A/N: Okay, so we had to create a poem for my English class on a person, so I decided to write one about the "perfect" woman. As I wrote it, I realized that I was writing a poem about Sharpay! How obssessed am I? lol. Anyway, this is just a little poem, nothing great. So, just want to know what you guys think. On with the poem.


She is the epitome of perfection.

Her mirror in awe at her reflection.

She is everything that anyone would look for,

Her appearance is one that anyone would adore.

From her silky, delicate skin,

To the fire she has within.

From her chocolate hazel eyes,

To the diamond tears she cries.

From the way she moves gracefully like a swan,

To how she is as beautiful as the dawn.

From the way she speaks in a crisp, clean way,

To how her golden locks begin to sway.

From the way she superbly says your name ,

To how you wish that she was your dame.

From the way she knows how to be in center stage,

To how you know that her beauty will never change.

For she is the epitome of perfection.

And she knows it.

A/N: Told you that it was just a little poem that I came up with. Love it? Hate it? Tell me what you thought. Anyway, to all the people who are anticipating a chapter for "The Deadly Sin," I have about one-third of it completed. Hopefully I will post the chapter sometime this week. Next week at the latest. So until then, good bye.

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