This is a continuation of "Scream Your Heart Out" by Rivermoore's Horse … cause I didn't want it to end like that… so sudden. Its not like i worship this fic, its just that e said to make up our own ending, so i did, and then i posted it. Thankyou, please R&R. There will be more.

The End?

Zoro just stood there, supporting his captain who had just given everything for him. He didn't say a word, he didn't sob, he didn't even shake, but tears were glistening as they poured out onto his scarred face. He then laid the boy down on the deck.

This was so wrong; nothing could have ever killed his captain, nothing. But in the end, it was his fault, his responsibility. He thought his responsibility was to protect.

"Guess I failed"

Zoro fell to his knees and embraced the raven haired boy. It was too much for him to bear.

At that moment Chopper trotted up deck. He had smelled a strong scent of blood and was the first to arrive. The others were awaken by Luffys incredible scream, and immediately rushed to the battle scene. It was a horrible sight. Bodies were everywhere, blood coated the wooden deck, and in the middle of it all, there sat the first mate, holding his captain in his arms.


Then chaos. What would become of the Mugiwaras without the Straw Hat himself?

To Be Continued…