Naruto let out a sigh as he kicked a rock that was on the path. Miko walked up beside him and put her arm around his shoulders as they continued to walk along the path. "Don't worry Naruto, we'll try and find Tsunade as soon as possible so that we can be back soon."

Naruto smiled. Miko always knew how to cheer him up. "Thanks Miko. I know that finding Tsunade is really important since Jiji needs her. That's why I didn't complain, but we've been gone for less than a day and I already miss them."

Jiraiya looked at the two and nodded up the road. "We'll be coming to a small town soon. I have an informant there that may know something, so we'll be spending the night. When we get there, you two find us a hotel for the night. I'll be back before nightfall."

Both Naruto and Miko nodded as they continued to walk. Just like Jiraiya had said, they soon came across a small town. Jiraiya headed off down one of the streets as the two Kitsune looked for a place to stay. After about half an hour, they found a place that had two rooms left. It seemed most of the towns vacancies were full of merchants heading north to some sort of festival. Miko counted her blessings, while she didn't mind the self proclaimed super pervert, she really didn't want to sleep in the same room as him if she had the choice.

As Naruto lay in his bed staring at the ceiling his mind couldn't help but drift to what happened that morning.


"Koishii, I don't want you to go." Naruto had woken up with a very worried Haku holding him tightly. He could see she was doing her best not to cry. "I have a bad feeling that something is going to happen to you. I, I'm afraid you won't come back!" With that last sentence, the dam holding back her tears broke.

Naruto was rubbing Haku's back as her sobbing woke Hinata. Seeing Haku's hysterical state, she got worried. "Is everything ok? What's wrong with Haku?"

Naruto let out a sigh. "She thinks something will happen to me while I'm away, so she doesn't want me to leave." Sitting up, he pulled Haku into his lap. "Haku, I know you want me to stay, but I need to continue my training with Jiraiya. We're probably not even going to leave Fire Country. Besides, Miko will be with me, and she's no push over. I'll be completely safe. I'm more worried about you, but I trust Hinata to take care of you while I'm gone."

Haku leaned back into Naruto, letting her head rest against his shoulders. Turning her head she looked deep into his eyes. "Promise me, if you're in danger, you'll run. I know you. You never back down, but please, for me, for our family, please run. Run and make it back to us. If you die I, I..."

Naruto interrupted her with a deep passionate kiss. As he pulled back, he gave his mate a loving smile. "You know I can't promise that, but I will promise to return to you and Hinata. Nothing in this world or the next could keep me from you two."

Haku closed her eyes as the tears kept falling. She knew he would say that, and it nearly broke her heart that one of the reasons she loved him so much might take him away from her. "Please be with me, Koishii. One last time before you leave, I want to feel you fill me with your love."

Naruto kissed her neck gently as his hands started to roam. He had been using the Riaru Henjiruto take on his female form during their recent love-making because he didn't want to endanger their child. Haku knew this and accepted it. Soon her sobs slowly become moans as Naruto found all the places that made her pussy clench and her cock jerk.

Hinata smiled as she watched the two people she loved most in the world show their love to each other. This was their time, and she didn't want to interrupt. so she quickly and silently left the room as she wrapped a robe around her naked body.

Haku was too lost on her emotional roller coaster to notice Hinata leave, but Naruto did. He made a mental note to thank her later. He was so glad he knew they could never be jealous of each other, and counted that as one of his true blessings. He let out a small groan as Haku started to squirm, rubbing her perfect ass against his hardening member.

Haku's eyes met his once again. He could still see the fear, but it was being flooded with her lust. "Please, I want you in me." Naruto smiled as he lifted her up by the thighs as she took him and guided him to her core. He made sure to let her down slowly. Once she was sitting in his lap again, she cooed as she pulled his arms around her, her fears almost forgotten in the complete feeling.

Naruto cherished these moments. As he rubbed her slightly bulging belly, he couldn't help feel a little apprehension. Just three months ago, he never thought he'd ever have a child, let alone someone that loved him like Haku or Hinata. If you had told him, he would have laughed bitterly as he walked away. But now, now he would be a father in just a little more than two months. Would he make a good father? He never had one, so he really didn't know what he should do. I'd be a little easier if Kyuubi kept his memories, but there was no guaranty. Once again, he just promised he would do his best and try to be the father he always wanted.


