Haku was looking for herbs when he finds a boy not much younger then himself in a clearing asleep under a tree; burnt remains of what used to be his jumpsuit lay around him. If not for the burnt remains of his boxers he would be completely revealed to the world. He was intrigued by the presence of the boy who got Zabuza to release his hold on Kakashi.

Stepping closer, Haku knelt down next to the boy, placing a hand on his neck to feel for a pulse. Naruto's eyes snapped open. In that moment Haku can see the pain, sorrow and despair in those blue orbs, pain he knows all to well.

Naruto, not one to take a chance on whether this person is here to hurt him or not, tries to run but stumbles against the tree he was lying beneath. Resigned to his fate, he leans against the tree hugging his knees crying. Seeing the same reactions he had not too long ago, Haku can't help but feel pity for this young boy.

Slowly, so as to not scare the poor boy any more then he already is, Haku kneels in front of him to look into those eyes. 'How would one so young know such pain to stain the depths of ones being so deep?' He thought.

"You don't need to fear me, I won't hurt you. Why are you out here all alone?" Haku pleaded, trying to get the cowering boy to open up. 'He was so strong when he fought Zabuza. Seeing this I wonder where that indomitable spirit went?'

"I-I am a-a-always a-alo..." he couldn't even finish his sentence. it was like a dam had burst and all he could do was cry. "N-no-one w-wants me. T-th-he vil-ligers ha-ha-hate me, t-they say I-I don't de-des-erve t-their k-k-kindness."

In his sobs, Haku could feel the pain from his own childhood. He reached out and hugged him, trying desperately to console one so broken. That's when he saw it; scars leading from the wrist up the inside of each forearm.

"Shhhh, I wont hurt you; I too know the pain of being hated. It's hard, I know." he said, now rubbing Naruto's back. It seemed to be helping, as he was slowly calming down. Instead of the violent sobs, there were only endless tears.

"Why?" Naruto finally asks, "You're a nice lady. Why would they hate anyone so nice?"

"It's because where I come from, people like me are hated and feared. It's not something I did but something I am. But enough about me," there was a comfortable silence as they just sit there. Finally, Haku grew curious, "My name is Haku, and may I ask your name?"

"Naruto, my name is Uzumaki Naruto." he replied. He was just happy that this lady was being nice. Even though she would probably either run screaming or try to kill him if she knew what he was. Right now he was enjoying just sitting with his head leaning on her shoulder.

"So, would you mind telling me about these?" Haku asked while brushing his hands against the scars on his wrist.

"I'm just tired of it all." rubbing the marks while just sighing. His voice was one too old to be coming from the boy. "It hurt's so much, the way they look at me. I can see it in their eyes. They want me to die. They've tried to kill me on several occasions, but I just wake up in the hospital. Even the doctors and nurses whisper the hateful names as I leave. The only ones who care are the Hokage and Iruka-sensei, but they're always busy. Every night I come home to find my apartment trashed or a rock that's been thrown through the window. Sometimes, they come to beat me in the middle of the night. I'm really just too tired to try anymore. Even my teammates hate me. If this is life, it's just not worth living. Would you be able to live with it Haku, all the hate, all the stares, and all the beatings? Am I wrong to want it to end?" with that final sentence he broke into violent sobs again.

"Have you not known love? Surely someone must love you?" asked Haku without thinking. The response he got tore out his heart. Instead of tears he heard Naruto laugh. Not a happy laugh, but one that comes from anger and despair.

"Ha, that's a good one Haku, love. It's something I will never have. They will rejoice and celebrate the day I die, so why not today?! I tried my hardest, but I couldn't last night. But eventually I will succeed. I will give them their party and go out with a bang!"

It couldn't be. To see the fire and determination in his eyes was hurting Haku as if he was there. To want ones end so desperately, it was sickening. Haku came to a realization. He would show the boy love, albeit a physical love. One so broken surely deserves it before the end. Slowly, he guided Naruto's face to his own and pressed their lips together. The first thing he noticed was he could taste the saltiness of his tears.

Naruto was in shock. Like a deer in the headlights he couldn't move. What was she doing? He could feel her hand creeping through his hair. Instinct finally won out and he started to return the kiss.

