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Chapter 8: The Turns Time Takes

The play had been over for some time now…it's been at least 2 months. The drama had subsided and people were staying at ease with each other. Itachi had broken up with Kabuto, only to incite the rage he was half expecting, and he had been together, living with his now calmer and more collected brother Sasuke.

Sasuke had undergone a magnificent change in his life in these past few months, and not only his brother was proud of the changes, but Sasuke himself was proud of the changes as well. He no longer felt like he was following in his whore mother's footsteps, and Itachi no longer felt like he needed to fill his demanding father's shoes.

After the fight they had had with their parents the weekend of the Theatre Show, they hadn't heard from their parents again, and they were both quite grateful for it.

Their current living conditions where that of uncertainty. They had no idea when or even if Kabuto was going to come with his ninja buddies to get some kind of revenge for a broken heart, and they had moved into a normal house in the center of the city, hoping to hold off any vengeance attacks that might be aimed at them. Gaara was living with the two of them now, only because his brother and sister and himself decided it was time they all went their separate ways. Gaara was actually quite grateful for the change, he couldn't stand living in a small apartment with his messy siblings any longer. Itachi agreed to let him stay for free as long as he would assist in being a full time body guard.

"Gaara…?" Sasuke walked out onto the porch. It was pouring rain, and there stood the red head, at the top of the steps, just out of reach of the small rain drops that slowly fell from the sky.

"What is it Sasuke?" Gaara asked, "I thought you and Itachi were spending the day in bed together?"

"We were going to, but we decided if we did that, because of the poor weather we'd just end up falling asleep and we wouldn't sleep tonight, so we just opted to get up and get dressed. What are you doing out here in the rain?"


"For what…?" Sasuke attempted to look around to see if anything was coming from any direction that he could see.

"For nothing that you can visibly see with the poor eyesight of human beings. You do not have the cursed abilities as Naruto and I do…..unfortunately, one of the downfalls these sealed creatures allow us, is the ability to predict things…they may come true or they may not…the future is never written in stone. But one thing I do know, is that we may need Naruto and Ashe's help. Your brother's enemies are beginning to close in on us, and we may have to move again…or risk discovery." Gaara's serious and somber face stared out over the horizon of the behind the tallest building within sight, and his gaze seemed to fade away with the setting sun. As the natural light dimmed, so too did the life in Gaara's eyes.

"I'll go tell Itachi. You wait here, Naruto and Ashe should be here soon, we'll all move together, I'm not leaving any of you behind." Sasuke went and turned around and headed inside the house.

The wind picked up, and Gaara shot a blast of wind and sand through a cloud formation and prevented a tornado from forming.

"They know we're here."…..

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