Chapter 1 – Captured

A quick trial followed the arrest of Doctor Drakken after his failed "Little Diablo" scheme. The law found him guilty and sentenced him to life in a federal prison. He later heard that Shego was also found guilty and sentenced to incarceration in a special facility designed to contain her glow powers. Her brothers helped with the design since they knew the secrets of the Go-Team Glow. Now December, it has been seven months since his arrest.

During his first four months of prison Drakken had been tasked with indoor and outdoor cleaning duty. Then he was reassigned to laundry. This task had become much less pleasant than cleaning. At least with cleaning duty there was more mobility plus a change of scenery. Confinement to the laundry room meant having to tolerate humidity and clothes that reeked of inmate funk. Drakken shared the task of laundering and pressing the guards' uniforms with two other inmates. Regardless of his tasks, he kept to himself, caring little about associating with his fellow inmates.

Another day of laundry was about to end. Evening chow would begin in forty five minutes. The laundry crew will be escorted back to their cells to clean up before being escorted to the mess hall. While the inmates tidy up the guards will rotate with the night shift. The laundry crew was split into two groups – one finished the last of the day's loads while the other group cleaned the room. Drakken finished pressing and folding a pair of slacks before helping to shut down the dry cleaning and pressing machines.

The door to the laundry room opened. Three uniformed guards entered to meet the two already there monitoring the inmates. When the bustle of work seemed to stop, one of the guards spoke up. "Alright, it's time! Let's go!"

The crew, minus Drakken, formed a line. One of the two guards that had been on watch noticed Drakken continued sorting laundry. "Come on, Lipsky," he ordered. "Some of us want to go home sometime tonight!"

Drakken regarded the sentry with a dirty look in response to the surname The felon then adjusted his features to politely respond with, "Just a few more minutes."

Two guards decided to stay behind until Drakken was finished. The other three escorted the eleven other inmates from the room. After the door closed, Drakken set down a folded set of uniforms. One of the guards went to the door to ensure the others were gone. He turned around to Drakken and said, "Okay, boss. It's clear."

"Finally," Drakken sighed. He picked up a towel to dry himself of perspiration.

Removing his prison uniform, the villain quickly put on a guard uniform his size, including gloves and shoes. Then one of his two guard-impersonating henchmen pulled out a stolen badge which Drakken pinned on. The henchman also pulled out some rubbery item having some semblance of a face. "Here you go, boss."

Everyone knew Drakken, the blue-skinned evil genius. This was a mask fashioned with his features minus the blue pigment – the face of Drew Lipsky, a man many have forgotten exists. Right now he was just another guard. The doctor slipped on the mask and tucked the throat and neck sections beneath the collar of his shirt. After adjusting it until it felt in place, he asked how he looked.

"No one will know you're Drakken, boss," one of the henchmen assured him.

"Really?" Drakken hoped. "Nothing about the mask looks out of place?"

"Really, boss," he confirmed. The second concurred.

"Alright then, let's go," the 'new guard' ordered. He left the laundry room with his 'fellow officers' following.

Once they were beyond the prison walls and out into the snowy evening, Drakken breathed in the sweet, cold air of freedom. Led by his henchmen to a silver sedan, he slipped into the back seat while one of the henchmen sat in the driver's seat to start the car; the other cleared the vehicle of snow.

The car was two miles away from the prison; all three inside were only slightly startled when the prisoner escape alert blared and the dogs began barking. They glanced back to see floodlights sweeping the prison grounds and then proceeded to ignore the commotion.

"Give me a status report," ordered Drakken.

The henchman in the passenger seat turned to face him. "The doomsday devices are ready and the lair is almost finished."

"Excellent. Hand me a phone." After receiving one, Drakken dialed a number. "I'm free. Get Shego out and bring her to the Caribbean lair." Ending the call, he returned the phone.

The front door of the Possible residence opened. In his stationary chair sat James Possible reading his daily newspaper. He folded it back to see who was coming in. Removing her winter coat was his red-haired daughter, Kim Possible. He greeted his "Kimmie-cub" who had just come home from a visit with her best friend, Ron Stoppable, who has been ill.

"Hey, Dad," the teen hero pleasantly responded as she put away her coat and boots in the closet.

From the dining room of the house, her mom called everyone. "Dinner's ready."

