Nanami exhaled through her nose, this is so relaxing, and I should come up here and do this more… She heard the door to the roof open, grunting slightly she opened her eyes and sat up to see who it was. "Hikaru? Kaoru?"

Hikaru and Kaoru stared at the girl sitting on the ground, her eyes slightly glazed, and hair ruffled up. She heard the door open again and Hoshi stepped onto the roof but froze upon seeing the twins and Nanami. Haruhi walked behind her and started at the scene before her, I'm defiantly not going to sleep early tonight…

Hoshi stared at the three in front of them silently, her face changing from worried to stern. Haruhi gave her a side glance before watching the three in front of her, curious. The twins stared at Nanami, unmoving. Nanami blinked before a goofy grin reached her mouth, she lazily lifted one arm for a greeting.


Hikaru's eyes grew angry; he clutched the paper in the hand tightly; wrinkling it more. Kaoru remained quiet; his eyes went downcast as he stared at the ground before him. "Let's go Kaoru." Hikaru took his brothers arm and gave him a firm but gentle tug. Nanami placed her lifted arm beside her, now leaning back on both of her arms; watching the two brother's head off to the door. A hurt look flashed through her face or merely a second before it was replaced with a small smile.

"Nice seeing you two again."

Hikaru stopped just in front of Hoshi and Haruhi, the sudden stop made Kaoru lightly bump into him. He glared at the floor before entering the door, Kaoru quietly looked over his shoulder to take one last glance at Nanami before getting pulled inside by his brother. Hoshi heard the door close behind her, that's when she made her way towards Nanami who was still lying on the ground.

Nanami stared at her lap, the yellow-ness of the dress distracted her from the things that were on her mind, a shadow hovered over her, blocking the color of her dress, making it shaded darker. "Oi, get outta' da way, you're blocking the yellow-ness of mah dress." Nanami tilted her head upwards as she said it to the angry face above her. "Hey Hoshi." Nanami offered her friend a nervous smile, Hoshi was not impressed by her tone of voice and placed both hands on her hips, her left foot tapping the ground. Nanami sighed and slowly stood up.

"Look, I'm sorry for not telling you where I was going 'cuz I- OW" Nanami let out a small cry of pain when Hoshi's fingers latched onto her ear, pulling it slightly.

"Do you know how long you have been gone?!" Hoshi tugged on Nanami's ear even more, making her twitch, "The whole day! I've been searching for you for the whole day!" Haruhi stared at the two girls in front of her, her mouth forming a lopsided grin. I'm sure glad I'm not Nanami right now…



"Home. Your going home right now!" Hoshi tugged on her ear once again then started walking off towards the door, "Thank you Haruhi; for helping me find my Nanami." Hoshi gave Haruhi a polite smile before pushing past the door. Nanami reluctantly followed her walking oddly because of the grip on her ear.

"Haruhi! Let me drove you home! –Ow! Stop Hoshi you're pulling to hardd!" Nanami let out a strangled moan of pain before the door shut behind her.

Haruhi closed her eyes and rubbed her temples, if Nanami was offering her a ride home, she would surely faint, she slowly played out the scene from last time she got a drive home with her. Sighing softly Haruhi turned and opened the door and walked down the stairs, holding her bag tightly she walked through the long halls of Ouran and out the large doors. Most of the limos were gone by now, only two remained; simply waiting for the person to drive home. She saw Hoshi get into a limo then slid down the window to talk to Nanami; Nanami bent down slightly and listened what her friend was saying to her. Haruhi saw Nanami's head nod before standing back straight. Hoshi rolled up her window; then the limo started to move, heading for her home. Haruhi walked up behind Nanami who was waving off her friend.

"Nanami-san." Nanami turned around and smiled when she saw Haruhi standing behind her holding his bag in front of him.

"Haruhi! So do you want a ride home?" Nanami shifted her weight onto on leg and tilted her head slightly.

Haruhi sweat dropped and coughed, "W-well… Umm" she glanced around the area slightly, looking for Nanami's motorcycle; but found none. "I-is that your limo?" Nanami blinked and turned around and looked at the limo behind her.

"Mmm… Nope! I don't own a limo" she paused for a bit, scratching her head, "I don't think I do…" Haruhi's body tensed, if that's not her limo… whose is it? Haruhi curiously stared at the limo, wondering who it belonged to; her thoughts were cut off when she felt a hand clamp down on her shoulder.

"Haruhi." Haruhi looked at Nanami, figuring that she as the person who called her; Nanami shook her head and pointed at her, making her turn around.


