The Result: A gift to you readers since it's my Fanfic anniversary!

Tohru held pregnancy test in her hands tightly. She shook as she forced herself to open her eyes and look at the results. Her body quivered as tears formed in her eyes rereading the word "pregnant" in small font at the edge of the test. Tohru bit her lip nervously as she gazed up at the teenage man beside her. He smiled at her and gave her shoulders a reassuring squeeze.

This was what she wanted right? She beamed back at him brightly. It all started a week ago….

As a regular check up Tohru was going to see her gynecologist as she usually did once a month. There were just some things Hatori wasn't exactly experienced in. Not once did she suspect what her doctor was going to tell her. Yes, her cramps had been a little worse these past couple of months… but no young girl would ever want to hear what she did last week. The words were still burned fresh into her mind.

"Tohru, I'm not sure how to tell you this, considering how young you are. So I'll just say it as it is… If you don't get pregnant now, you might lose your chance of ever giving birth to a child of your own…"

"Wha- what did you just say?"

"I'm sorry… You see, I had a little test and the results are telling me that your child bearing years are coming to an end real soon. I can't say for sure what caused your ovaries to have so few eggs exactly. Most woman have more eggs than they'll ever use but in your case it's the opposite. I am positive that real soon, even maybe before the end of next month you won't have any eggs left…"

"…So what do you suggest I do?"

"Do you want a child?"

Tohru nodded meekly, every girl dreamed their dream wedding and then having a child or two in a year but she was sixteen, she hadn't even considered having sex at this age. She clutched the edge of the seat fearfully afraid about what she was in to hear next. Her eyes were focused on the corner of the counter in the doctor's office unable to look her gynecologist in the eye at the moment.

"I don't want to tell you to get pregnant right now, at this age you might be unprepared. Of course there are other options you can go through in the future. But if you want the child to be yours truly…" She left the sentence hanging.

Tohru knew exactly what she was going to say anyways. She stared blankly back at her. What was she going to do? She couldn't possibly have a child and drop out of school. Mom wouldn't like that… But if she didn't… What about her child that would never get to see the world? And what about her chance to be a mother?

"I think… I would like to have my child…"

The woman nodded looking at Tohru seriously.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"


"A boyfriend, any friend of the opposite gender you may consider being the father to your child?"

She blushed vividly. There was Yuki… and then there was Kyo… Would either of them want to help her in this desperate situation? But Kyo had left for the mountains to train with Shishou. That left Yuki… The prince… If he did agree to it, there'd be problems if any of his fan club members found out. Tohru had no idea how she would ever bring it up. It didn't help at all how shy and easily embarrassed she was.

"Honda-san… Did you hear me?"


"Do you have anyone picked out in particular…?"

"No… Not exactly… I'm a little scared…"

"I understand… Why don't you talk this over with your family and see what they think?" the woman suggested.

Tohru nodded, not sure what else to say or do. Quickly she walked out of the office and out the doors. She needed fresh air right now. Something… Anything to clear her mind… Slowly she dropped down on a bench, looking at nothing, deep in thought. Her eyes closed, she prayed silent asking someone to wake her up from this nightmare, anyone would do. All she wanted was for someone to tell her that what the doctor had said was false, that there was nothing wrong with her body. But no one told her that, she was stuck in the nightmare hoping that maybe it could end as a happy dream.


She snapped back into reality finding Yuki standing in front of her with worried eyes. Tohru forced a smile onto her face, but his eyes saw straight through. Her smiled slowly lowered in a frown, she looked away from him. He took a seat next to her.

"What's the matter Honda-san? Did something happen to you?"

"No-no…. Nothing at all… I'm fine…"

Yuki didn't look convinced but he remained silent. Maybe, it was better to let her tell him when she was ready. It would do no good to force her to say anything. He decided to just be there when she needed someone to talk to later on. Abruptly he stood up. For half a second Tohru thought he was going to leave her there alone until she saw his hand in front of her face. She peered up at his face, dumbstruck.

"Come on… You don't have to tell me… But we shouldn't stay out here too long… Summer is ending it's starting to get rather cold this late. Let's go back, nn Honda-san?" Yuki offered her his hand.

Shyly she placed her hand in his and let him pull her up. He gave her a warm smile, the one he seemed to save only for her. She stood up and followed him back to the house. Tohru walked beside him, but her mind was somewhere else. Yuki glanced at her dazed look wondering what happened.

"Honda-san, you know you can tell me anything, right?"

Tohru looked up at his face and let a single tear roll down her cheek. She couldn't keep her emotions locked inside anymore, her insides felt about ready to burst open.

"Honda-san, are you okay?" Yuki asked in a concerned voice.

Tohru turned up facing him with watery eyes. Weakly she buried her face into his shoulder sobbing. Yuki stood there, not sure what to do. Awkwardly he wrapped his arms around her thin frame, trying his best not to hug her. He muttered soothing words to her trying to comfort the weeping girl. Yuki paused letting her quiet down and start to breathe slower and more calmly.

"I'm- I'm so-sorry Yuki-kun… I go-got your shirt all wet… I'm so sorry…" Tohru choked out pulling away from him.

"Tohru- Honda-san… What's wrong?" Yuki quickly corrected himself.

"You called me Tohru…" Tohru whispered looking up at him.

"I'm sorry... It just slipped out…" Yuki muttered apologetically.

"No… I like that… Please keep calling me Tohru," Tohru murmured looking up at him with a bright smiling face.

Yuki decided not to ask anymore for now, he pulled away; facing her. He grasped her hand in his again keeping a comforting grip around her fingers. Tohru moved her gaze up to his face questioningly. He just smiled hoping he could support her through whatever was bothering her.

"Come on… Let's go home… You don't have to tell me what's bothering you for now… But don't think I'm going to forget about this. I hate to see you cry, you know that?" Yuki told her with a caring smile.