Naruto was brought from his memories by the sound of someone knocking on his door. Looking outside it was still light out, so Jiraiya wasn't due back. Unless he got his information and they needed to hurry out of town. Getting up, he moved to the door as once again someone was knocking on it. "I'm coming!" As he opened the door, he noticed two men wearing black cloaks with red clouds. The taller one had blue skin and hair with weird gill like marks on his cheeks and sharp pointy teeth. He also had what looked to be a massive bandaged sword on his back. The shorter one had long black hair and a pale complexion, but what caught Naruto's attention were the blood red eyes with three tomoe staring straight at him, "Itachi."

The tall one chuckled as he looked at Itachi. "It looks like the brat recognizes you."

Itachi just stood tall with his ever stoic expression and didn't even reply to his partner. "Uzumaki Naruto, you will come with us."

Naruto's senses were screaming for him to get away from these two as Haku's words that morning ran through his head, but he knew he was out classed here. Even if it was just Itachi, he doubted he could get away, so he had to stall. Surely Miko, or possibly Jiraiya, would be able to feel their presence and come. He just had to give them time. "You know, I always wondered what I would do if I met you, Itachi. Some of the worse things that happened to me were at the hands of the Uchiha, so I really didn't mourn their passing, but I still wonder why you did it. I'm not naive enough to think you did it for my benefit, so I'd like to know." Naruto hoped this did one of two things, piss one of them off so they'd let their chakra rise, or actually get an answer. Then he saw it, or at least he thought he did. When he mentioned it not being for his benefit, he could have sworn he saw Itachi look at his stomach, but it was too quick to be sure.

The fish guy smirked, "This brats getting annoying. Can't I just chop off his legs? He doesn't need them were he's going."

"ITACHI!" at that loud declaration of passionate hate, all three of them looked down the hall to see Sasuke glaring at Itachi. "I did as you said. I hated, I survived, and I've broken all my bonds. Now there's only one thing left, and that's to kill you!"

"I'm not here for you, little brother." As Itachi turned back to regard Naruto, he heard the sounds of hundreds of chirping birds.

"Well I'm here for YOU!" Sasuke rushed his brother, his immature Sharingan spinning dizzily. All his thoughts were bent on his brother's demise.

Itachi lazily looked back to Sasuke, and just before the avenger was about to strike Itachi grabbed his wrist, forcing the deadly jutsu into the wall while snapping the bones in Sasuke's arm. Sasuke screamed and made a fatal mistake. He glared at his brother. He realized his blunder when he found himself once again reliving the worst night of his life over, and over again. He could hear his brothers' deadly calm voice coming from seemingly everywhere. "You do not have enough hate to kill me yet, little brother. Run, cling to life, break all your bonds, and kill that which you love most. That is the only way you will obtain the power to defeat me!" Sasuke screamed as the events of that night played out before him. "You will watch that night over and over for the next seventy four hours."

Naruto winced when Sasuke screamed out and again when Itachi threw him down the hall and turned his eyes back to him. Naruto made sure not to make eye contact. He had been on the receiving end of some of Miko's illusions, but knew she held back. Itachi would not do such a thing, so he avoided the Uchiha's eyes at all costs. Naruto noticed the fish guy itching for a reason to attack, so he figured he better deescalate things. "You know, it's because of things like that which made him the brooding emo that he is."

Itachi just stood like he didn't just beat the crap out of his brother as his Mangekyou receded to the normal Sharingan. "Uzumaki Naruto, you will come with us now."

Naruto frowned. This guy was like a broken record. Once again, he moved into his stall tactic. "Answer my earlier question, and I will."

"Naruto! What's going on?" Miko had just entered the hall after rushing up from the marketplace to see two of the highest ranked missing-nin's in the bingo book, the damaged wall, and an incapacitated Sasuke. Her instincts took over and she charged in to fight. Kisame moved to intercept while bringing Samehada over his shoulder for an overhead strike. She saw it coming and dodged to the side while swinging her fist. Kisame was surprised by the speed, but was able to step back. Miko pressed her attack by rushing a shoulder slam when her fist missed.

Kisame was forced to back peddle more when she slammed into him. Grinning, he pulled the coverings off Samehada. "You're a feisty one, aren't you?"

Miko glared at him as she took out her katana. She then noticed Itachi going through a long set of seals while Naruto was distracted with her fight. Looking straight into Kisame's eyes, she used Heki Dageki. It worked perfectly as Kisame blocked a left underhand cross slash only for Miko to jump over his right shoulder and relieve him of his head on the way by. When she landed, Itachi had already finished his technique.