Kim and her dad went in together, followed by her twin brothers, Jim and Tim, who raced down from upstairs. Once seated around the table everyone collected their portions and began to eat. Dialogue was started by Mrs. Possible.

"So how is Ron feeling?" she asked Kim.

"He's doing much better," her daughter replied cutting into her roast. "His flu has passed and he should be recuperated in a day."

Her mom was glad to hear. "That's good."

Four beeps sounded off from Kim's pocket. Everyone stopped eating and looked at her as she pulled out her hand-held Kimmunicator. "What's the sitch, Wade? We're kinda in the middle of dinner here."

"Sorry about the interruption." His apology was sincere. "I wanted to update you on something."

"Oh? What's up?"

"Drakken's escaped from prison."

"What about Shego?"

"There's been no word yet, but I'll keep you posted."

"Please and thank you." Kim signed off.

Approaching 0545 GMT, a door opened to a chamber. In walked a raven-haired woman wearing a distinctive black and green jumpsuit. Looking around she located her boss, Doctor Drakken, dressed in his familiar blue lab coat. He was inspecting two familiar machines.

Hearing the door he looked away from his research and greeted her. "Ah Shego, you're just in time."

His sidekick looked curious about the two doomsday machines. "You've rebuilt them?" Shego referred to both the sonic annihilator and the mega-weather generator.

"Indeed I have, my dear," he answered proudly. Drakken produced a disk. "I managed to find the schematics of both on this a year ago. I kept it handy in case the devices would ever be of use again." The mega-weather generator began to hum. He grinned smugly. "And one of them is about to be."

Shego approached him after Drakken walked over to a terminal and sat down. She watched as he typed in a set of commands followed by a set of coordinates. Her brow wrinkled in bewilderment. "Uh, Doc, you do realize that's right over us?"

"Of course it is." He turned to her in his seat, resting his left arm on the console. "Worry not, Shego. You know the lair is capable of withstanding Category-Four hurricanes."

"So what's the point?"

Outside there was a sudden change in the atmosphere, followed by a series of lightning flashes and thunderclaps.

Drakken was unshaken. "By now Kim Possible likely knows we're no longer in prison. Her young computer friend will be alerted to this weather abnormality." Rain began pouring heavily. "And, if they're both really clever, they'll figure out what I'm using and she'll come to stop us and fail trying."

That was news. "So this is all just to lure Kim and her friend?"

"And capture them, which is only Phase One," her boss added. He stood and proceeded towards a door. "Now go get some sleep. We should have a couple of hours before she gets here."

Kim awoke to the ringing of her Kimmunicator. Yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she reached for the hand-held device and answered.

Wade sat there in his pajamas. "Sorry to wake you, Kim. First of all, Shego's been broken out. The second is there's some activity."

"Drakken?" she guessed.

"Right," replied Wade. "A very nasty storm is currently raining down on the Caribbean."

"Go on."

"The suspicious part is this: no serious storms like this were expected there for several days. This is definitely not natural; it just appeared right out of the blue. Drakken is taking the credit for creating it." Wade clicked his mouse to bring up a video transmission from Drakken that briefly replaced him.

The villain's features were bold. "This is merely to let you know that I'm back and ready for you, Kim Possible." The feed ended.

Wade came back onscreen. "That's all there was."

"But the only way he could do something like that is…" Kim paused. She did not want to believe Drakken had been able to rebuild one of Ron's doomsday machines.

"With a mega-weather generator?" Even Wade knew that had to be so.

"How intense is the storm?"

Wade scanned some readings. "It's bad, but hasn't reached tropical storm levels."

Kim leapt out of bed and hurried to her closet. "I'll be airborne in less than half an hour." Kim prepared to sign off.

"You want me to contact Ron?"

Kim considered that, but decided against it. "I'll handle this. I would rather let him rest until he's better." She signed off.

Kim dressed in her modified battle suit and prepped her gear. She hurried to her parents' room to let them know that she had to leave and would need to get to the space center. After she left, her father contacted security at the facility to clear Kim for access.

Kim slipped into her car and hurried to the space center. Once she cleared security, Kim drove over to a hangar. The bay doors were already open. Inside was the jet Ron had purchased for her when he had his millions. Kim decided on taking the jet instead of chancing a delay of a called-in favor. Over time the aircraft had been customized to feed off of her father's J200 rocket fuel and to operate in stealth mode. She boarded the aircraft, found the coordinates for Drakken's lair already entered by Wade, and prepared for launch. The robotic autopilot was presently disengaged and stored, but not discarded. Kim would be flying this herself.