Hikaru gave her a small grin, "Would you like up to take you home?" Haruhi blinked dumbly, she glanced towards the limo and saw Kaoru leaning on the door. "U-ummm…" Haruhi looked over her shoulder to take a look at Nanami, silently contemplating who to go home with. Nanami gave her a cheeky grin then nodded, telling her she could go with the twins. Haruhi turned to Hikaru and smiled, "Okay, thank you."

Hikaru smiled and put his arm over her shoulder and led her towards the limo, Kaoru and Haruhi got in, he took a last glance over to Nanami who was watching them quietly and gave her a smug smile. Nanami blinked and waved at him, which he ignored; then walked towards the side of the school. Hikaru got into the limo and smiled at his brother and Haruhi; Kaoru blinked at his brother and smiled back.

"Oi! Let go drop Haruhi off!" Hikaru semi-shouted, the chauffer tipped his hat and started the engine, and made its way out of the Ouran gates. Haruhi chatted among the twins quietly on the way, but stopped when she heard a rev of a motor next to them. The three of them curiously looked out the window next to Kaoru and saw Nanami and her bike. The twins stared in silent shock when they saw their old friend give them a small salute and speeding past them. Haruhi let out a small giggle.

"Maa, Nanami-san sure is spontaneous, ne?" she didn't expect and answer, but silently observed the twins in the corner of her eyes. Hikaru let out a small snort and leaned on hi arm and stared out the window. Kaoru smiled softly and stared at his hands on his lap. The two said their good byes to Haruhi then drove off to their mansion. They reached the mansion and walked into the large room, each of them being greeted by many of their maids and butlers. They walked of the spiral of stairs and to their room, none of them spoke as the both got changed and did their homework.

Hikaru tapped his pencil lightly on the desk, staring blankly at the math problems in front of him, he side glanced at his small garbage can on the corner of his desk, sighing he grabbed it and took a small piece of crumbled paper from it and opened it slowly, reveling the picture that was on it. He stared the drawn hamburger, a small grin crossing his face. Flipping the paper over he didn't expect to see another picture, this picture was drawn with more detail, the color and shading was impeccable. His eyes widened as he stared at the three small figures in the drawing. All of them holding hands, smiling and laughing; it was like déjà vu for him, something like his had happened, but it was long ago. He studied the picture closely seeing that there were small shapes going around the border of the paper, this looks familiar… He let out the breath he was holding, not noticing that he was holding it, and gingerly smoothed down the piece of paper; then placed it in his notebook. He turned around to glance at Kaoru who was scribbling in his notebook and smiled, I won't show him this just yet…

Nanami walked to the side of Ouran and spotted her bike resting, waiting where she left it; she grinned and patted the seat. Placing the bright yellow helmet on her head and got on the bike and started the engine, knowing that Haruhi and the Twins were long gone by now. That doesn't mean I can't catch up! A happy grin was plastered on her face as she kicked off the small metal bar that was holding the bike up and zoomed past the Ouran gates. Aha! Spotting the limo she sped up and ran beside it, giving them a playful salute then racing off. She reached her house in a matter of minutes and opened the garage door, parking her bike near the wall. Unlocking the door to the garage she took off her shoes and threw her bag near the stairs. Walking to the kitchen she opened her freezer and grabbed a frozen dinner and popped it into the microwave. Her house was empty, when I say empty I mean there was no one else living there but her; she was emancipated from her parents. Meaning that she had to make her own money for rent and school, not to mention all the other bills and necessities she needed. Her parents first didn't agree, but was slowly convinced that their daughter cold handle herself on her own, but they made sure by depositing s 'bit' on cash into her bank account.

Nanami took the plastic plate from the microwave and walked to the living room, she clicked the TV on and scanned through he channels and ate her dinner quietly. Maybe I should get a pet… to make it less lonely. Taking her last bite of her food she tossed the now empty TV dinner in a nearby trashcan next to her couch. She took a quick shower and finished her homework in record time, seeing that it was only 8:45 she decided to finish her latest drawing; getting out her sketch pad she flipped through the pages trying to find one particular picture. Where is it…? Panicking slightly she roughly flipped through her sketch book. "Ah!! Where is it!?" she tugged her hair slightly, a shocked look came across her face. "No…it can't be…" a small image of a poorly drawn hamburger flashed through her mind. "It's on the back of it!!" she took her sketch book and bonked her head on the book. "Why did I throw it off the roof!?" She slumped down on the couch slightly, "I hate my life…"

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