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Simon just had to leave at the most inconvenient time.


The sun is fully out now and shining blindingly bright. I squint, wincing at the abrupt sunlight. The bright sunlight has awaken me into dark reality. My dying mother, my lost friend, and my dead love, Simon.

I can still feel him next to me. I can still feel his silver kisses. I can feel his mist around me. I try to breathe in the fading cool mist, I try touching it, but it disappears. I sigh deeply, sadly still trying to convince myself that Simon wasn't a dream. An eerie, strange, gorgeous dream. I can still see the look in his eyes as he faded. He seemed relieved to leave, finally facing the unknown. I hope he is happy now, I thought, looking to the sky where his mist is trailing off to.

After a long time, I reluctantly stood up from the cold bench and glanced back as I leave to visit my mom.

I get off the bus, and walk slowly into the hospital. I ask to go to her room. And the nurse look at the ground sadly as she says, "Go ahead." I walk in, and see an empty room. Her bed is empty with creased sheets. Dad is sitting in a chair next to the empty bed. His hair messy, and grayer. His eyes more wrinkled than before, his eyes are still. His hands gripping onto the sheets. He holds them as if they burn his hands.. His eyes looking down at it angrily as if he was trying to melt it away and the painful memories it brought. His eyes searing with hot, bitter tears. "Oh god," is all I can muster. Dad looks at me surprised with empty, sad eyes. Before he can say anything, and see my tears I leave.

I am almost at my house when I hear sirens. I run towards the wailing sirens worrying for no apparent reason. I just have a bad gut feeling. I finally reach a gas station quite far from my house. An enormous crowd gathering around, with police on the scene. I freeze, thinking what might have happened. I run there to prove that my fears were wrong. Frantically shoving to get through repeating, "excuse me!" feebly.

My eyes exploding with tears at the smallest peek. My body was jerking from my body's attempt to gag. I covered my mouth instantly, unwillingly swallowing the rising nausea. 'Lorraine!' I screamed in my pounding head. My head feels congested and is throbbing. There's a lump in the back of my troat. Her body on the cold red-stained concrete. Her eyes still open, but lifeless, still, and dull. Her face reveals the fear she had before the gruesome attack. Her slashed throat caused a pool of red.

It was him. Christopher. I run as fast as I could, ignoring my lack of breath. I kept running until I arrive home. I see my mailbox smashed. In dried brown ink it said, "That's what you get, Slut!" Hold on, that wasn't ink, it was dried blood. I fearfully sprinted inside with all doors and windows sealed. I run to my bathroom, releasing my vomit. I sit in the corner of my bathroom. I am hugging my knees, hunching over onto the cold tile, trembling, crying, clutching my cross, and overwhelming with endless nausea.


I awoke, without even realizing I had slowly doze off. A dim light shining in my face. "Mmm?" I mumbled sleepily.

"Hello, Zoe." He greeted laughing hysterically. "Miss me?"

"I thought Simon killed you." I said looking right into his heartless, child eyes.

"Oh, he did. See I arrived in hell and well, I sold my soul to Satin. Granting me new life, and true immortality." He said nonchalantly. "And I was dying to see you." He stroked her neck, hungrily. "And boy, your friend, what's-her-name, was delicious. I made sure to make it very painful. I whispered in her ear, 'You are going to die now, all because of Zoe.' right before I did it."

I scream, hoping someone would hear me. He slapped me, bruising my left cheek, and causing me to bleed. But I just spat in his face.

"I'd stop if I were you." He said with wearing patience.

"You are so messing with the wrong person."

"Am I really?" He said with thick sarcasm.

"I'm not afraid of death anymore. Will killing me really make your miserable, bitter, pathetic, lonely life any better?"

"How dare you speak to me like that. Do you have any idea how much pain I could put you through?"

"Trust me, the pain I will feel is nothing compared to the pain you are going through." I knew that time, I really hit a nerve.

He punched me without any clemency. Blood was dripping down my chin.

"Honey, there's no way to kill me." He said, smugly.

I suddenly thought of using my cross as I try untying my hands.

"Almost no one will notice your death. Only your father, but no one else will because everyone else that cares about you has died."

I keep struggling to free my hands.

"You can stop trying to loosen the rope. I will release you from the ropes. So I can make every aspect of your life hell. I will torture you slowly as I keep you here." He unties the rope for me. His voice fading as he disappeared. I wiped away stubborn tears trying to escape my eyes.

I look around, I angrily scream, "JUST KILL ME ALREADY!"

"Simon, I need you." She whispers. "Help me, Simon!"

"There's still a way to kill him." A barely audible voice states.