Finishing his hand seals as Naruto watched Miko behead the fish man, Itachi slammed his hand into Naruto's stomach while calling out, "Oni-Gokumon: Kai (Demon Prison Gate: Release)"

Naruto fell to his knees as he felt a fire rip through his body from where Itachi hit him. His eyes widened as he recognized the feeling. Somehow, Kyuubi's chakra was flooding his body. His confusion was soon forgotten as the pain became unbearable and random scenes flashed before his eyes. He would have thought he was dying, but the images weren't of his life. The memories were jumbled and fragmented, but definitely not of his life.

"NARUTO!!!" Miko cried out as he fell to his knees and a familiar chakra flooded his body. Near instantaneously, she had Itachi by the throat as his feet dangled half a foot above the ground. "What did you do to him? Tell me now before I KILL YOU!"

Itachi laughed, but had to stop as her grip tightened. "I have released my Lord Kyuubi! You will die now for your insolence at the hands of my Lord!" She saw as his eyes changed from the normal three tomoe Sharingan, to the cursed blades of the Mangekyou. Suddenly, Miko found herself in the world of the Tsukuyomi strapped to a large cross. Itachi appeared before her as he laughed. "You will spend the next seventy four hours being stabbed repeatedly." As he moved to stab his victim, the cross crumbled and the world around them shattered. Finding himself in a sakura orchard, he looked around, but couldn't find the woman he just had at his mercy.

Miko's voice seemed to echo out from all sides. "You are a fool, Itachi."

"How…? No-one has ever broken my Tsukuyomi!" Itachi was worried now. If this person could break his illusion, and seemingly turn it against him, he was in trouble.

Miko stepped out from behind one of the trees surrounding Itachi. "Kyuubi is long gone. He has passed on to his next life, thanks to Naruto."

Miko watched as Itachi gathered himself. "You lie. I could feel my Lord's chakra when I opened his prison."

Miko growled at being called a liar. "You doubt me, human? My brother will return to this world anew as the child of his former container."

For the first time since he was but a child, Itachi's jaw dropped and his eye's went wide, for before him stood Miko in her full demonic glory. "It can't be. This is a trick! You can't be..."

"SILENCE! You have assaulted a member of the Kitsune Demon Clan, the very Clan you were born to serve! For this most heinous of crimes, the punishment is DEATH!" Miko watched as copies of her commenced to strike him from all sides as they dashed from tree to tree.

"I didn't mean it! I didn't know who you were!" Itachi pleaded as he took hit after hit.

Miko's eyes narrowed as she glared at Itachi. "This is for your assault on Naruto! Not your misguided attempt to torture me."

"Naruto… is a Kitsune?" Itachi just fell to his knees, clutching his head as his unstable mind collapsed. As his reality shattered around him, it suddenly made sense. If his Lord Kyuubi was to be the child of Naruto, of course he would have made the boy a demon. Not only did he attack a Kitsune, but someone Kyuubi deemed worthy to be one. Naruto had received the one thing Itachi had always dreamed of, and now, for his error, he was going to pay with his life. He raised his head and looked at Miko with a sad smile. Spreading his arms wide, he closed his eyes and bowed. "I accept my punishment, my Queen."

In the real world, Miko dropped Itachi and once again he fell to his knees and made no move to escape. With a single quick motion, she beheaded the Uchiha and sheathed her sword before rushing to Naruto's side. He lay unconscious on the floor, twitching every now and then. Kyuubi's chakra was starting to recede when Jiraiya came running down the hall.

What Jiraiya saw when he entered the hallway, was a war zone. He then noticed the two headless figures with black cloaks decorated with red clouds, an unconscious Sasuke, and Miko picking up an unconscious Naruto. Running up to Miko, he noticed Naruto's shirt was burned in the front and his seal had reappeared, but the spiral was made of two lines now, instead of one. "What happened?"

Miko nodded to the corpses before entering the room she had rented for her and Naruto to set him down. "Naruto was attacked by Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame. When I got here, Sasuke was already unconscious. As I battled Kisame, I noticed Itachi making hand seals, but before I could get to him, Itachi did a jutsu that was intended to release Kyuubi. From what I can tell, when Kyuubi moved on, he left his chakra within the seal, but when the seal was opened it flooded into Naruto. I killed Itachi and then you showed up."