At 0850 GMT, flying 1.3 mach, the jet closed in on the island, flying invisible and below radar. Drakken had long since ended the storm.

After making a vertical landing in a clear spot Kim donned her backpack and disembarked, leaving her aircraft invisible. She scanned the area with night vision, seeing that the storm had left quite a mess. She removed her goggles and placed them in her backpack before pulling out her Kimmunicator. "I'm on the island, Wade," she reported. "Drakken's lair is in sight."

The image on the Kimmunicator switched from Wade to a diagram. "The mega-weather generator is in this location," his voice disclosed. A blinking cursor indicated a specific tower. "You're best entrance to the lair is through a window in this tower which is used for storage." The cursor switched to a new location. "Use caution because there's no intrusion detection."

That only meant one thing. "Expect a trap. Got it." Kim signed off. Activating the suit's stealth mode, an invisible girl hurried toward the lair.

Making her way through the drenched forest, dodging snares and other traps, she soon arrived at the lair's outer wall. Her battle suit's enhancements made for an easy breach, allowing her to leap over the wall without rocket boots. Locating the tower Wade indicated Kim found the window. There was light inside. The roof of the tower was less than four meters from the arch of the window which was too high to leap for.

"Time to be sneaky," Kim realized knowing her jetpack and rocket boots would be too noisy. Removing her hairdryer-turned-grappling gun from her utility belt's holster, she aimed above the window and fired.

The hook and cable wrapped around a stone gargoyle that sat on a ledge above the window. Ensuring the cable was durable enough and the gargoyle would not fall from the ledge, Kim retracted the cable, raising herself from the ground until she reached the window. She detached the cable from her hairdryer knowing there was a spare in her backpack. Remembering what Wade told her about no intrusion detection she still carefully opened the window. Finding no sign of trouble yet, she deactivated her invisibility.

The place was a storeroom just as Wade said. There were sealed wooden crates and pallets stacked with boxes of varying sizes. There was a stack close enough and high enough allowing her to leap down to the floor.

Once she reached the floor, something clacked from above. Kim looked to discover that her entrance had sealed. She became aware of a soft hissing from around her. Feeling unusually awkward she shook her head, and realized the room was filling up with knockout gas. She quickly removed her backpack and pulled out a respirator which she secured over her nose and mouth and began breathing better. Before she had a chance to replace her backpack, something descended from above. Kim looked up to see mist dispensing from several vents in the walls. The mist grew increasingly thick, yet Kim was able to make out the crates and boxes around her. She tossed her backpack aside then stood firm, keeping vigilant knowing not what to be ready for.

Her attention was drawn above her again after hearing another clack. There was a dark rectangular hole in the ceiling. Two more appeared as panels slid open; the positions of each formed a triangular pattern. From each one dropped a single individual which Kim could scarcely identify. One stood off to her right, the second in front of her, and the third on her seven. The panels closed.

Kim assumed a defensive stance and carefully looked at each new arrival. The increasing mist made identifying them difficult considering the distance each stood away from her. The two before her looked petite and feminine. Both had... long... blonde hair. When, to her dismay, eyes from both glowed red, Kim needed no more characteristics to know what she stood against.


"It's so nice to see you again, Kim Possible." Drakken sounded pompous as ever. The speakers relaying his voice were somewhere to her left. "Where's your sidekick? Have you decided to go solo, or is he outside, lost in the dark somewhere?"

"Not that you care, but he's sick."

"Eh, one less to worry about then." He still perceived Ron as insignificant.

Kim did not know if Drakken could see her, but she carefully reached for her Kimmunicator, hoping the mist was thick enough to conceal her action. She remembered defeating the Bebes once with it using a hypersonic emission and hoped they were not immune like the second trio.


To the teen hero's sudden disbelief the Kimmunicator was quickly snatched from her hand.

"Not this time, Miss Possible." He suspected she would try that again. "Bebe Number 2, destroy it."

Kim heard a metallic crunch followed by scrap hitting the floor to her right. She remembered now that they were designed to move at faster-than-normal speed.

"Impressed?" she heard Drakken ask. "I rebuilt them, leaving out their desire for perfection; kept their enhanced speed, designed a more durable body armor so they won't be so easily destroyed and programmed them with obedience to me." His voice changed to commanding. "Bebes... apprehend Kim Possible."

