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May 30, 2006 (EPOV)

Gone was what she was and numb was how I felt. No, numb wasn't the right word, I decided. It was a much worse feeling than that. It was as if I was empty. There was nothing, absolutely nothing, left for me to live for. For however long I'd been sitting in my room, I'd been struggling desperately to feel even a hint of emotion. But, no, all I felt was emptiness, for after those first few days without my precious Bella, all feeling was gone.

It had been almost two weeks since she was taken away from me, and I was trying desperately to do something. Both Alice and Esme were continually coming in my room to get me to do something, say something, or at least go hunting. All I would do was look out the window, ignoring them and reading their sad thoughts, making no effort to do anything. It was selfish of me to do, I know, because they were suffering, too. Alice and Emmett had lost a little sister and a best friend, Esme and Carlisle had lost a daughter, and even Rosalie and Jasper, who weren't as close to Bella had lost a friend. However, I had lost something infinitely more precious.

Why? That was all I wanted to know. Why had we been too late to save her? Why did Victoria finally get the opportunity for revenge? And the question I find myself asking most often: Why did I have to survive instead of her? Why? Why? Why? It wasn't fair at all. None of it was. I'd lost the love of my life. The woman I'd planned to marry one day. The woman who, in a few short days, I'd planned to spend the rest of eternity with. And if I had it my way then I still would.

"Edward, promise me that you won't go to Italy again," she had ordered. "No matter what happens, just promise me." There were tears in her eyes as I held her tight against my chest.

"Bella, that won't even be an option. Nothing, and I repeat nothing, is going to happen to you."

"You didn't promise, Edward," she cried. "Victoria is back and coming after me and I want to know that you won't do anything stupid or try to kill yourself if anything happens to me."

I sighed in resignation.


That had been just a few days before she died. The first mistake I'd made was promising that I wouldn't go to Italy; I wouldn't go to see the Volturi. I would honor that promise, of course. How could I not when I thought back to how adamant she was on making sure I didn't? The second mistake I'd made was letting Bella out of my sight for that seemingly meaningless minute. Nonetheless, I would find a way to be with my angel for all of eternity. There were other ways, I'm sure, to die. Even for my kind. And no matter what, I would succeed. Just as Victoria had succeeded in killing Bella.

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