam nodded with a straight face but the way she was behaving just reminded him of Dean in one of his big brother speeches. It bordered on the annoying; her lecturing but then they had been teasing her. Well, Dean was antagonizing and Sam had just been amused by his brother's reaction and Phade's clulessness about the situation. Maybe her being upset made sense…

"I don't stare!" Dean interjected.

"Ah! You liar!" Phade exclaimed. "You do so stare and I've seen you. Both of you." She said glancing at Sam. He choked on his laugh, drawing his face into a serious mask.

"You're right-." Sam began.

"Sam!" Dean's voice had clear warning through it but Sam shrugged apologetically and forged ahead.

"You ever go to school in Indiana?" he asked. "Fort Wayne?"

Phade's face seemed to close up at the mention of her first year of high school. Most of it had been her rebelling against her parents for moving way out to the middle of nowhere-ville on a 'maybe' possibility of work. Not that there had been since fieldwork wasn't exactly their first choice out there. Phade remembered the first year at Fort High in a sudden rush. Faces, events, teachers and kids bombarded her mind, which she did her best to block out. Everything about that year had just been wrong, being fifteen hadn't helped either nor having to make new friends or a new squad which hadn't lasted long what with all the money required to pay for the uniform, the trips and the camp she wasn't exactly going to be able to attend from whatever new town they ended up moving to before the year was out. It had been too much and like any teenager she did the next worst thing, act out.

"There's nothing here. Nothing we need to get rid of so let's go." Dean marched to the door and held it open waiting as first Sam then Phade walked out. He didn't give her a chance to respond though by the look on her face Dean didn't think she would. He wouldn't blame her; it wasn't as though he'd recognized her…

The silence seemed endless as they walked down the stairs and to the front room where Sam held the front door open. Both guys watched her walk quietly to the car and get in. She didn't even look at them.

"Call it a night?" Dean asked watching Phade. Sam followed his gaze wondering if maybe they should go back to the hotel since it was obvious Phade wasn't in the hunting spirit anymore.

"No." Sam shook his head. "We still have that College to check out."

"Let's go." Dean moved off keys in hand.


The College loomed into view, the tall buildings outlined in the moonlight, somehow seeming cold and menacing. They drove in, the car engine sounding overly loud in the quiet streets even though some of the kids were out obviously drinking and partying. Campus police just drove past unconcerned and let the revelers continue. They pulled up to a large building with some windows lit even at the lateness of the evening.

Dean leaned over looking up at the building. "Edmonton Hall." He read then his eyes followed a couple of coeds skipping down the steps with giggles. He turned to Sam with a stupid grin. "You should feel right at home Sammy."

Sam ignored him and quietly got out not exactly sure what to say. He'd been at Stanford four years with a clear idea of what his future was going to look like especially with-. Then Dean came looking for him to help him find Dad and now… Now he was in the family business. He'd always intended to go back and finish school but now he wasn't so sure he would or that he still wanted to.

"What else you dig up?" Dean asked. Sam pulled away from his thoughts and concentrated on remembering what he'd read from the newspapers.

"The girls started disappearing just after the school was completed. There were no witnesses, signs of struggle, no threatening calls before hand or for ransom either."

"They just up and disappeared one day?" Phade asked sounding skeptical as they headed up the front steps. It was possible for one or even two just to leave, not that it made sense but for all of them?

"Not in the day, spooks get you at night." Dean said. He tried to do the spooky 'boo' sound and at her impatient sigh started with the theme from 'Psycho'.

"Yeah, that's scary. Oooh…" Phade made a face and turned to Sam completely ignoring Dean's continued antics. She refused to be drawn into any argument with him; she didn't even want to think of how like the boy from Indiana he still was.

Seeing he wasn't gonna get a response Dean gave it up and followed them up the stairs into Edmonton Hall.

"Then what?"

"The bodies were found on the schools playing field a few weeks after they disappear." Sam hesitated clearing his throat before he decided to reveal the last bit of information. From his jacket he pulled out a clipping, which Dean took. Phade moved closer and looked over his shoulder from the top step as he read.