Jiraiya nodded and made his way out to get a better look at the damage. "Miko, come out here and take a look at this." Miko walked out of the room to see what Jiraiya was talking about. In the hall lay her defeated enemies, but their bodies had changed. "I don't think they're dead."

Kisame got up while rubbing his neck. "Damn, Leader is not going to be happy. He always gets pissed when someone loses a body." Looking over to Itachi's meditating form, he grinned. "I wonder, will she be able to get you too, Itachi?" Not a second later, Itachi's body collapsed and Kisame got worried. Putting his hand to his partner's neck, he could feel a pulse, but it was faint. "What the hell did she do to you?" Picking up his partner and putting his unconscious body over his shoulder, Kisame started the trek to Amegakure. "Leader's not going to like this. She took me out in under a minute at thirty percent, and then Itachi!" Kisame remembered seeing the woman's violet eyes change as the pupil became slit before her final attack. "Damn Doujutsu's! Next time, I won't fall for that cheap shot!"

Miko growled. Itachi may have escaped this time, but she would find him. Her musings were cut short as a cry of 'Dynamic Entry' was heard before a green blur kicked Jiraiya in the head. When Gai realized what he had done, he quickly helped Jiraiya to his feet. "Sorry Jiraiya-sama, I was using my Hitai-ite to see around the corner and it was blurry."

"Just be more careful." Brushing himself off, Jiraiya pointed to Sasuke. "I take it you're here for him?"

"Hai Jiraiya-sama." Gai and Jiraiya continued to talk and the hotel manager appeared, but Miko wasn't interested in their discussion. All her thoughts right now were on Naruto.

She sat on his bed as she moved some hair from his face. "Please be ok, Naruto. You saved me from my darkness. If it weren't for you, I'd still be in Snow Country sulking and waiting to die."

"Yuki-chan." it was almost inaudible, but Miko's sensitive ears caught it. It surprised her because that's what Kyuubi called her when they were young. He always said she was as beautiful as the purest white snow.

His head hurt like never before. That's all Naruto could think as he came too. Looking around, he was surprised to find himself in his mindscape apartment. That's when he noticed a scroll on the ground in front of the wide open cage. Curious as ever, he got up and walked over to the scroll. Opening the scroll, he noticed it was from Kyuubi to him.

Hey Kit, or by now it's probably Otousan

Well if you're reading this, the seal was released and the cage opened. I bet that was a surprise, wasn't it! When I changed the seal to make you and Kaasan into Kitsune, I made sure it would stay once I was gone. I figured you tend to need me in a pinch since I was always like your personal chakra storehouse, so I changed the seal so you could store chakra in it. I know it might not sound like a big deal, but until you reach your ninth tail, you will have a limit. Now don't go thinking that this is a shortcut to power either. It's meant to get your ass out of the jams you're always putting it into. The thing is, as I used my chakra to change you, the seal shrunk since it thought you were absorbing my power. I was able to stop it, but not until it was already down to about large enough for two tails worth of power. While it wasn't much to me, you never used more than a half tail. I will be leaving what's left of my chakra behind and it will open the gate when you're in serious danger, but since you're reading this, you probably already know this. Once the gate has been opened, you'll be able to open and close it mentally without difficulty. Since its most likely empty right now, you might want to refill it. To do this, just push chakra into the seal, and when you need chakra, just pull it back. Real easy… right? Finally, the last feature of this is very important. If you become severely injured, or are about to die, the seal will push any chakra it has into you to heal you. I had to do that a lot for you too, so I figured it'd be useful. Well, I'm leaving now, and if I don't remember anything, I hope I make you proud.


P.S. I left some ammo against Miko for you in all the embarrassing memories I have of us. Be sure to put them to good use!

Naruto smiled as he read the scroll. When he was finished, he stood up and tried to push chakra into the seal. He grinned as a blue mist left him and entered the cage. With a promise to repay Kyuubi somehow, he left his mindscape. As he came to, he could hear the sounds of birds greeting a new day, he could smell the early morning breeze, and he could feel the suns first rays on his skin. Opening his eyes, he saw Miko smiling down at him as she sat on his bed, "Hey Naruto, how you feeling?"

Sitting up, he smiled at Miko. Suddenly, an image of a very young Miko was chasing a snow rabbit through the woods before it dived into a tunnel under a tree. Miko was right behind it and couldn't stop, so she ended up ramming the tree and having a large pile of snow fall on her. The 'What Just Happened?' look on her face as she emerged from the snow was priceless, and he could hear someone laughing in the background. 'Haha, it showed you, Yuki-chan!'