Bebe1: "Affirmative"

Bebe2: "Doctor"

Bebe3: "Drakken."

Kim heard their metallic footsteps. They were actually approaching her without speed. She supposed they believed they had the advantage with the room in a fog. Her suit still had its features. Kim leapt over them and onto one of the crates. She realized her limited vision would allow her virtually no chance of fighting the androids and keeping them in sight all at once. If they are looking, they could probably see her right now. Her best option of keeping out of sight was to go back to being invisible, so she powered on the stealth mode again and disappeared, then quickly leapt from the crate.

Despite the place where Kim landed the Bebes shifted and repositioned themselves.

From his observation room Drakken watched the spectacle. The current view screen enabled everyone there to see Kim and where she stood on the crate. But then they watched her vanish. This maneuver earned a look of mild awe from him, and even Shego.

Drakken looked at one of his men sitting at a console. "Change the view! Don't lose sight of her."

The screen changed. Infrared readings showed that Kim was now on the floor. A second screen came up so that Drakken could also keep the Bebes in sight. Between both screens Drakken could tell the androids stood around his nemesis. "They see her," he noted with pleasure, aware that they can see via infrared.

Kim quickly straightened up and scanned her surroundings. The Bebes were around her, not moving - one to her right, the second slightly off to the left, and the third out of view. Trying to see through the fog she considered an uneasy realization - they were looking right at her. "Great," she realized. "Of this entire suit's features it doesn't shield my body heat signature." She disabled the stealth mode knowing it was useless.

Whatever they were about to attempt, judging from their stance they would move in synch. The moment they revved up, Kim knew. Her next move would take split second timing, because that would be all she had. They charged and her bubble shield quickly went up, repelling them and sending them to the floor on their backs. Kim disabled her shield and powered up her rocket boots, leaping into the air and onto a tall stack of crates. After landing she saw them all on their feet again.

The Bebes stood motionless for a few moments. Internally they transmitted between each other calculations. They determined the strength of the shield and how much more power they would need to overcome it. With their computations complete, they were ready. After revving up they charged and demolished the crate, forcing Kim to leap to another. They followed and smashed that. The maneuver repeated a few more times before Kim found herself forced back to the floor and surrounded again.

Once again they revved up and charged. They instantly stopped as Kim's shield went up again, standing just short of three decimeters from it. Each of them placed their right hand on the shield and generated a strong electrical jolt. To her surprise Kim's shield dissolved. Before she knew it both of her arms were restrained by two Bebes.

"Well done, Bebes" Drakken commended. "And nice try on your part, Kim Possible." He mocked applause. "I'm very impressed with your battle suit's features. A pity they were not enough.

"Bebes, if you would." All three Bebes delivered a shock to their master's nemesis, rendering her unconscious. "Now bring her to me." Her backpack abandoned, they carried her to a private room and left, passing Drakken and Shego on their way out.

Drakken turned to his subordinate, then handed her a set of dark blue coveralls. "Inspect her battle suit and search her. Make sure there are no tracking devices then fit her into these, but save the battle suit. I'll not want her wearing that while she's my prisoner."

Shego went in. After several minutes, she returned with Kim's battle suit and respirator in hand. "She's clean. No bugs."

He went over to an intercom with a monitor. One of his uniformed men appeared onscreen. "Set the countdown for twenty minutes." The man complied, setting and commencing the countdown. Drakken switched the intercom transmitter so that his voice was heard throughout the lair. "Attention, this is Doctor Drakken! It's time to relocate. Proceed to and board the plane." He ended his transmission.

Shego was out of the loop on this one. "Countdown? Relocation? What's going on, Doc?"

He looked at her with indifference. "I have no further need for this lair or anything in it. The sonic annihilator will level the place." A smile appeared. "As for the relocation, it's to a new lair I know you'll love." He thumbed towards Kim's room. "Bring her with us," he added then left.

Shego stood speechless for a moment. The last time she saw this confidence in him he almost won. And considering they again captured and incapacitated Kim Possible – additionally disarming her – without her sidekick to foul things up, victory could be theirs this time… whatever Drakken's scheme is. Shego disposed of the respirator, draped the battle suit around the back of her neck, and then went to collect Kim before hurrying after her boss.

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