4 Days Later…

It was around midday at this time. Song's mother had just finished setting the table for their midday meal. Song was surprised: Jet had healed so much that he was now able to eat with them daily. It won't be long till he leaves, Song thought, a sad smile slowly appearing on her face. Then he'll be gone, just like Li…

Song tried not to think about it. Business around there was slow nowadays, with the mini-plague of the white jade disease ceasing, so anything to worry or think about too long would stick in your head the entire day. Therefore, small worries, like suddenly remembering that she had forgotten to feed the turtle-ducks, or remembering that you forgot to close the door behind you while coming back in the house, which would allow any creature to come prancing into your house… the worries would stick with you all day and wouldn't even let you do anything else.

Song put her hand to her forehead. She was beginning to feel a little hot, as if she had a fever or something. She sighed a little, shook her head, and faked a very happy smile as she sat to her meal. Jet sat across from her, and they made eye contact from time to time, which Song would break immediately. She found it easier to try and concentrate on her food as she ate, which sometimes took the best of her as she stared right down at her plate.

"Song?" Her mother asked her. "Are you alright?"

"Huh? Oh, of course!" Song snapped her head up, causing a bit of a painful tingle to ring in her head, and she faked a smile once more. The two other men who were eating with them (all people who worked there ate their midday meal together) looked at Song for a moment with an uneasy look, then went back to their eating, as if nothing had happened. Jet cocked his head to the side slightly as he examined her aura, and without a word went with his eating once more. Her mother took one last look at her, and then also continued eating.

Song's smile faded as she looked around at everyone eating so carelessly around her. She couldn't believe it. Why couldn't she feel like this right now? She could barely eat, too… It felt like the food was rotten and it made her sick a little. She felt rotten and sick a little, too.

"I'm sorry, I'll have to be excused now," Song muttered as she stood up and carelessly walked out the door.

"Song? Song!" Her mother called after her, but Song didn't listen. She didn't feel like listening. She could barely even feel her hearing sense, even. Besides, what was the point of answering her mother's call? Song just wanted to do what she wanted to do, and she didn't give a crap about anybody else at the moment.

She began walking and she could've sworn she heard her name called once more, but ignored it as before. It actually sounded like a male's voice, like… Jet's, and that almost made her respond, but she couldn't turn back. It would be extremely awkward, and besides, she needed some time away.

She continued to walk until she reached the top of a hill behind the house. It sat before a vast valley, and resided under a tall Sakura (cherry blossom) tree, which were growing all over, but this one was… different. This tree had shed a lot of its cherry blossoms even though it wasn't the kind of season to do so.

Song sat down and leaned against it, it's cold bark giving her a chilling feeling as she wrapped her arms around her chest to keep from the chill. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh: She needed to relax.

What is keeping me so tense? She thought to herself as she continued to lean against the tree. The tree's old branches swayed a little with the wind, and several more Sakura escaped from it, escaping into the cold wind, flying into an unknown world. Song looked up at the old tree. It must've been at least 100 years. She remembered this tree to be the one where she last saw her father before he was taken away to the fire nation nearly 4 years ago. She still had hope he would appear back near this tree one day…

Suddenly, she saw a silhouette. A man's silhouette, that's for sure. She couldn't quite make out the details, as he was blocking the sun, and only a dark figure could be seen for sure. But she squinted to see more details. He had the same height, same body shape, same posture, as…

Her father.

Her heart began to beat quicker and quicker as she realized this, and a smile began to run across her face. She wanted to get up and hug him, cry with joy, yell for her mother to see this, but she seemed immobile. Fortunately, it was substituted with the silhouette moving towards her, sitting on the other side of the sakura tree, only a foot away from her. Song blinked. This was not her father at all. The now unblocked sun shined light on the figure and showed details. No, it wasn't her father after all. It was, of course…