Miko got worried when Naruto smiled at her, then he got a slightly far away look, as if remembering something, and then he started laughing. Seeing her concerned look, he calmed down. "I'm fine Miko-sensei, just remembering something really funny."

Being curious, Miko tilted her head to one side. "What was so funny?"

Naruto smirked, "Oh, nothing much, just something about a little fox-girl chasing a rabbit into a tree, Yuki-chan." His smirk grew as Miko's eyes went wide and she blushed, realizing what he was talking about.

Miko was shocked, but was still able to think of questions. "How do you know about that, and how do you know that name?"

Naruto soon was explaining about what Kyuubi did to the seal. "And he also said he left me some of his memories. I guess that was one of them."

Miko was scowling. "I was going to be the nice aunt, but now I can't wait until he's old enough to pound into the ground!"

Naruto laughed. "Just promise me you won't do any permanent damage."

Miko pouted. "Fine, but you can't tell anyone about anything you remember, or I get to start crippling limbs!"

Naruto let out a sigh. "Fine, but I better get some extra jutsu training or something for my silence." After all that had happened, Naruto still acted like a kid in a toy store when it came to jutsu.

Miko ginned. "Oh, I'll think of something."

Naruto didn't know if he liked that grin or not. It could either mean something completely awesome, something entirely too painful, or possibly both. While he was pondering just what he got himself into, Jiraiya came into the room. "Good, you're awake. I've got a Tsunade sighting in a village to the north. Pack you're stuff, we got to move!"

Naruto jumped up out of bed. "Jiraiya, can you have one of your toads give Haku a message? Our bond has always been strong, so she probably knows I was in lots of pain last night."

Jiraiya nodded. "Sure, but hurry up. I want to leave within ten minutes."

Ino was getting really frustrated. Gaara was trying to teach her how to use sand, but it wasn't working. Remembering back to what Miko-sensei said before she left, Ino sighed. Miko had told her that she may never be able to control sand since that was something Shukaku was able to do, and that Tanuki in general were able to shape shift. While this got her excited, she wouldn't be able to learn how unless they met another Tanuki. She also remembered how Miko told her that she was lucky that her family abilities were jutsu and not actually a bloodline limit. That had to be the first time in her life she was glad of that fact, because the consequences didn't sound nice. Ino looked at Gaara as he practiced moving his sand. It was beautiful to behold the way he could make it twist and turn.

Of course, thoughts of him brought her to her problem. She wondered how she was going to tell him that before they were together, she had been with Haku, Hinata, and Naruto. While she enjoyed her time with them, she had decided to move on. She was with Gaara now, and he meant everything to her. She shook her head as she wondered about her sanity. Was it normal to fall in love with someone so quick? She then thought about what Naruto and Haku shared and knew it was possible. They were the perfect couple. She could only hope for the same between her and Gaara, but if that was to happen, she had to be upfront and truthful to Gaara. Secrets would only hurt them in the end.

'Well, it's now or never.' With that thought, Ino called out to Gaara. "Hey Gaara, can you come over here? I want to talk to you about something."

Gaara stopped and moved his sand into the gourd on his back. Walking over to where Ino was sitting on a log, he stood in front of her with his arms crossed. "Yes Ino?"

Ino took a deep breath to calm herself. "Gaara, you need to know something about me. I, well," This was a lot harder than she thought it would be, but she pushed onward. "I'm not a virgin." Seeing that he was waiting for her to continue, she just started to blurt it all out. "You see, my first time was with Haku in the hot spring, and then I kind of joined her, Hinata and Naruto in their nightly fun when I would sleep over. I just want you to know this, and I've already told them I wouldn't be able to do that with them anymore. I love you and I will be faithful to you, but I thought you should know this." Ino bowed her head as she awaited his reply.

Gaara smiled as he reached out, gently lifting her head as his hand cupped her cheek. "Thank you for being honest, Ino-chan. I have no problem with your previous endeavors, and I appreciate your dedication to me. We have so much to learn about each other, but that is part of the fun."

Ino pressed her cheek into his hand, but she had a question. "How are you so good with words? From what I got from talking with Temari, you had little to no contact with anyone."

Gaara sat down on the log next to Ino. "Did she tell you how I could never sleep?"

Ino nodded. "Yeah, is that why you didn't wake up until noon?"

