Author's Note: This is just a short fic about the point after the explosion in Advent Children. There is not plot, it isn't going anywhere and I don't own the characters. Thankyou.


'Ain't gonna believe they're dead till I see the bodies,' said Cyd firmly. 'I know their sort, turn your back an' they shoot you in it.'

'We know, Cyd,' said Tifa. Cloud had been healed but the site of the shot was still a little sore.

'Just sayin'.'

'Um, guys?' They looked round as Yuffie walked up to them. 'I found 'em.'

'Good,' said Barret. 'They dead?'

'Yeah - I'm pretty sure.' Yuffie seemed uncertain, nonetheless.

'Oh, for god's sakes, what's yer problem, girl?' said Cyd. 'They dead or not?'

'They're dead,' replied Yuffie. 'I just... oh, just come and look.'

The bodies were something of a shock. Cyd approached complaining loudly about having to come and check when Yuffie should be able to tell him for herself, and then his voice trailed into silence. It wasn't the injuries. They weren't particularly extensive, considering. It was the way the bodies were lying.

The explosion had thrown them forward, and Yazoo lay on his front with his arm out, fingers still curled around the gunblade, his hair over his face and the ground like molten silver. His other arm bent over his chest, his head down and his legs just beginning to be raised in preperation for the impact, he looked like a frightened child - it could have been said that he looked as though he was sleeping if it wasn't for the obviously broken back.

Loz wouldn't have been able to do anything about that - but the shocking thing was that it looked as though he'd tried to. He lay over his brother, head against his shoulder, arms up around Yazoo's body - even with a huge steel plate practically slicing him in half and pinning him to the ground, it seemed that Loz was the protector.

Blood spattered the floor, and it spattered Yazoo, and it spattered Loz, but it was only Loz's blood. Yazoo had only the broken back. No... wait, that was wrong...

Tifa bit the end of her little finger and turned her head to look at the nearside knuckle on Loz's pilebuker - it was buried into Yazoo's side, probably by the force of the impact, and a crust of blood had formed around the wound. 'That's... ironic,' she said uncertainly. 'And sad. Really, really sad.'

'You think so? said Cyd. 'I'm just glad they're gone.'

'Oh, go away.' said Yuffie.

Vincent crouched down closer to the bodies and brushed the hair away from Yazoo's face. Bodies didn't worry him; never had. Yazoo's eyes and mouth were open, fixed in a howl of pain and loss. Vincent glanced at Loz - there was anger on the older clone's face but his eyes were already closed. A swipe of a finger down Loz's cheek confirmed it - Loz had died crying, whether for Kadaj or Yazoo or Mother or all three - probably not for Sephiroth. Probably not even for himself. Vincent closed Yazoo's eyes and mouth and stood up.

'Let's go home.'