"7th victim was sexually assaulted, her tongue was cut out and her body left at UJC playing field. The body was discovered by the groundskeeper in the early morning." Dean sighed looking up at his brother. Phade made a sound and both brothers noticed her pale face.

"What's the problem? Weak stomach all of a sudden?" Dean asked opening the door for them. All three stepped inside the hall.

"No." Phade replied quietly. She turned searching for anything that would blot out the current scene in her mind. A girl butchered, blood all over her face, a hand stretched out for help that would never arrive and a black figure deep in shadows that even she couldn't see. "No, this is different."

"How so?" Sam asked quietly. Both followed her up the stairs to the 3rd floor, there was a balcony which overlooked the foyer and the doors. She stopped there and looked over the side thinking about what she'd seen since joining AI.

"What I hunt, the demons and vampires, they don't affect my world, abnormal as it." Her lips lifted in a half smile barely glancing at them. "I don't see mutilated human corpses or have to speak to their relatives or question their friends." She gave brief thanks for that little mercy. "I don't have to deal with a raped girl whose corpse is left on display for some poor fool to find her. My demons just want to bring about an apocalypse or kill Angel or me or some other demon because we got in the way or they're just pissed at us." Phade shrugged, her eyes focused somewhere over the railing.

"You get used to it-." Sam began only Phade cut him off.

"No, Sam. You can't ever get used to it." She turned to face them again. "I don't know how you guys do it." Both were so different in personality as well as physically yet somehow they were the same. "I really don't. Your job's harder than mine."

There was an awkward silence after that. Each one lost in their own thoughts as they looked about the 3rd floor. There was another hall branching off from the main balcony and another set of stairs leading to the 4th and last floor.


"The end of the world, Apocalypse?" Dean asked. Phade half smiled nodding as they all headed back down to the foyer. For having found very little to go on Dean was in a better mood than usual.

"Yeah but Buffy already stopped two of them and died." Phade suddenly realized that Sunnydale was a HellMouth therefore would have plenty of hauntings for the Winchester's to take care of. She opened her mouth to say that when Dean cut in.

"Buffy?" he asked. "Who names their kid Buffy?"

"You're an ass." Phade stated matter of factly.

"What? I'm just saying-." He shrugged already holding the door open. Everyone filed out and down the stairs.

"Buffy's the Sunnydale Slayer. She kills the vampires and whatever else has the bright idea of hunting at the HellMouth. It's pretty much her job, calling really."

"Calling?" Sam asked and Phade realized she hadn't told them about Buffy being the Slayer or what that was.

"Oh boy…" she sighed getting in the car. She waited for Dean to start the engine before continuing. "It's kinda like a destiny. She was next in line so when the previous Slayer died the power of all the Slayers that ever were passed on to her. It goes; 'For every generation one is chosen to fight the evils of the world… yada yada yada.' Which is why Slayers don't live long, hence the dying, twice." She held up two fingers which they didn't see since she was in the back seat.

"Oh." Sam sounded confused and Dean was wondering why they'd never heard of this before.

"So she's dead?" Dean asked.

"Buffy?" Phade snorted as if it were funny. "No, she's still slaying but I'm sure she won't mind if you guys go hunting in Sunnydale. Plenty to go around I'm sure since it's the HellMouth."

"HellMouth?" Sam asked.

"How did she die twice?" Dean wanted to know.

"First time I think she drowned. The last she flew into a hell portal that was letting in monsters from another dimension and fell 14 stories to the ground."

"You just said she's still slaying." Sam reminded with a glance in the rearview mirror.

"Yeah she sure is, last time we heard." Phade replied with another shrug. All of this was just a little weird and so far the guys were handling it fine.

"She died!" Dean exclaimed obviously not as fine as she'd thought. So she tried patience and self-control when speaking to him.

"Yes and now she's alive again. I don't question it alright. Life is much easier when you don't."


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