Gaara nodded his head. "Yes, that's why I slept in late. I wish I could have seen Miko-sama and Naruto off, but I was sleeping too deeply to realize what time it was. But, to answer your first question, when I was alone, which was a lot, I would read. I have read many books from many different categories. It was a way to escape the loneliness of my situation."

Ino leaned her head on Gaara's shoulder. "Well, you aren't alone anymore, but that doesn't mean you have to stop reading."

Gaara pulled out a familiar orange book. "Jiraiya-sama gave me this book, but I have never read any of this series. I was going to start it today, but I'd much rather sit here with you."

Ino looked at Gaara, she was so close she could feel his breath, but it felt cool against her blushing skin. "Gaara, do you know what kind of book that is?

Gaara was finding it really hard not to lean forward and take her lips with his. "No Ino, why is there a problem?"

Ino smiled as she kissed him real quick before standing up. "No. Tell you what; I'm going to go relax in the hot spring. If you have any questions about anything in that book when I get back, I'll be happy to answer them."

As she walked away towards the house, he looked down at the orange book. "Why would I have questions? Jiraiya-sama said it would tell me everything I need to know, but he wouldn't say about what."


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chemdude: well, in answer to your first question Gaara and Ino are going to be one of the monogamist relationships. For your second question, no. Hinata is with Naruto and Haku. She just is a caring person and felt guilty she had him hurt himself to help Haku when she could have. The set in stone pairings that have been revealed are Naru-Haku-Hina, Miko-Anko, Shika-Kin-Yuya, Gaara-Ino & Kiba-Temari. And yes that five-way scene will happen, but I am waiting until after the pregnancies are over. That is one of the cross over pairings I mentioned earlier.

Dragon and Sword Master: Ok, so maybe it was a little obvious. I'm glad you liked the Shika-Yuya-Kin pairing, and was able to see the dynamics of their relationship. As for a possible Yuya-Anko get together, I was thinking about it but haven't decided. If she didn't end up with Shika it would have been Anko. If you had the power to peep like the Hyuuga do could you stop yourself? I love the idea of Kiba-Temari! They would be so lovably cute in an aggressively sadistic way! Speaking of kinky sex, there are two BIG taboos' that will be broken in the future. I will give warnings so they may be skipped, but once again it falls under my refusal to censor my work. Yamato is one of my favorite part two newcomers, besides the goofiness of the Deidara and Tobi partnership. BTW I will say now that after the Sasuke Retrieval arc it's totally me. None of this Uchiha Madara stuff, so Tobi will stay as Tobi! He's better that way!

SealingMaster: Just a little faster than finding a boy in the woods and giving him head, no? Glad you like the way it ended up! It was seriously Shika or Anko for Yuya-chan. Varity is the spice of life, and demons are the truest to themselves! Oh and hi Desmond! I've answered the cross-pairing question a couple times now but I'll say it again. There will be some cross pairing but everyone won't be sleeping with everyone else, but I can tell you Ino's 'collage days' are over. She has Gaara now and he's all she needs. In answer to question number two, I don't want to spoil anything so just hang tight. BTW you never know, Sasuke just might be a late bloomer, I mean he is what, twelve while Naruto is fourteen, and Kiba is hung like part two Akamaru!

Ray Tails2 Prower: Closets are for clothes, besides its much better being a 'Monitor Pervert'! While I attained the rank of 'Super Pervert' long ago I fondly remember my days as a 'Monitor Pervert'. I learned to express my perverseness freely before my monitor and that soon led the perverted freedom in all things! This is the road to the 'Super Pervert' and I invite you to walk it!

Cameron: And you won't have to worry about that.

Hiroshima Kazama: There is allot, but you wouldn't believe how fun they are to write.

DARK SPIDERMAN: Look up Futanari on Wikipeadia

QJD: Sorry you feel that way, but it is the pairing I chose. I hope you can continue to enjoy the fic, but if you can't then oh well. I won't make you read it.

RavenShantor: Glad you find my writing style and plot enjoyable. I too thought it was rushed, as I said in the author note of that chapter but when I was writing the scene my muse took me and I like it so much I couldn't find it in myself to delete it. About your first suggestion, after the Sasuke Retrieval arc it's all new, and all me. Sakura has an important role and she WILL play it, but it's a different role then in canon. As for number two, it's coming. The fun days are soon to be over and the reality of their chosen profession is about to set in. As for number three, nice idea but I'm going in a different direction, but I think you'll like it.