When Haku noticed this, he started to kiss his cheek until he reached Naruto's ear. "Let me show you. Let me show you what you so rightfully deserve!" The passion in Haku's voice echoed through his ears.

His mind raced to catch up with what was happening, but was blown away when Haku kissed and nipped her way to Naruto's chest. His mind just stopped when Haku bit his nipple slightly and then blew her breath across it. Everything was a burr of pleasure, but everything finally came crystal clear when something similar to a hand wrapped around his manhood. Now Naruto has had an erection before. He has even pleasured himself, but the feeling of someone else doing it couldn't compare. All he could do was shutter.

"Let me do this for you. Enjoy yourself, for you deserve this!" before Naruto could even reply Haku took the head of his shaft into his mouth.

All Naruto could do was fall back onto the grass and grip the earth for all he was worth. The feel of Haku's mouth was something that Naruto would never forget, the soft velvetiness of the tongue and the warm suction was soon becoming too much.

'Seven inches, I have to be at least two years older and I'm only seven and a half. Well, it's time for the finisher. I'm kind of glad I read those Icha Icha books the brothers love so much.' with that though he took Naruto to the base and hummed. It had its desired effect.

Naruto's eyes flashed open as he felt the biggest orgasm of his life. In his fourteen years of existence, this was on the list of 'Five Best Moments in my Life'. All he could do was stare at Haku as she swallowed his seed with a grin.

"Naruto-kun, I enjoyed doing this for you. I must go now but meet me here tomorrow morning before the sun rises and we will meet again." and with that Haku tucked Naruto back into his boxers and left.

After he caught his breath he stood up and henge'd some cloths and started walking to Tazuna's house. When he got there the only one home was Tsunami.

"Naruto, where were you? I was so worried. Here, let me get you something to eat!" as she said this he just looked at her. It wasn't his usual cheerful grin; no, it was a look of solemn contemplation. Something happened to the boy she could tell, but what it was she could not. He ate what she gave him and thanked her, but it seemed to just be mechanical reflex. He stood up and mentioned he was tired and was going to bed. She just nodded and wished him good dreams as he found his way to the futon that was to be his bed.

'Why did Haku do that? Did she really think he, "The Demon Brat of Konoha" deserved that? It's not that he didn't enjoy it, it had to be one of the single most pleasurable things he's done. Would she have done it if she knew? Will she really be there tomorrow? Will he go there? Will she do that again? I saw in her eyes that she cared. Was it pity? What was the feeling he felt for her? That felt so good, but did she really enjoy it? If it happens again, the least I could do is return the favor. Will she let me touch her? Ahhh, this is giving me a headache. But I don't want to sleep. The nightmares and memories are just too painful. I'll go there tomorrow and tell her what I am. She deserves to know. If she's just like the rest I'll just end it there. My new technique should work. But if she's not like the others, then what do I do? I'll just have to wait and see.

At this time, Haku was making his way to his room. He had just finished bandaging Zabuza's wounds and had an encounter with Gatou. He just lay across his bed and stared at the ceiling.

He was in so much pain. If it was really as bad as he says it is, how did he last this long? How long has he been trying to end it all? Could my pain even compare to his? He thought I was a girl. Did I do the right thing? He's the enemy. He is the reason why Zabuza is hurt. Did he wish to die in that fight? What will I do when we fight again? Zabuza will be ready in three days time. Why did I say I wanted to meet him again? Will he accept what I am? Will he be grossed out? Will he hate me? Why did I do that to him? I admit that he's cute, but that was the first time I've done something like that. He certainly seemed like he enjoyed it, and I'm happy he did, but was it right? Will he be there tomorrow? Will I be there tomorrow? I have to go. Everyone has abandoned him and I will not do the same! But can I face him after what I did? What could he have done? Konoha is prided for there bloodlines so that can't be it. Maybe I should ask him? It didn't taste bad at all, kind of salty but good. Oh god I'm hard as a rock! I hope he didn't see it. I'll tell him tomorrow. He has the right to know.

With that thought Haku stroked himself to an orgasm and fell asleep, both of them dreaming of each other.