She nodded; no words would come out of her mouth. His fingers were locked tightly around her hand, giving her reassurance. With him beside her she got the feeling that everything was going to be alright. Hesitantly she rested her head on his shoulder needing to feel that reassurance more. He kept her as close as possible wanting to be here to support her no matter what.

They arrived home shortly to be greeted by an over energetic Shigure. He bounced around them teasing them for coming home together hand in hand. This made Tohru turn beet red and cower inside her bedroom. A few minutes later Yuki could hear soft crying coming from her bedroom. She had obviously not gotten over what made her cry earlier. Yuki glared at Shigure punching him in the gut for making her hide in her room. After justice was served he climbed the stairs to her room pausing for a second before knocking on her door.

"Honda-san… Can I come in?" Yuki called gently.

"…Could you please go away…" Tohru's muffled response pained him.

Despite her wishes Yuki turned the door knob, glad to find it unlocked. He stepped into the somber room. All the curtains were drawn shut and the light was turned off hiding its usual brightness. Yuki stepped inside walking over to her bed he sat on her bed. He looked at her laying stomach down on her bed crying softly.

"Are you okay Honda-san? You should ignore Shigure… All he says is nonsense… Don't worry about it…" He tried to sooth her even though he clearly knew that Shigure's teasing was not what caused her tears.

Tohru stuffed her face deeper into her pillow trying to keep her problem from reaching his ears. Her orders for him to leave were muffled by the white feathery mass. Sometimes she wished he wasn't so nice or caring, sometimes she wished he was more like Shigure so he would leave her alone and not bother with how she felt for a few hours. That was just her selfish side though, in the end she realized she loved him for the way he was, she adored how sweet he was to her, she treasured his consideration but why would the most popular gorgeous guy ever like her? She was Tohru Honda the ugly witch who couldn't even provide him with a child in the future. There was no way he would ever like her, she should have been grateful for his friendship, she should have but she wasn't; Tohru was greedy.

"What did you say Honda-san- I mean Tohru… I couldn't understand you…" Yuki muttered using her first name to try and give her at least something she wanted.

Hearing him use her first name Tohru couldn't help but turn on her side and stare up at him. His worry only grew when he saw how red and puffy her eyes were from crying. Reaching forward with one of his hands he grazed one of her cheeks with the back of his hand wiping away a tear. Tohru blinked not realizing how much of her hurt showed on her face. She did, however, realize that her embarrassment was showing, she could feel the blood rush to her cheeks from his touch.

"Honda- Tohru, do you have a fever?" Yuki asked noticing how red and warm her face was.

She shook her head, "No… I'm fine…"

"Are you sure? Maybe I should go get you some medicine…" Yuki offered getting off of her bed. Making his way to the door he slipped on the edge of her blanket falling backwards and landing on his bottom on her floor. He laid there for a second staring up at her with a sheepish smile getting a soft laugh from Tohru. Realizing she was laughing at someone who had just gotten hurt she gasped and stood up abruptly to see if he was okay only to find herself sprawled out beside him. She burst out giggling madly for the first time today.

"You know, you look a lot cuter with a smile across your face," Yuki breathed brushing her face with his fingertips.

"… Ah! I have to go get dinner ready!" Tohru shrieked jumping up and running downstairs before Yuki could see her red face.

Yuki sat there dumbfounded for a minute before sighing and standing up. He gathered her blanket up from the floor and did his best to set it neatly back on her bed. As he made his way to the door he accidentally knocked over a folder set on her desk. The papers scattered over the floor in a mess. Groaning he bent over to pick them up, they were papers from a doctor's appointment. His curiosity got the best of him his eyes scanning the report widening with every word he read.

"…Yuki-kun! Dinner is ready!" Tohru hollered from downstairs.

Quickly he grabbed the rest of the sheets stuffing them back in the folder replying, "I'm coming!"

He took one last look at her room with disbelief before shutting the door and heading downstairs. Throughout dinner he was quieter than usual trying to figure out Tohru's situation. Tohru watched him for the first half, seeing him pick at his food her concern started to grow. Shigure eyed the both of them with a mischievous smile.

"Yuki-kun, are you feeling okay?" Tohru faced him with a frown.

"Oh don't worry about Yuki! Tohru you have your own problems to worry about… Like who's gonna be the father of your only child…" Shigure said nonchalantly.

Tohru gasped her eyes growing large before she bound up the stairs leaving her dinner plate half full. Yuki stood up shooting Shigure a death glare before racing up the steps after her. Shigure folded his hands together satisfactorily starting to like the role of matchmaker. Earlier he had received a phone call from her doctor explaining her whole situation to him since he was her guardian. He had decided to take advantage of this and have a little fun.

Yuki stood before her door not sure if he should enter. He wanted to comfort her but how could she calm her down when he offered no solution to her? After hearing a half a second's worth of her tears he decided to go in anyways. Tohru sat on the corner of her bed, her arms wrapped around her knees sobbing bitterly.

"Tohru… I'm sorry… I know about your situation too…" he admitted taking a seat beside her and gingerly stroking her back.

"…" She was completely speechless, tears stinging her eyes.

"…If you don't mind and if you really want to have a child… I can be the father… If you want that is…" Yuki whispered to her.

"…Yo-you would really do that for me?" She choked out.

He nodded smiling and clutching her hand in his. No matter what problems she faced as long as she allowed it, he'd do all in his power to help her. If she needed a man to help her get pregnant then so be it. Yuki didn't mind losing his virginity to a girl he loved and wanted to help. Tohru's eyes filled with water again; there was nothing more she could ask of him. This was more than enough, she didn't deserve this, she didn't but she wanted it. And so here started to journey of teenage pregnancy.