This will be the official last update, I swear! I know that I said my new story would be up in about a week almost a little over a month ago, but I got so caught up with my dinner theater thing, which went terrific btw, that I completely forgot that I was even writing another story! And I deleted all the e-mails from Fanfiction with the reviews and the PMs that had people offering to be my beta, so I hate to ask again, but if anyone's offering...and sorry to all of you who did offer and I forgot about you! I feel awful!

Oh, and I'm still not done editing everything in this story. I'd appreciate help with that, too, but only if you really want to!

So, I just want to one last time thank everyone, and if any of my friends from school are reading this then please don't say anything to me at school, kay? It would embarrass me.